When will the United States resume work? Trump and state governors have differences

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Original title: When will the United States resume work? Trump and the governors of the states have different

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[Overseas.net April 13 | Full-Time War Zone] “This will be the most significant decision I have made in my life.” US President Trump The latest statement again hinted at “hope to resume work as soon as possible”. However, the governors of the states disagreed, and publicly sang the “counter-registration”: the rules of home segregation must not be relaxed.

CNN’s 12th article stated that although Trump hopes to resume production as soon as possible, this decision is actually in the hands of the governors, and the current situation is that most governors and mayors do not relax the blockade. Yu Liz even extended the time of home isolation. The US media concluded that on the issue of resuming work, Trump and the governors have a huge gap in their attitudes.

Trump has more than once explicitly hinted that he hopes to see the United States reopen before Easter (April 12), and later had to give up this decision, but still insisted that isolation and shutdown may be more dangerous than the new coronavirus. A White House official recently revealed that Trump is desperately looking for a plan to resume business activities before May 1. On April 10, Trump reiterated “hope to resume work as soon as possible” at a recent news conference.

Connecticut governor Ned Lamont, Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer and other Democratic governors disagree, and even extended the home separation order to a later date. “We have to stay at home and maintain social distance,” Lamont tweeted to extend the blockade until after May 20, and also reminded the public that it is not time to go out freely.

As the governor of Michigan with the third highest number of confirmed cases, Whitmer not only did not relax the anti-epidemic measures on the 12th, but announced new restrictions: most Michigan people cannot go to the country without caring for relatives or picking up children. Other accommodation. “Now is not the time to retreat at all,” Whitmer stressed, “we control our own destiny, it depends on everyone’s efforts …”

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was asked a few days ago about how to view the resumption of work Shi said that there is a tension between good wishes and scientific judgment. Northam has decided to close the school until the end of the year, and extended the state ’s domestic isolation order to June 10. “No one wants us to return to normal life more than I do, but we also have to face reality. I used to be a doctor and knew the importance of keeping healthy.”

In addition, Ohio Governor Mike Devin stressed that large-scale Virus testing is absolutely necessary to resume production. Trump has previously stated that large-scale testing may not be necessary. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker also warned that the number of infected people in the state is “still on the rise,” urging locals to stay at home and maintain good personal hygiene.

It is worth mentioning that in the New York area, which was most affected by the epidemic, Mayor Bai Sihao and Governor Como could not dispute whether to extend the school suspension time. Bai Sihao announced on the 11th that New York City public schools will be closed for the rest of the school year. However, Cuomo later said that it would be up to the State of New York to decide whether to close the school. There is currently no decision about suspension.

Como, who has been “fighting” with Trump many times, said that he has been “closely cooperating” without facing pain, but at the same time said that without the support of the engine of New York State, it is not true that the US economy is truly open. possible. He also quoted the famous saying of British Prime Minister Churchill “This is not the end, or even the beginning of the end, but may be the end of the beginning.” “This is a good illustration of our current situation.”

CNN specifically mentioned such a report Words—cognitive gap, saying that for several weeks, Trump and the governors and mayors seem to live in different countries, and there is a cognitive gap between the two parties, which also means that the White House is eager to restart the economic plan as soon as possible. May fail.

This perception gap is not only reflected in the resumption of work, but also on the issue of medical supplies, Trump and other US officials have different opinions. Trump confronted CNN reporters again at a press conference on the 10th and was angry about the shortage of ventilators and protective materials. He also refuted the news as “fake news.”

However, on the same day, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan said to the public that the state ’s current concern is when global and US companies can quickly increase the production of personal protective equipment. On the 11th, New Jersey officials expressed similar views, saying that the state has an urgent need for ventilators and personal protective equipment. (Overseas Network Zhang Qi)

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