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“Shared Employees” Popular Foreign Amazon Warehouse Employees Transfer to Grocery Delivery

Amazon Morning news on March 29, Beijing time, an internal document learned by Reuters shows that due to growing demand and shortages of workers, will provide higher salaries to recruit its own warehouse staff to complete the Whole Foods supermarket (Whole Foods) grocery selection and packaging. This initiative, called “labor sharing,” shows us that the...


Lyft calls for drivers to work in the epidemic

Amazon Lyft According to Bloomberg News, according to Bloomberg News, because of the global pandemic of a new coronavirus that prevents people from going out, is working with to recruit the company’s drivers for food and package delivery. In an email sent to Lyft platform drivers last Friday, the company described Amazon’s job offer for...


Are you scolded? The world’s richest man, Bezos, is actually raising money to help his employees?

Sina Technology Zheng Jun from Silicon Valley   Amazon once again caused online controversy, public criticism and political pressure. Is it right? The reason is as follows: Amazon launched an Amazon Relief Fund on March 11 to rescue Amazon’s independent logistics partners, Flex project drivers and seasonal temporary workers. Regular employees offer subsidies ranging from $...


Sanders and others write to Amazon: Provide paid sick leave and dangerous benefits for workers

  亚马逊Original title: Sanders and other senators sent a letter to 亚马逊Amazon : Workers should be provided with paid sick leave and dangerous allowances After the first confirmed case of new crown pneumonia in Amazon’s warehouse in the United States, four U.S. Democratic senators wrote a letter questioning Amazon in the new crown Insufficient support was...


Amazon raises overtime pay for warehouse employees

Amazon Morning news on March 22nd, Beijing time. According to foreign media reports, released a news on Saturday saying that it will increase overtime pay for American warehouse employees (overtime after 40 hours of work per week), from March 15th On May 9, overtime pay was equivalent to double the salary, usually only 1.5 times....