Taking advantage of the epidemic situation, Trump wants to withdraw from the “Open Sky Treaty”

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Original title: Taking advantage of the epidemic situation, Trump wants to withdraw from the “Open Sky Treaty”

(Observer Network News), the new crown epidemic is raging around the world, but Trump’s enthusiastic “retreat” activity has not been released slow. According to the US Capitol Hill report on April 12, while global attention is being drawn to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, Trump may have to withdraw from an important treaty.

According to multiple sources, Secretary of State Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Esper have agreed to withdraw from the Open Sky Treaty. The British “Guardian” also reported this news earlier. Many Democrats in the United States accused: “Under the global epidemic crisis, this move is short-sighted and under-considered.”

The Open Sky Treaty was signed in 1992 and is an important military transparency mechanism between the United States and Russia. According to the treaty, the United States and Russia can send unarmed reconnaissance aircraft to conduct mutual air reconnaissance to confirm each other ’s arms control execution and military deployment.

An aide to the US House of Representatives told the Capitol Hill that although the two National Security Council (NSC) meetings originally scheduled for February and March were cancelled, Secretary of State Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Esper were still Last week agreed to withdraw from the treaty.

He added: “The decision to withdraw from the treaty caused strong opposition from Britain, France, Germany and Poland.”

Another Senate Democratic aide also said: “We heard that Esper and Pompeo did not hold a meeting of the National Security Council Agreed to something in circumstances “. He added: “This week, French officials reiterated their opposition to any decision to withdraw from the Open Sky Treaty.” The

aide said that no news from Germany, Britain or Poland has been received recently, but “according to the existing records, They also opposed the US withdrawal from the “Open Sky Treaty.”

Under the Pentagon’s proposal, Capitol Hill tried to obtain news from the White House. A senior government official said they were reviewing the treaty. At the same time, he did not disagree with the above congressional aides. The senior government official said: “The United States has not quit” Open Skies Treaty pros and cons “We are currently reviewing (withdrawal from the treaty), and to consider this treaty, to achieve national security objectives and take all options”. “.”

Another A State Council official said the State Council “no comment on rumors.”

Some US politicians expressed strong opposition to Trump’s choice to accelerate the withdrawal from the group under the cover of the epidemic.

Some heavyweight MPs in the Democratic Party believe that it is “short-sighted and unreasonable” to opt-out of this treaty under such special circumstances. On April 7, Adam Smith, chairman of the Armed Committee of the House of Representatives, Elliott Engel, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Jack Reed, member of the Senate Armed Forces Committee, and Bob Mayendez, member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee A joint statement was issued, stating: “The Trump administration continues to push to withdraw from the Open Sky Treaty, which makes us deeply disturbed.”

Some Republican lawmakers also expressed their continued support for the treaty. According to the Capitol Hill report, U.S. Rep. Don Bacon said in a statement: “The Open Sky Treaty is still our only ability to directly enter Russian airports and airspace. Any experienced combat commander is very aware of this. One thing cannot be done with satellites. “He also said that the move would affect the intelligence cooperation between the United States and NATO allies.

The Capitol Hill report said that former US Secretary of State George Schultz and former Secretary of Defense William Perry also wrote in a memo to the Trump administration, “The unilateral withdrawal of the” Open Sky Treaty “will Damage to US allies and partners in Europe.

As of now, Russia has not issued a statement on this. The

Trump administration ’s attempt to withdraw from this treaty has not been overnight. According to the Wall Street Journal reported on October 30 last year, the Trump administration At that time, it indicated its intention to withdraw from the “Open Sky Treaty”, and related discussions were already in progress at the time. This move was not only met with strong opposition from Russia, but also caused doubts in the United States. The New York Times in the editorial of the day Said that the “Open Sky Treaty” gave the United States a pair of eyes over Russia, “Trump wants to give up now.” Some lawmakers described that withdrawing from the “Open Sky Treaty” would be a “gift” from the United States to Putin. .

However, the pace of withdrawal of Trump group remains firm. in the case of global attention has now been transferred epidemic, the government is to take Trump ” Machine “to accelerate the exit” Open Skies Treaty “process.

” Open Skies Treaty “was signed in 1992 by the OSCE 27 member states in the Finnish capital Helsinki treaty, may be unarmed manner in the territory of each other signatories of Air reconnaissance to check its implementation of various international arms control treaties.

The Open Sky Treaty is actually an important military transparency mechanism between the United States and Russia. The focus of the treaty is that the United States and Russia can use reconnaissance aircraft on both sides of the territory. Flying reconnaissance, and using local airports to take off and land supplies, but there must be on-board supervision of the presence of military personnel, flight routes and airports must be negotiated and approved in advance. At present, the treaty has 35 parties including the United States and Russia.

Some commented that “open The “Sky Treaty” has played an important role in ensuring the smooth implementation of other arms control agreements. If the United States renounces its status as a contracting state, it may have a negative impact on the world arms control situation, including the Iran nuclear agreement.

According to the Russian Satellite Network last October It is reported that the Permanent Representative of Russia to Vienna International Organization Mikhail Uwu Yanov has said that the United States has no reason to withdraw from the Open Sky Treaty. Russia and the United States are investigating each other ’s territory within the framework of the treaty, but strictly follow the mutual principle. “Russia does not have a unilateral advantage.” According to the Russian satellite network reported on February 12th of this year, the Russian Ministry of Foreign non-proliferation and arms control issues, said in an interview Secretary, Mr Palma Cove, if the United States decided to withdraw “open skies Treaty,” Moscow will have to take countermeasures.

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