A man in Philadelphia, USA, was thrown by the police without a mask

Home Health A man in Philadelphia, USA, was thrown by the police without a mask

Original title: A man in Philadelphia, USA, was thrown off by police without wearing a mask. ”

Source”: China Daily.

According to the US Fox News Network, a crazy video on social media shows that April 10, local time, Philadelphia One of the men was dragged off the bus by the police for refusing to wear a mask because of violating local policies against new coronary pneumonia. The report said that the man was repeatedly asked to get off but refused to cooperate. The video showed that he had physical conflict with the police during this process and asked the police officer to show the badge number. However, he was not arrested or summoned in the end. It can be seen in the video taken in the car that the flight attendant asked all passengers who did not wear a mask to get off the bus, saying that “if there is no mask, you cannot take public transportation.” It is reported that although the CDC believes that it is also feasible to cover the mouth and nose with other things, a passenger with a headscarf covering his face is still asked to get off. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenny said that people need to remember that bus drivers are on the front line of the epidemic and are the most ordinary heroes. They work every day as usual and need to be protected.

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