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Americans are so anxious now!

Original title: Americans are so anxious now! Source: Niu Danqin A friend sent a message saying that Americans are so anxious now! Why are you in a hurry? Wasn’t it urgent before? His explanation was: Before, it was also urgent. After all, even CNN said that the United States accounts for 4.25% of the world...


Trump reposted the tweet of “dismissal Foch”!

Original title: After Trump retweeted the “fire Foch” tweet, there is a follow-up! Trump stated face-to-face: I will not dismiss Fuchs, “I like him. I think he is awesome.” According to CNN, US President Trump briefed the White House on the 13th local time It was stated at the meeting that Fookie, director of the...


Fuchs just confirmed this and Trump forwarded a meaningful tweet

Original title: Fuchs just confirmed this, and Trump forwarded a meaningful tweet! British media: US “anti-epidemic captain” Fudge confirmed that Trump had rejected the proposal to implement social isolation measures. “Fuchs confirmed that the” New York Times “reported that Trump rejected the social isolation proposal.” The British “Guardian” published on the 12th entitled “The above...


WHO and US media fight back at the same time

Original title: WHO and American media counterattacked at the same time, Trump slammed back to criticize and threaten US President Trump, and WHO released a timeline for anti-epidemic, using facts to disassemble. On April 7th local time, Trump threatened to “break the confession” of the WHO, saying that the WHO was “centered on China”, which...


U.S. media exposed again: Captain Roosevelt was dismissed suspected of Trump’s advice

Original title: US media exposed the “Roosevelt” aircraft carrier fiercely! The captain was dismissed due to Trump’s intent, according to the “New York Times” report on the 12th, when the US Navy “Roosevelt” aircraft carrier outbreak of the new coronavirus outbreak caused the former captain Crozer and 584 sailors to be diagnosed with infection. The...


Why are European and American society easily captured by viruses?

Original title: Why European and American society is easily captured by viruses text / Yan Xiaofeng The United States, whose Earth is “carrying the handle”, the number of diagnoses on March 28 broke through 100,000, which is known as the biggest intelligence failure in history, which was delayed for two months in vain Lamp’s blind...