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Original title: Stigma, rumors, and moral binding on China … Some people are really anxious about the

absurd theories such as “Chinese virus source theory”, “Chinese opacity theory”, “China transfer responsibility theory”, etc. Defamation of the Chinese government’s actions, instigation of dissatisfaction, and finally, around, it is again on the old road of ideological prejudice. Hopefully, when we look back on the past, it is “the first time humanity has united together unprecedentedly and overcome a crisis together”, not the ugly “viral politics” or “political virus”.

WHO Director-General Tan Desai returned to the United States. “Please don’t politicize this virus. It’s taking advantage of the differences between different countries. If you want to (use it) like this, if you want to have more body bags, okay, so you do. “If you don’t want to see more body bags, don’t politicize it (virus).” Tan Desai’s message was short and powerful: keep the virus away from politics! The epidemic should be isolated from politics! Why is Tan Desai’s attitude so tough this time? Why even the heavy words of “shroud bag” have been exported? Because US President Trump previously publicly accused WHO of responding to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, favored other countries, and threatened that the United States would suspend payment of dues to WHO. Throw me a giant stone head-on and report Thor’s sledgehammer. Tan Desai also said that national unity is very important to defeat the virus. Without unity, even with a better health system, it will be in trouble, so “do n’t use the epidemic to carry out political attacks … This is not a political thing to use, it It’s like playing with fire. ”

Tan Desai also listed a timetable for WHO’s actions in response to the new crown epidemic crisis. He said that on the day of New Year’s Day, one day after a group of newly identified cases of new pneumonia was reported in Wuhan, China, WHO launched an incident management support team. On January 5, WHO notified all Member States of the new epidemic situation and posted information on the epidemic situation on its website. On January 10, WHO released a “comprehensive guidance” document on how to detect and detect potential cases.

Tan Desai said that in late January this year, after the first report of a community-transmitted case outside of China, WHO “announced a public health emergency of international concern”, “this is our highest level of alert”. “We have done everything we can, but we will continue to do our best-night and day-just like we have been doing to save lives. We don’t want to waste time.”

On the 8th, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian was on a routine basis The press conference also responded to this matter: Since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, the World Health Organization, under the leadership of Director General Tandese, has actively fulfilled its responsibilities and upholds an objective scientific and fair position to assist countries in coping with the epidemic and promoting international anti-epidemic cooperation Has played an important role and has been widely recognized and highly praised by the international community. The statement just concluded at the G20 Leaders ’Special Summit stressed the need to fully support and commit to further strengthening the World Health Organization ’s responsibility for coordinating international anti-epidemic actions. China will, as always, firmly support the work of the World Health Organization, and support the World Health Organization to continue to play a leading role in global anti-epidemic cooperation. Under the current rapid spread of the global epidemic situation, the United States has indicated that it will suspend payment of dues to the World Health Organization, which will seriously affect the normal operation of WHO and is not conducive to international anti-epidemic cooperation. “I hope that all countries can help each other and help each other to help contribute to the global fight against the epidemic.”

On the same day, UN Secretary General Guterres issued a statement to support WHO. Guterres said in a statement: “I think, must be supported by the World Health Organization, this new crown is crucial for the global success of the fight against the epidemic.”


  Trump Why should WHO fire, alluding to why the WHO favoritism ” Farewell (China)? ”

