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Trump reposted the tweet of “dismissal Foch”!

Original title: After Trump retweeted the “fire Foch” tweet, there is a follow-up! Trump stated face-to-face: I will not dismiss Fuchs, “I like him. I think he is awesome.” According to CNN, US President Trump briefed the White House on the 13th local time It was stated at the meeting that Fookie, director of the...


WHO and US media fight back at the same time

Original title: WHO and American media counterattacked at the same time, Trump slammed back to criticize and threaten US President Trump, and WHO released a timeline for anti-epidemic, using facts to disassemble. On April 7th local time, Trump threatened to “break the confession” of the WHO, saying that the WHO was “centered on China”, which...


“New York Times” fired: how the world’s richest U.S. missed a crucial month to contain the epidemic

Original title: “New York Times” fire: the world’s wealthiest American, how to miss crucial month to curb the epidemic [World Wide Web Roundup] new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to spread in the United States, the country has become the largest global new crown pneumonia confirmed cases countries . An article in the United States’ “New...