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Original title: The epidemic in Latin America is expected to reach its peak in June. The Brazilian president was due to negative epidemic prevention.

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aerialized new crown virus has arrived in the Amazon rainforest. The current epidemic in Latin America is still “at the foot of the mountain”, and it is necessary to prepare for the peak of the outbreak later.

The picture shows Bosonaro's speech.In November 2019, a dialogue meeting between BRICS leaders, the BRICS Business Council and the New Development Bank was held in Brasilia. The picture shows Bosonaro’s speech.

Brazilian President Bosonaro is isolated in the country because of his passive epidemic prevention policy.

In a televised speech on March 24, Bosonaro called the new coronary pneumonia just “a small flu” and publicly opposed the implementation of isolation measures nationwide. He said that in addition to the elderly and people with basic diseases, others must continue to work to maintain the normal functioning of the economy.

However, most of the Brazilian governors stood opposite him. As of April 6, Brazil ’s 24 states have announced strict social segregation measures.

  As of the afternoon of April 8, Beijing time, a total of 35,930 cases of new crown cases were diagnosed in Latin America, of which 13,382 were diagnosed in Brazil, making it the country with the most confirmed cases in Latin America.

“The growth of cases in Latin America has entered a very rapid stage. It reached the first 10,000, which took a month; the second 10,000, which took six days; last week, it exceeded 30,000, which took only three days. “Yue Yunxia, ​​director of the Economic Office of the Latin American Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told” Chinese Philanthropist “.

  who was aloof in the epidemic,

Zhou Zhiwei, deputy director of the International Relations Office of the Latin American Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told the “Chinese Philanthropist” that the Latin America region is currently the most severely affected by the new crown epidemic, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, etc. bigger. Brazil, as the main economy in Latin America, has frequent economic and trade exchanges and personnel exchanges with the outside world.

The industrially developed states of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are the most severely affected areas in Brazil. The State of Sao Paulo announced the intra-state quarantine policy on March 21, and again announced the extension of the quarantine period to April 22 on April 7. Sao Paulo ’s governor Doria said: “I can say that the leaders of the Brazilian states have never been as united as they are now.

  Since Bossonaro was elected President of Brazil in October 2018, he has been strongly focused on the economy. At present, he is consistently using The “economic first” attitude of the new crown epidemic.

Zhou Zhiwei pointed out that the revitalization of the economy is a card for Bosonaro to run in 2018. If Brazil ’s economy does not improve, his ruling in the next few years will include re-election in the second term. Both will face problems.

Bosonaro is worried that overly strict prevention and control policies will strangle the lifeline of the economy, which is related to Brazil ’s economic structure-Brazil ’s service industry accounts for nearly 75% of its GDP, long-term social isolation, For the Brazilian industry dominated by the service industry, it means a complete brake, which is self-evident to the economy.

In addition, Brazil has large-scale informal employment, and there are many people who have not signed labor contracts. Or engaged in housekeeping services, or stalls outside, etc. Long-term isolation will make it difficult for these people to maintain their livelihood.

  Zhou Zhiwei also told “Chinese Philanthropists”, although the Brazilian states The government has greater autonomy, but the passive anti-epidemic measures of the federal government will affect the allocation of resources. If the entire country is independent and lacks a unified policy, this is very inefficient for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.

Yue Yunxia believes that Bosonaro ’s epidemic prevention position stems from a market rationality. In addition, Brazil ’s age structure of the population is highly young, which has also helped his position. “But this market rationality, social rationality, and sometimes personal conflict collide of. What individual rationality sees is that bad luck is coming to a specific person, then its probability is 100% for the individual. ”

A recent poll shows that 76% of Brazilians support isolation measures at all costs. According to media reports, expressing anger at Bosonaro with the jingle of pots and pans has become a Brazilian night. Ceremony.

Even Bosonaro ’s public statement on the new crown epidemic on Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms has been very rarely deleted. The deleted content includes Bosonaro ’s appearance in the block to talk to the stall owners, Videos that encourage the resumption of business activities and so on. Twitter explained the reason for deleting the post as “it may be contrary to public public health information and may put people at a higher risk of new crown infections.”

