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Original title: guns in the Chinese by the United States Read: California sold 3800 a day

interviewee)Photo courtesy of the ▲ Lin Lifei began to fumble for a gun because of the US epidemic. The gun shop he went to was either closed or lined up. (Photo interviewee)

courtesy of the “I think a lot of Chinese people buy guns because they are panicked by the rhythm of the self-media on WeChat. When I bought that long gun, several Chinese people around me were buying guns, but they were basically I do n’t quite understand it, so I consulted there. The calibers of the guns I bought last time are not very practical for me as a home defense. ”

Text | Southern Weekend Special Contributor He Doudou

March 26, 2020, United States The Chinese neighbor of Chinese Jimmy was robbed late at night. A total of three robbers smashed the lock and forcibly entered, tied up a family of three, and robbed all cash and valuables. Jimmy told Southern Weekend: “Since the outbreak of the New Crown epidemic in the United States, this has been the nth accident of the Chinese being bullied.”

On March 27, 2020, the FBI warned that Asian-Americans may be guilty of discrimination because of the surge in the epidemic.

Lin Lifei and Yang Xizhou are Chinese people living in California, USA. After the outbreak of China, they bought masks in the supermarket and paid attention to the situation of the outbreak. As the epidemic in the United States became more serious, anti-China sentiment in some regions began to escalate. According to their recall, “the time point is probably Trump said Chinese virus (‘中国 病毒’).” On March 25, US President Trump changed his name to “Coronavirus” and praised Asian Americans.

The two Chinese in the United States told Southern Weekend their experiences during this period, ranging from snapping up in supermarkets, hard to find masks to hoarding guns for self-defense. The following is their readme.


  gun did not wait, the gun shop was closed.

My name is Lin Lifei, and I live in the California Bay Area.

The Bay Area is the second place in the United States where the epidemic began. The first is Seattle, Washington.

California “soft-closed the city” about a week and a half ago. The English word is shelter in place. That is, everyone stays at home, all unimportant stores are closed, and only supermarkets that are necessary for life are open. When a city began to “soften the city”, I could feel that foreigners began to take this matter seriously.

I saw news that Chinese people in New York were discriminated against. Two Chinese from Texas went to the supermarket and were attacked and their faces cut off. I heard that several Chinese restaurants in the Bay Area have been smashed. I do n’t know if the other party wants to grab money or hate the Chinese. I think there may be one reason for both. In our Chinese community, although these things have not happened, everyone is obviously more nervous. Trump has been shouting Chinese Virus. I think the anti-Chinese sentiment in the society must have increased, especially Trump supporters.

When I first wore a mask, when I went to the supermarket, I could feel that someone was watching me. At that time, 80% and 90% of the people didn’t wear a mask. The foreigner was pointing there. My wife was still coughing at the time. She heard someone saying, “This sister is coughing and running quickly.”

At the end of February and the beginning of March, my wife and I considered getting a gun. I added a WeChat account for someone who sold guns in the Bay Area. I saw that he had recently taught a pistol basic course, so I signed up and listened. The course is paid, and the price is about 300 dollars. Go to the exam after listening to the class, and get a gun certificate before you can buy a gun.

I didn’t know that I needed to take the test certificate after finishing the class, so I could take the test myself. But I think the training is quite good. It first teaches you some basic safety knowledge, including how to hold the gun, such as not putting your finger in the trigger. After getting the gun license, I haven’t figured out exactly what gun to buy. On March 7th, there was a live ammunition practice in this class. I went to the shooting shop. The two instructors brought 18 kinds of pistols. Let us six or seven students try each one. After the test, I ordered one online, the model is sig sauer p226 mk25. I spent $ 999, which is relatively expensive compared to other pistols. Under normal circumstances, a good gun may be available for five or six hundred dollars. But I wanted to buy this one at the time. One was because I had used it myself and felt very comfortable. The other was that I saw the online evaluation of this gun is good, and this is the time, you are not bad at this point.

I ordered it online, and it was supposed to be sent to the gun shop within 7 days, and then the gun shop went through the background check procedure, which took another 10 days in California. So I thought about going to the gun shop after 7 days and then picking up the gun after 10 days.

When I waited for the fourth day, I felt the whole situation became tense. But I did n’t do anything else, because according to California law, only one pistol can be ordered every 30 days, so I ca n’t immediately go to another place to buy another gun.

