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Spokesperson for the British Prime Minister ’s Office: The Prime Minister was not diagnosed with pneumonia and did not go to the ventilator

Original title: Newsletter! British Prime Minister ’s House Spokesperson: The Prime Minister has not been diagnosed with pneumonia and does not have a ventilator [Global News] According to the British “Mirror” news, the British Prime Minister ’s House spokesman said that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has not been diagnosed With pneumonia, he did not use...


Teresa May vocalizes: Virus infection helps people save lives at home

Original title: Teresa May Voices: Virus Infection Regardless of People, Save Your Life at Home, Former British Prime Minister Theresa May (Reuters) [Overseas.net April 7 | War Epidemic Time Zone] According to the BBC report, British Prime Minister Johnson was transferred to the intensive care unit on the 6th due to the deterioration of the...


Spain doubles in 24 hours, considers closing borders, extending national blockade

Original title: Spanish death toll doubled in 24 hours, considering closing borders and extending national blockade.   Police advised locals to go home in Barcelona on Sunday. As the outbreak has worsened in the past 24 hours, the Spanish government said on Monday (March 16) that the country’s nationwide blockade from that day will be extended...


Norwegian Prime Minister Solberg: wants Chinese help

Original title: Norwegian Prime Minister Solberg: Wanted to get help from China △ Picture shows Norwegian Prime Minister Solberg Local time on March 14 At a press conference held at the Prime Minister’s House on Saturday night, Norwegian Prime Minister Solberg first stressed that Norway and other countries are currently facing major tests of the...