Johns Hopkins University ’s new coronary pneumonia epidemic situation statistics show that as of 6:30 on April 10th, Beijing time, a total of 454,304 cases have been diagnosed in the United States and 16,294 deaths. Compared with the data at 6:30 the previous day, 29359 new cases were confirmed in the United States; 1765 new deaths were added. New York State is the most severely affected area in the United States. On the 9th local time, New York State Governor Como said that in the past 24 hours, New York State had 799 new deaths, the largest increase since the epidemic, with a total of 7067 deaths. In addition, the US media quoted Ministry of Defense officials as saying that two crew members belonging to the “Nimitz” aircraft carrier tested positive for the new crown virus. So far, there have been four cases of new aircraft carriers in the US military, namely the “Reagan”, “Roosevelt”, “Nimitz” and “Karl Vincent”. Combining the US epidemic data, everyone will come to taste this news again: On April 9, local time, the White House rarely criticized the Voice of America (VOA) in the daily briefing published on its official website. The White House claims that VOA is a global news network funded by US taxpayers and spends about $ 200 million annually to “tell the story of the United States” and “clearly and effectively introduce U.S. policies” to people around the world. Opponents on behalf of the United States speak, “and the New Crown Virus is no exception. So, how does VOA “speak on behalf of US opponents”? It turned out that VOA just praised China’s “closing the city” measures in Wuhan to fight the new crown virus, and published a light show on the night of the “unblocking” of Wuhan on the social networking site and other related reports.

Somebody is anxious, anxious.

As countries struggle to control the spread of the New Coronavirus, a number of politicians with ulterior motives still stick to their old ways and stubbornly try to find an “enemy”-for example, US President Trump has repeatedly associated the New Coronavirus with China, Brazil The son of President Bosonaro and the Brazilian Rep. Eduardo described the new coronary pneumonia epidemic as “China’s fault.” Politicians in other regions, including the United Kingdom, are also saying that China should be responsible for this-hey, this man, in a hurry, he always thinks about diverting his attention and fish in troubled waters. It is an extremely irresponsible act to insist on associating a virus and its disease with a place or a nation. Infectious disease epidemiologist Adam Kucharski reminded us in his timely book The Rules of Contagion published in February: History shows that a pandemic can lead to stigmatization of some groups. Why all of us should be cautious. If in doubt, you can seek the opinions of others, but in any case, you must fall on the actual evidence. Otherwise, the consequences are really serious. Since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, Asians around the world have become the targets of racist attacks, with uncountable human costs, including losses to their physical and mental health and ways of earning a living. Law enforcement agencies said they are focusing on investigating hate crimes, but these actions may be too late for some people who have been injured-Extranet News, April 5th, a Chinese woman in Brooklyn, New York was splashed by men Her head, upper body, hands and arms were all severely burned, and the police are looking for information.

The stigmatization of the new crown virus must stop-no delay!

  02 What

makes us angry is that some politicians are not good at isolating the virus from the people, but they are particularly keen to go against Tan Desai ’s appeal: do you shout that the epidemic should be isolated from politics? I do not! The epidemic situation must be mixed with politics! Abraham Weintraub, the Brazilian Minister of Education, is just one example. He tweeted eloquently that China wanted to “dominate the world” through the epidemic and mocked the accent of Chinese speaking Portuguese with a racially discriminatory tone, triggering severe condemnation from the Chinese embassy in Brazil and widespread criticism from Brazilian public opinion.

As the words fell, Winterlaub actually played a set similar to “Live Streaming Che Xiang”: “If they (China) are willing to sell us 1,000 ventilators, then I am willing to kneel in front of the embassy, ​​apologize and say me It ’s a silly X. ”

Discrimination, stigma, rumors, moral ties … This is unfinished, and there are other episodes. A voice linked Winterraub ’s attitude to the “China ’s cancellation of Brazil ’s ventilator order and resale to the United States” reported by some media not long ago, believing that this was Brazil ’s dissatisfaction with China ’s behavior. However, according to people familiar with the matter, the so-called ventilator order turmoil has nothing to do with China at all: the relevant products are purchased from China by a local government in Brazil through an American intermediary, and Chinese manufacturers have delivered to the U.S. intermediary, and The reason why this batch of ventilators could not be shipped to Brazil was because American intermediaries had disputes with the local government and other American companies in Miami Airport.

On the 8th local time, a spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Canada made a speech about some Canadian media and some American politicians, politicizing the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, labeling the virus, and stigmatizing China. :

“Chinese virus source theory”, “China opacity theory”, “China transfer responsibility theory” and other absurd arguments are nothing more than to discredit China’s national image, defame the Chinese government’s actions, and instigate dissatisfaction. On the old road to ideological prejudice.

