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Original title: The USS “Consolation” hospital ship broke another piece of bad news …

According to a report by CBS New York Television on the 7th, the US Navy said that a crew member of the Navy “Consolation” hospital ship’s new crown virus The test is positive. The crew has been isolated from other members and patients. The US Navy said that this had no impact on the “Consolation” mission or the ability to treat patients.

And on Monday night, US President Trump announced that the US Navy “Consolation” hospital ship will soon become a facility for the treatment of patients with the new coronavirus.

A week ago, the “Consolation” hospital ship arrived in New York Harbor to help hospitals severely affected by the epidemic to vacate their beds and only used to treat non-new coronavirus patients. The US Navy stated that the ship did not provide equipment for the treatment of infectious diseases. In other words, once a person infected with a virus appears on board, there is a risk of rapid spread.

Now, the situation has changed, but it is unclear when the new coronavirus patients will be officially admitted.

New York State Governor Andrew Como tweeted on the 6th, “I talked to the President and he agreed to our request to treat patients with the new coronavirus on board the” Consolation “hospital ship, which means that there will be an increase of 1,000 beds. This will provide much-needed relief to our overwhelmed hospital system. “The

” Consolation “hospital ship is equipped with 1,000 beds, which can help patients admitted to hospitals severely affected by the epidemic, but only a few days later, the hospital ship was delivered 41 patients, currently only 31 patients on board.

New York State Governor Como said on Monday, “It turns out that there are not many non-new coronavirus patients in the hospital system, which is a good thing. The other effect of closing everything is that traffic accidents are reduced, crime rates are reduced, and injuries are reduced. ”

The head of Northwell Health, New York’s largest hospital system, Michael Dowling, said,” Almost every hospital is currently crowded with patients with new coronavirus. “The company has 23 hospitals.

Therefore, Como asked Trump to transform the “Consolation” hospital ship into a new coronavirus patient treatment facility similar to the Javits Convention Center. This policy change means that these two facilities will provide a total of 3,500 beds.

Trump said, “We didn’t take this into consideration at all, but we will let this hospital ship treat patients with new coronavirus.”

When asked about this question on Sunday, the commander of the New York City Task Force, Joseph Ob, Captain Ryan said they were making plans in case the order changed. O’Brien said, “I mean, the military always plan for every emergency, so we are doing the same thing on the boat to see if we need to do, how we will do.”

Another One change is that the “Consolation” hospital ship will not only treat patients from New York. Earlier Monday, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced that Trump had approved his request to allow New Jersey patients to be treated on the “Consolation”.

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