On the fifth day, the man who opened the Chinese gun shop said he was going to close, because the Bay Area began asking all stores to close. But he actually does not have a storefront, it is his own store as a shop, with a gun business license. At that time, I went to ask, why did you close the door if you didn’t have a store. He didn’t give a specific reason. I guess he was also thinking about the safety of himself and his family-the shooting shop had to deal with strangers every day, and some people did not wear masks at that time. So I haven’t got this pistol yet.


  “Something happened, who carried the gun to help you?” After

finding out that I couldn’t get the gun, my wife and I were a little flustered-that was when Trump started talking about Chinese Virus, and then also started Heard anti-Chinese voices. I just searched and contacted on the Internet and saw that the gun shops near me were all closed. I added some “first time buying gun groups”, and the instructors I had in the class before also have WeChat groups. Many people are discussing this matter. Everyone is sharing which store is open and which store has bullets.

At that time, my eligibility to buy a pistol was limited. I wanted to buy a shotgun, because “spray” (shotgun) is a more suitable gun in home defense. Everyone buys guns mainly for home defense. Bullets with “sprays” in guns sell the fastest, followed by pistols, rifles go slower and are not suitable for home defense. On March 15th I reported a shotgun lesson, one-on-one instructor. I wanted to learn how to use a shotgun, so I bought it directly from the instructor. As a result, the instructor also closed, and I was a little anxious.

On the afternoon of March 18, my wife and I ran out to buy guns. Let’s go to a place that is an hour and a half drive away. The group said that the store will open at 3 pm. When we arrived at 3:30, there were at least 50 people waiting in line at the door. Why are there so many people in front of the gun shop? One is because the gun shop is generally small, and the other is that all guns in the gun shop are hung on the wall, which does not allow a group of customers to visit the supermarket. It is necessary to control the number of people. People, the rest is waiting at the door.

At that time, a friend of mine lined up on the other side, and the door just opened. I searched for a 25-minute drive, I called and contacted, I thought it would not be in this row.

Ran a look, lined up in front of nine people, we are going to row, the result of the last one said:. “Inside the shop’ve told me, I was the last one, you do not row”

that store the edge of a The third gun shop, I passed again, and entered the shop for about an hour. I have seen YouTube’s recommendations for these guns online before, knowing what I probably want. The brand I want to buy is called mossberg, which is more famous and has better quality. I asked the clerk if there was a 500 model most common to mossberg. He said one was hanging on the wall, the last one.

I called many shops before and asked, and those shops that opened were basically sold out. So I was very happy to hear that there was a spray left. In fact, I was not very clear how to handle this gun, so I placed the order directly. After the formalities are completed, the price of the gun is 699 knives, plus background checks, taxes and fees, etc., totaling $ 814. After the sale and other background checks, the clerk told me to pick it up on March 31. I think I can finally get the gun after 10 days! As a result, after two days of purchase, the shop was closed, and the “sprayer” I bought could not be taken back.

Now the scope of gun shop closures has expanded and expanded, starting with the Bay Area and then California. There is a lot of discussion on the Internet about whether a gun store is actually a necessary store, because the gun store’s goods are equivalent to protecting personal safety, and many people say it. But the shop was closed by the local police station. The gun shop where I bought the gun was forcibly closed by the local police station.

Two days ago, I received a call from the gun shop that sold “Spray”, saying that they were trying to talk to a lawyer. It is estimated that they will open an appointment to pick up the gun.

Bullets are also very difficult to buy recently. Everyone in the WeChat group discussed that there are no more bullets everywhere, and the most common caliber bullets have become difficult to buy. A 9mm caliber pistol bullet costs about $ 0.15. This price fluctuates greatly. When it is cheap, it may cost $ 0.10 each, and sometimes the price may double, ranging from $ 0.2-0.3. But the problem is that it is not easy to buy. Most gun shops are either closed or out of stock.

The law of California guns is very complicated, and the identity check is also required when buying bullets. If you buy a gun first, the identity check of the bullets is faster. Otherwise, additional checks are required, which is slower.

I bought fake bullets and used them when teaching my wife to practice guns. I also bought a safe because the local guns were required to put the guns in the safe. I bought all these things, but the gun didn’t arrive.