Nothing new, but malicious.


China is not doing well enough? Who is it? An in-depth report by British Reuters reflecting on the outbreak of the British epidemic illustrates many problems. The report said that the scientists who provided advice to the British government had been aware of the severity of the new coronavirus epidemic through China as early as mid-to-late January. However, these scientists not particularly strongly expressed their concerns to the government, urging the government to enhance the level of prevention, but also because of fear of running afoul of Britain “politically correct”, not to prepare for any large-scale travel restriction policy ……

beginning of the fight against SARS, United Kingdom The relaxed attitude angered Richard Houghton, editor-in-chief of The Lancet. According to a Reuters report, Richard Houghton said in an interview with the British BBC on February 13 that the British government and public health system wasted preparing isolation measures and large-scale testing projects, as well as storing ventilators and protective equipment. The timing of supplies. He also said in a later social commentary on The Lancet that the “urgent warning from the Chinese frontline” is completely inconsistent with the “boring scientific evaluation” received by the British government, and rebuked it as a British The “national scandal”.

It is recommended that certain politicians in certain countries take a good look at this report. The alarm has already sounded, and you haven’t acted in time. Why should you complain afterwards and anger, and you can’t wait to find a scapegoat or an imaginary enemy? Originally, we can avoid more tragedies.


It is worth analyzing that the leaders of some European and American countries did not perform well in dealing with the new coronary pneumonia, but their public opinion support rate may continue to rise. Why? This contains a political concept-in the face of a national crisis (such as the moment of major national and national crisis involving foreign countries), even if the leaders of their own countries perform very badly, the country also shows a supportive appearance. This effect, called the “Rally round the flag effect”, was proposed by American political scientist John Mueller in the 1970s. (Miller pointed out that in every major crisis, the support rate of the US president will rise rapidly. Such a crisis must meet three conditions: international, directly related to the US or the US president, and high attention.) meets

Yes, when everyone together For a certain crisis, there is a big panic. When a person raises a banner and calls for gathering, it is easy for people to take the initiative to unite and gather. Reflected in the framework of political science, the flag-gathering effect manifests as, regardless of the original political debate within the country, regardless of the original views of the people on the leadership group, once a major national or national crisis involving the outside world is encountered, the country ’s leader Or the ruling team will get a high degree of public opinion support in a short time. At the same time, domestic public opinion will also reduce criticism of the government.

However, this effect generally does not last long. If there is no artificial deliberate effect, it can only exist for a short time, and it will be tested next. In the future evolution of the new crown epidemic, economic problems may in turn further deepen political differentiation. If, as some economists have predicted, after this epidemic, the world will face a global recession, and even for a long period of time, it may have to face a depression. As you can imagine, we will face What a turbulent social situation. Based on this situation, in order to prolong the flag-gathering effect, many leaders intentionally or unintentionally use foreign countries as a target to divert the attention of domestic people. By creating various international contradictions, the people continue to feel that they are in a certain external crisis as a tool to build consensus. Right now, Trump is deliberately using the flag effect to accuse China, or may continue to transfer the attention and dissatisfaction of the domestic people to the outside world through foreign wars, which are all political means for him to ensure election votes and the presidential throne. What is more worrying is that not only the United States, but many countries in the West have such motives, and this has happened. Therefore, the concept of “Community of Human Destiny” is more important than ever. The epidemic of this global war is people all over the world, working hard for the same goal with science and love. At this time, the ultimate victory can only be achieved by abandoning the opposition and discrimination and working together with one heart. The Black Death, the Great Flu in 1918, and the two world wars … that’s the history we read in the book. Today, the chapter of our generation’s history of the world’s fight against the new crown pneumonia has come. Hopefully, when we look back on the past, it is “the first time humanity has united together unprecedentedly and overcome a crisis together”, not the ugly “viral politics” or “political virus”.

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