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“Fever, cough, basic nose can’t be diagnosed without losing nose,” Wuhan expert talks about new changes in confirmed symptoms abroad

Original title: “Fever, cough, nose can’t pass, but lost sense of smell can basically be diagnosed.” Wuhan experts talk about new changes confirmed symptoms abroad in in . Doctors France also found that many patients infected with the new crown virus have lost their sense of smell or taste. If you have a fever, cough...


New outpatients in Wuhan for four consecutive days This is a red flag!

Original title: Wuhan has four new outpatient cases for four consecutive days, this is a red flag! (People’s Daily Health Client Reporter Lin Jing) News from the official website of the Wuhan Municipal Commission of Health on the 17th, from 04:00 to March 24, 2020, one new confirmed case in Wuhan was from the clinic....


Wuhan Virus’s Rumor Shi Zhengli’s “mosquito or third host” remarks: never posted

Original title: Rumors from Wuhan Virus Shi Zhengli’s “mosquito or third host” remarks: Never posted a recent Internet circulation entitled “Shi Zhengli issued a warning early in the morning: Don’t be too optimistic about the epidemic, mosquitoes or third host” False information, the rumor could have a bad social impact. After verification, our solemn statement...


Study of 1,775 New Crown Patients at Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital: Type O blood is relatively less susceptible

Original title: Study of 1,775 new crown patients in Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital: Type O blood is relatively less susceptible . Clinical observations on patients with new crown pneumonia have shown that the elderly and men are more likely to contract new crown pneumonia and develop severe illness. However, to date, there are no biomarkers that...


Wuhan: All overseas immigrants will be separated for 14 days at their own expense

Original title: Wuhan: Centrally isolate and observe all overseas visitors for 14 days at their own expense. Beijing News Express According to the official Weibo news from Wuhan Internet Information Office, Wuhan New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters issued Circular No. 20. The full text is as follows: Recently, the pressure to prevent...