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WHO representatives respond to unreasonable accusations from the United States against WHO and China

Original title: WHO representative responds to unreasonable accusations of the United States against WHO and China. On the 13th local time, WHO held a new coronary pneumonia press conference to address the previous U.S. accusation of slow response to WHO and technical director of the WHO health emergency program Maria van Kokhov said that when...


America can never go back

Original title: The United States can never go back Source: Looking at think tanks in April, the United States ushered in “a very painful two weeks”, and whether it is “the most painful two weeks” is still unknown. In the past month, the new US pneumonia epidemic has shown an exponential growth. A large number...


US “epidemic captain”: seeing positive signs, the epidemic curve is flattening

Original title: Captain of the United States for Anti-epidemic: Seeing favorable signs, the epidemic curve is flattening [Global Network Reporter Zhang Xiaoya] “We have seen some favorable signs, and the (epidemic) curve is flattening.” New US cases of CV infection remain On the rise, CNN’s latest report on the 10th said that Anthony Fudge, director...


Make up one knife: the United States is going to wage war?

Original title: Make up one knife: the United States wants to wage war? Writer / Hu Yidao The United States wants to evacuate overseas Chinese globally! Does this mean that a war is about to begin? On April 3, the US State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs tweeted a message on social media that caused...


From “quietly” to “big outbreak”, what happened in the United States?

Original title: What happened to the United States from “quietly” to “big outbreak”? Source: Lookout think tank According to “Fox News” on April 4, several patients infected with the new crown virus were mistakenly transferred from the Javits Center in New York to the USNS Comfort hospital ship. Previously, federal officials said that this naval...