British media: British medical staff are prohibited from publicly talking about offenders will be punished

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Original title: British media: British medical staff are prohibited from talking publicly about the epidemic, and offenders will be punished.

Recently, medical staff from many hospitals in the United Kingdom have disclosed that they are prohibited from publicly discussing the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, otherwise they will receive disciplinary sanctions and other penalties Threat.

According to the British “Guardian” reported on the 9th, some frontline anti-epidemic medical personnel were required to “seal” because of the public expression of the shortage of personal protective equipment. In addition to being threatened by mail and disciplined, even medical staff were sent home.

Some medical staff received an email signed by the CEO of the NHS Trust, the sender forbids the communication between the receiving medical staff and the media, and the medical staff suspected his electronic Mail and social media are being monitored.

Unnamed medical staff told the Guardian that they were afraid of being punished, and some even expressed that they were worried about losing their jobs. In addition, an employee’s application to the NHS Trust’s communications department for dialogue with the news media was also rejected. Another nurse wanted to publicly emphasize the important role of her profession, but received an email from all the employees in her hospital (which was later withdrawn), which prohibited employees from discussing and communicating openly.

When he contacted the communications department, he only received a reply stating “no (dialogue) media”. According to the nurse, the NHS Trust ’s communications department did not disclose what action they would take to enforce the ban, but “their tone is very threatening.”

“When communicating with the communications department, I suddenly felt so powerless. This made me very sad.” The nurse said.

In addition, the Guardian also disclosed a number of similar incidents. For example, medical staff from different hospitals volunteered to be interviewed about new coronary pneumonia, but the defendant was not able to mention the hospital and its work.

An anonymous hospital manager admitted that they received instructions from the hospital about the media, emphasizing that they would not be able to make any remarks in the foreseeable future.

A mental health worker revealed that they were afraid of public speaking because they had been accused by executives for emphasizing patient care.

The union representing the NHS staff has expressed concern about this. Counzo Jarrett-Thorpe, the head of the union, claimed that they have learned that the heads of some NHS hospitals may prevent some employees from disclosing medical system problems to improve patient health.

It is worth noting that preventing employees from publicly talking about anti-epidemic work not only happened in the United Kingdom, but also coincidentally. According to previous reports by Bloomberg, there are also hospitals in the United States that threaten the dismissal of medical staff who talk about working conditions during the outbreak.

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