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Original title: The US Federal Government ’s medical reserves have been exhausted. The “Bidding Wars” of each state will be further upgraded

. Source: United States “Capitol Hill”Source: United States “Capitol Hill”

[ April 9 | Wartime epidemic] Recently, the US Department of Health and Human Services stated that the U.S. Federal Government ’s emergency medical reserves for personal protection have been exhausted, and US states will no longer receive more personal protective equipment from the Federal Government.

According to the US “Capitol Hill” reported on the 8th, the staff of the US Department of Health and Human Services told the House Oversight and Reform Committee that the Trump administration has shipped the last batch of personal protective equipment from the national strategic reserve to the states. Staff said that 90% of N95 masks, surgical masks, face masks, protective clothing and gloves have been distributed to each state, and the remaining 10% will be reserved for federal government staff and will not be distributed to each state.

The governors of the US states said that the shortage of medical supplies has caused the states to compete with each other in the market, and the bidding war with the federal government is also escalating. The depletion of the US federal government’s emergency reserves means that this status quo will continue.

The chairman of the New York State Commission for the United States pointed out that under such circumstances, US states had to search for these scarce supplies in the open market and were forced to join the bidding war. An internal management document issued by the committee on Wednesday (8th) also showed that only 11.7 million N95 masks were issued nationwide, less than 1% of the committee ’s estimated 3.5 billion masks. “It is clear that those who submit to the federal government States seeking emergency equipment have not received all the supplies they need. ”

In addition, the distribution of supplies is uneven. Staff of the US Department of Health and Human Services stated that most supplies are not based on actual requirements in each state, but are distributed according to population. To make up for shortages of medical supplies in certain states, states such as California, Oregon, and Washington have supplied ventilators to more severely affected states such as New York and New Jersey.

In addition, California has also begun to deal with the shortage of personal protective equipment. California Governor Newson said on Wednesday (8th) that the state has obtained contracts for 200 million masks from different suppliers. Newson said it may export some masks to other states in need.

Johns Hopkins University’s new coronary pneumonia epidemic statistics show that as of April 9, Beijing time, around 06:30, there are more than 1.5 million confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the world, including 424945 cases in the United States; 14529 deaths. New York State is the most severely affected area in the United States. According to Dutch media BNO News, New York State has newly confirmed 10,480 cases, with a total of 149,316 diagnosed cases, more than 146,690 cases in Spain.

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