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The epidemic stimulates demand for memory chips Samsung’s profit in the first quarter may remain unchanged

Sina Technology News, Beijing, April 6, noon news, according to foreign media reports, the global pandemic of the new crown virus has promoted the wave of working from home, this change is bound to boost laptop manufacturers and data centers on Samsung Electronics memory chips demand. But at the same time, as the epidemic weakened...


British government: It is completely wrong to link 5G base stations to the new crown transmission

Sina Technology News, Beijing, April 6, morning news, according to foreign media reports, last Saturday, after the arson of 5G signal base stations in several areas was burned, the British government said that 5G signal base stations were linked to the spread of the new crown virus The conspiracy theory is dangerous and false information,...


More than 600,000 people take leave without pay

diagram drawing insects creative original title on leave without pay over 60 million people, the US retail industry into the hardest hit Source International Finance traditional retail electric providers already subject to shock and distress, the new crown to the pneumonia outbreak They brought a fatal blow. Dow Jones Macy’s Local time on the evening...


Foreign media: Tesla is dismissing contract workers from California and Nevada plants

Tesla Sina Technology News Beijing time on April 4 morning news, US financial media CNBC quoted internal employees as saying that would lay off large-scale outsourcing employees of American car and battery factories. The start of layoffs includes Tesla’s car assembly plant in Fremont, California, and a super plant that produces battery packs in Nevada....


Bill Gates: I am still a determined optimist

Bill Gates responds to quarantine policy at home office Source: Gates Foundation   比尔·盖茨谈美国新冠疫情Related Topics: Source: Gates Foundation Local On March 24th, Bill Gates was on the TED Connects program to answer questions related to new coronary pneumonia. During the one-hour live broadcast, Gates shared information and insights on topics such as the development of effective...