Data from the polling agency Datafolha shows that the current Brazil ’s health minister Mandetta ’s public opinion support is much higher than that of Bosonaro. Compared to Bosonaro who publicly stated that “Brazilians can swim in muddy water and nothing will be infected”, the previously unknown Health Minister Man Daita is presiding over the overall situation of anti-epidemic disease in Brazil. On April 4, the Ministry of Health once again emphasized that the public should stay at home as much as possible, go out and wear masks, and demand that Brazil be strengthened for isolation Phytophthora measures.

According to the Brazilian “Veja” magazine reported that tensions between Bosuonaluo and Minder tower due to differences in positions between the two sides to upgrade the fight against SARS. “You have to fire me, Mr. President. “The report said that after Bosonaro suggested that he step down, Mandetta responded in this way. He also said that if the isolation policy is relaxed, Bossonaro personally needs to be responsible for all the new crown deceased. Mandetta is

Zhou Zhiwei pointed out that now so The strong opposition to Bosonaro embodies his professional responsibility. He first judged that he must oppose the president at this moment based on his judgment of the global new crown epidemic. In addition, the Brazilian government is in power for the alliance, and Mandeta and Bosonaro are not from the same Party. After Bosonaro withdrew from the Social Liberal Party to which he belongs last year, he is currently a non-partisan, while Mandetta is from the Progressive Party, which is stronger in parliament.

Zhou Zhiwei told “Chinese Philanthropist” that he is currently in the new crown In response to the epidemic, Bossonaro ’s position was opposed by members of the cabinet, military, parliament, and courts. “On this issue, he has actually been overridden. Everyone hopes he will not interfere with the epidemic response of the Minister of Health. ”

In a televised speech on March 31, the Bosuonaluo lipped be adjusted. He no longer continued to criticize social isolation and other control measures, but said,” Brazil should not only save lives, but also job security. ”

  In Choosing between getting sick and starving

According to estimates by the Geography and Statistics Institute in Brazil, Brazil ’s unemployment rate is close to 11%, and 38 million people in the country are engaged in informal work, most of whom do not have enough savings to survive the epidemic Crisis.

The Lancet Global Health journal (LancetGlobal Health) published a study in November 2019 that tracked the data link between economic recession and mortality during the Brazilian financial crisis of 2014-2016. Economists According to Helio Sebastian, the unemployment rate in Brazil may rise by 10% during the new crown epidemic. According to the above study, this will lead to a 5% increase in Brazil ’s mortality rate. The

Brazilian Data Favela research institute pointed out that due to With the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the income of 70% of slum families in Brazil has declined.

“If I do n’t leave home to work, I will have no money. Buy food for the children. “39-year-old Edith told the American Broadcasting Company (ABC). Edith lived in the Rio de Janeiro slum Rosina, famous for the movie” City of God “. Her working foot therapy and nail salon were after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic. Request for closure. At

present, many countries in Latin America have adopted measures such as isolation, suspension of classes, curfews, etc. The

Haitian government has cut bank and government office hours, closed schools, and asked people to stay at home. But according to the Haitian Times, the capital In Port-au-Prince, there are still a large number of traders gathering in the street market to make a living. “I will not fight the virus at the expense of income. God will bless me. “Mary Butch, who sells tomatoes and onions on the streets of Port-au-Prince, said that

  according to statistics, 55% of people in Latin America are engaged in informal labor. The economic crisis caused by the epidemic has triggered people from Colombia, Panama and other countries to take demonstrations on the streets and demand the government to issue Subsidies.

On the other hand, the new crown epidemic is also exacerbating the confrontation between the rich and the poor in Latin America. “Latin America is the most unequal region in the world. We are talking about class differences that are different from anywhere else on the planet. Jeff Ramsay, a researcher at the Washington Office for Latin American Affairs, said that

Haitian R & B singer Roody Roodboy received a death threat after returning to Haiti from France. Some people cursed him for passing the virus to Haiti. In Chile, many new crown diagnosed cases have appeared in Among the wealthy people returning to Europe. Health Minister Jamie Malachi complained that in the rich area of ​​the capital Santiago, residents who test positive for the new crown continue to violate the isolation regulations. Mexican authorities say that the richest people in Mexico go to The United States was infected after skiing in Colorado, and then brought the virus back to Mexico. The

  Latin American epidemic is far from the peak.