About a week ago, people near the Bay Area and Los Angeles made a lot of groups called SOS, and everyone cared for each other. I added a SOS group with our postcode. The group stipulates that it is forbidden to talk at ordinary times. If you speak, it means that you have encountered a serious situation, such as your home being robbed or the car smashed. The instructor of my gun group disagreed. He said that everyone was added to the group a few days ago. They never knew each other. Something really happened. Who carried the gun to help you. I also think that the group I’m adding now is that everyone has something to say, maybe take a look at it, or help report a policeman. As for the pickups that are actively launched on the Internet, I think it is nonsense.

  3 It

  is more worrying than security issues. and

My name is Yang Xizhou I work in Silicon Valley.

I use the gun for a relatively long time, because I like guns. Every one or two months, I will add a gun. I just bought a spear two weeks ago, but it was not prepared for the epidemic. I usually go to play flying saucers with my friends, so I bought a gun that specializes in flying saucers.

(Photo courtesy of the interviewee)Yang Xizhou spent a relatively long time with guns. He regularly trains and thinks that this way he can ensure the presence of his defense. The picture shows his pistol. (Photo courtesy of the interviewee)

I bought it at an outdoor store at that time. The clerk told me that there were a lot of people who bought guns recently. At that time, California sold more than 3800 guns a day, and sales were quite high. If I usually go, the procedure can be completed quickly. I had to wait for dozens of minutes to get it because of the queue.

I went to a local shop, and there were so many people. Many people bought guns for the first time, and some bought them to pick up the guns. I see that after they held the guns, they were unsuitable for loading. I feel It should be novice.

According to my observation, all kinds of people are buying guns now, and we are talking about this topic in the company. I think a lot of Chinese people buy guns because of the panic caused by the rhythm of self-media on WeChat. When I bought the long gun, several Chinese people around me were buying guns, but they basically didn’t understand the gun, so they consulted there. The caliber of the last gun I bought was not very practical as a home defense in my opinion. .

Other people buy guns now, I think it may be an excuse. Because guns cost a lot of money, a pistol can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, and a long gun can cost thousands to thousands of dollars. But compared with the cost of bullets, the cost of the gun is not too large. Because after the gun is in hand, it must be trained, otherwise it is useless. The pistol is very difficult to shoot. If you do n’t train regularly, you may be 10 meters away from the target. Standing there to let you shoot, you may not be able to shoot. I regularly go to target training and consume nearly 1,000 bullets a month.

If you have a family, you must talk to your family before buying a gun. I have a colleague who used to want to buy a gun. He felt there were children at home and disagreed. This time he took advantage of the epidemic and bought the gun. This is not because of panic and hoarding the gun. I think it was just an excuse to buy the gun.

I know those SOS groups, but that is illegal. This kind of group is said to be guarding each other, but in California you are holding a gun and someone else is replacing the police to enforce the law. This is illegal, and the police have begun to investigate this matter. There are not many guns in this kind of organization, and I might be thinking who can help when a gun is urgent.

Probably because of the epidemic, a novice Chinese friend recently asked me to consult. I recommend to them a home-defense gun. The first principle is that this gun cannot be insured, preferably a hammer-type gun, single-action or double-action. Because many guns are insured, this is for military use, and soldiers are dealing with this every day, they are well trained; you are a novice, and usually save the gun insurance is closed, once you encounter danger, you take out the gun , There may not be that string in your head that says to open the insurance first, then the gun becomes a deadly danger in your hands-because someone looks at you to take the gun, then you will be shot first.

At present, I am not very worried about safety, because after all, California has a better population composition, especially in the Bay Area where most of them are highly educated. What I am more worried about is actually the impact of the epidemic on the economy. Because the Bay Area is basically high-tech companies, stocks account for a large portion of revenue. It happened that the stock market plummeted recently, and it fell to the point where it could not be seen.

After Trump said Chinese Virus, most Chinese people disliked this remark. But in a short period of time, I judged that it is unlikely to introduce policies that are detrimental to the Chinese. The main thing is to look at the economy. If all these bailout policies can work and the economy can rebound, it will be no big deal. Fear is that the entire economy is in decline and entering a depression period. At that time, I lived in this place as a minority. I think it should be worried.

(At the request of the interviewee, Lin Lifei and Yang Xizhou are pseudonyms)

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