US media: Hundreds of body bags were taken out of residents ’homes in New York

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Original title: American media: Hundreds of body bags were taken out of residents ’homes in New York, and death statistics will be updated soon

[Global Network Reporter Liu Yang]“ New York is carrying hundreds of body bags out of residents ’homes. Will soon be counted into the statistics “. On the 8th local time, the US” Beast Daily “reported with this sensational headline that in New York, a large number of suspected deaths related to the new coronary pneumonia virus-related symptoms have recently occurred but were not included in the” corpse at home “. Statistical cases. New York City officials said that these data will soon be included in the new statistics, so the total number of deaths may increase.

According to the report, data from the New York Emergency Medical Services Department show that the statistics of death cases may be “incomplete”. On a single day this Tuesday, 256 people were declared dead in five districts in New York. As of this month, New York City announced that the number of deaths found at home in a single day is generally about 25 people, so most of the deaths announced on Tuesday are likely to be related to the new coronary pneumonia virus outbreak.

“Beast Daily” also said that the New York Fire Department data it received showed that in the past two weeks, the number of cases in which emergency personnel “discovered the deceased when they arrived at the scene” was 2,192, compared with 453 in the same period last year. Emergency personnel found that the number of patients with cardiac arrest at home also increased greatly. There were almost 20 to 30 cases from the end of March to the beginning of April in 2019, and there were already 322 cases in the same period of this year, more than 100 cases a day on March 28 this year. . Last year, only 30% to 50% of the patients died in these cases. From March 22 this year, the daily mortality rate after cardiac arrest was more than 50%, and it was as high as 75% on April 5th.

A New York health department official said, “All deaths of confirmed cases have been counted in the statistics, regardless of whether he died at home or in the hospital.” He said that at the moment, the relevant departments are working hard to cooperate, and will appear at home but suspected symptoms will die. Statistics of cases not confirmed by the laboratory are included.

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