Brazilian media Brazilian Report pointed out that due to the extremely low detection rate, no one knows how many people are currently infected in Brazil. Sei German said on April 1 that the government laboratory has a backlog of more than 16,000 samples to be tested. The

Brazilian Ministry of Health said on April 3 that Brazil can currently test 6,700 new coronaviruses every day, but it is expected to be at the peak of the epidemic. In the period, that is, in June, the daily number of samples to be tested will reach 30,000 to 50,000.

Currently, Pakistan The Western government is seeking cooperation between the public and private sectors to solve the problem of insufficient detection capacity.

Isabella Rello, a doctor in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Rio de Janeiro, said on Facebook that “serious cases are occurring in the area “Unreported reports.” According to the “Sao Paulo Page”, 30 to 40 deceased people who had symptoms of new crown infections during their lifetime were buried in the cemetery of São Paulo every day, but most of them were not tested.

  Zhou Zhiwei told “Chinese Philanthropist” Whether the detection ability can keep up is a challenge in the response to the epidemic in Latin America. Compared with Brazil, Chile and other countries in South America, Mexico, Cuba and other countries in northern and central Latin America have fewer diagnosed cases. It ’s because its coverage is very small.

Brazil ’s Ministry of Health said the epidemic is still in its early stages, but Brazil ’s hospitals are not yet ready for the peak of the epidemic. Health Minister Mandeta said the new crown epidemic will cause Brazil ’s health system to end in April Collapse, but the number of infected people will only start to decline in September.

Although Brazil ’s public health system has People implement free medical services, but experts point out that previous government funding cuts have made it difficult for Brazil ’s public health system to withstand the new crown crisis. A newly released study by Brazilian website UOL indicates that 60% of Brazilian cities do not have ventilators for critically ill patients.

a molecular biologist at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Rodrigo Blinder said that despite the recent Zika, dengue fever, yellow fever and other epidemic, but the last three Brazilian governments have cut funding for science and technology.

Zhou Zhiwei He pointed out that Latin America ’s greatest risk in the fight against epidemics lies in the insufficient capacity of the medical system to undertake. He also told “Chinese Philanthropists” that compared with Europe and the United States, the epidemic situation in Latin America is “at the foot of the mountain”. It is necessary to prepare peak of the outbreak in the later period. In

for the order to cope with the increasingly severe outbreak, the State of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro have begun building square cabin hospitals at the end of March. Launched on the 6th.

  Zhou Zhiwei said that the urbanization rate in Latin America is over 80%, and there are many slums in its big cities. “Some slums have seen new confirmed cases. If the virus spreads in the slums, the consequences will be incalculable.”

In Brazil, about 14 million people live in densely populated slums. Brazil ’s largest slum—Rosina in Rio de Janeiro—70,000 people are crowded on a steep hillside overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, and sewage flows between stacked brick houses and winding alleys. As of April 6, there have been 4 confirmed cases of new crowns in this slum.

The new crown virus has reached the Amazon rainforest. Brazil ’s Ministry of Health ’s indigenous health service Sesai said on April 2 that an indigenous woman was infected with the new coronavirus in a village deep in the Amazon rainforest. This is the first case of new crown infection found in more than 300 Amazon tribes in Brazil. .

Environmentalists also worry that the new crown epidemic will weaken the Brazilian government ’s protection of the rainforest and its aborigines before the fire season. They believe that the reduction in local law enforcement officials has opened the door for more land invasions and deforestation.

At present, countries such as Honduras and Mexico have erupted in protest demonstrations by medical personnel against the lack of personal protective materials and water supply.

  In Ecuador, the country with the second worst epidemic in Latin America, the medical system in Guayaquil, its largest city, has collapsed. The hot weather makes families lacking refrigeration equipment have to leave the bodies of their loved ones outdoors. “The situation is very serious, and there are corpses everywhere on the street,” said Tati Bertolucci, head of the Latin American and Caribbean region of the international humanitarian aid agency CARE.

Marcelo Castillo, a doctor at the Kennedy Clinic Hospital in Guayaquil, said he works in a wealthy area, but people are beginning to realize that no amount of money and connections can support this. “The people here are dying like flies.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying confirmed at a regular press conference on April 2 that China has sent the first medical expert group to Latin America and the Caribbean. The expert team will travel to Venezuela for anti-epidemic assistance.

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