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Original title: Fuchs just confirmed this, and Trump forwarded a meaningful tweet!

British media: US “anti-epidemic captain” Fudge confirmed that Trump had rejected the proposal to implement social isolation measures.

“Fuchs confirmed that the” New York Times “reported that Trump rejected the social isolation proposal.” The British “Guardian” published on the 12th entitled “The above report said that the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fudge accepted that day Media interviews, “confirmed a shocking report in the New York Times.” The New York Times previously reported that Fawc and other officials of the Trump administration had proposed social isolation measures in February to curb the spread of the new crown virus, but it was rejected and delayed for nearly a month.

“Guardian” report screenshot

reported that the same day, the CNN’s “State of the Union” (State of the Union) program host asked why the Trump administration is listening When he and other officials suggested that he did not take action, Foch responded:

“You know … As I said many times, we are looking at this issue from a pure health perspective. We make recommendations, usually recommendations Will be adopted. But sometimes it won’t. “Fuch said.

He continued, “… that’s the case. We are now in this situation.”

CNN host Jake Tapper also asked Fodge, “If it is from the 3rd week of February (not the middle of March) Is it possible to save lives by starting to maintain social isolation, physical isolation and taking home measures? ”

“It’s hard to go back and say it again,” Fuch said. “I mean, obviously, you can logically say that if you have an ongoing process and you start slowing down earlier (a measure of virus transmission), you can Save lives. Obviously, no one denies this. ”

” But, the content involved in making such a decision is complicated. But you are right. I mean, obviously, if we turn everything off from the beginning The situation may be different. But at that time, many people opposed the implementation of these embargo measures. ”

: CNNduring the show Tapper interviewed Fuchto source during the show: CNN

also reported according to CNN that The day before Fuchs made the above remarks (11th), a report in The New York Times described the Trump administration ’s mistakes in the early stages of the New Crown Outbreak and how Trump ignored them. Its adviser warned.

The report said that another government official confirmed to CNN that the top public health experts of the Trump administration had reached an agreement in the third week of February, and it is necessary to start to shift from a “containment strategy” to a “mitigation strategy”, which will involve strong Social isolation measures. Just before the health officials reached this agreement, they also held a tabletop drill to rule out the possibility of a large-scale outbreak.

“According to the New York Times, Dr. Robert Kadlec, the top official of the US Department of Health and Human Services responsible for disaster relief, once called the White House Coronavirus Working Group on February 21st. During the meeting, the team conducted a simulation exercise, predicting that the (epidemic) pandemic would cause infection of 110 million people, 7.7 million hospitalizations, and 586,000 deaths. ”To this end, CNN said they concluded that“ even At the risk of severe damage to the national economy and the daily lives of millions of Americans, it also requires rapid social isolation measures, “but it took Trump more than three weeks to promulgate the relevant information on March 16. Guidelines.

According to the real-time statistics of the new crown epidemic released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 6:15 a.m. Beijing time on April 13, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the United States exceeded 550,000, reaching 554,226, and the cumulative death cases 21994 cases.

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Fuchs side confirmed that Trump delayed the anti-epidemic time, Trump forwarded a “time to fire Fuchs” tweet

Trump to fire the United States “anti-epidemic captain” Fuchs? On the 12th local time, US President Trump retweeted a tweet that read “It’s time to fire Fodge.” The American “Beast Daily” claimed that this is the first time Trump has publicly accused Anthony Fudge, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Trump tweeted this tweet from DeAnna Lorraine, a former Republican congressman. On the 12th local time, Rowling tweeted, “Fochi now says that if Trump listened to medical experts earlier, he could have saved more lives. But Fauci told the public on February 29: There is nothing to worry about, it (New Crown Virus) poses no threat to the American public. ”

In the end, Rowling also wrote,” It’s time to fire Foch … ”

Less than an hour later, Trump tweeted this tweet. . He said: “Sorry for fake news, there are videos (evidence). As long as people say it, I banned China (referring to the ban on the entry of foreigners who have visited China).”

US “Beast Daily” said It was Trump ’s first public accusation of Fuchs.

Screenshot of the “Beast Daily” report

In the past few weeks, Foch has become one of the most exposed public figures in the US media. Since 1984, Fuch has been the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases under the National Institutes of Health. Since the Reagan era, Foch has helped six presidents meet various challenges. Since Trump participated in the campaign, the image he has created for himself has always been full of suspicion and disdain for traditional public institutions, which is quite incompatible with the image of Foch and the professional scientists he represents.

Although Trump did not explicitly express his intention to abandon Fuchs, the attack on Fuchs is heating up among the conservative groups who are enthusiastically supporting Trump. Lu Dobbs of Fox Business Channel criticized Fuchs for being too cautious about experimental drugs; the right-wing website “Gateway Pundit” accused Fuchs of encouraging measures to “destroy the economy” and “indecent interviews damaged the image of the president” . After Foch ’s letter to Hillary ’s aides 7 years ago was bursting with praise for Hillary, conservatives ’excitement rose further, while liberals viewed Fuchs as a key force in the White House ’s“ unreliable ”policy. .

Prior to this, Fuchs publicly corrected Trump time and time again on many issues such as the time of vaccine development, the effectiveness of therapeutic drugs, and whether to insist on “maintaining social distance.” The most “popular” words appeared in the “Science” magazine, Fucci admits that he has differences with Trump, but there is no alternative: “I can’t jump to the microphone and push him down.” Fucci also once The absence of the White House press conference for two consecutive days triggered a lot of speculation that he was abandoned by Trump, “Where is Dr. Foch?” Became a popular label on Twitter.



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