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America still understands people

Original title: The United States still has a sensible article | Sea Passenger British “Nature” magazine apologized to China for three consecutive days, saying that it was wrong to associate the new crown virus with Wuhan and China. At the same time, Bill Gates, the co-chairman of the US Gates Foundation, was interviewed by CCTV’s...


Bill Gates: I am still a determined optimist

Bill Gates responds to quarantine policy at home office Source: Gates Foundation   比尔·盖茨谈美国新冠疫情Related Topics: Source: Gates Foundation Local On March 24th, Bill Gates was on the TED Connects program to answer questions related to new coronary pneumonia. During the one-hour live broadcast, Gates shared information and insights on topics such as the development of effective...


Bill Gates warns: US must stop for at least 6-10 weeks

According to foreign media, on Thursday night, Bill Gates warned that there was “no middle ground” in the fight against the new coronavirus, and he called on all parties to work together , Effectively shutting down normal life across the United States to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and minimize its long-term impact on the...


Bill Gates: We should not call it “Chinese virus”

Original title: Bill Gates: We should not call it “Chinese virus” [Global Network Reporter Hou Jiaxin] “We should not call this a Chinese virus.” Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates replied on the social networking site Reddit Netizens said so when asking questions. Gates tweeted on March 18 that he answered some questions about the new crown...