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Johnson was awake and conscious but had difficulty breathing 2 hours before he moved into the ICU

Original title: 2 hours before Johnson ’s transfer to the ICU, the situation is awake and conscious but breathing is difficult. The British Prime Minister Johnson (GETTY) [Overseas Network April 7 | Wartime epidemic time zone] The evening of the 6th local time, the British Prime Minister The government said Prime Minister Johnson was transferred...


UK Secretary of Health: “herd immunity” is not our goal or policy

Original title: Alert! British Secretary of Health: “herd immunity” is not our goal or policy [Global News] According to the British Sky News, the British Health Minister said: “Herd immunity is not our goal or policy-it is a scientific concept. Our The policy is to protect lives and defeat this virus. ” In an interview...


UK stops testing for mild patients

Original title: UK halts testing of patients with mild illness: According to the Financial Times, the UK will no longer test people with only mild symptoms, but will focus its testing on patients with severe illness. In addition, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that all people with symptoms of the new crown virus:...