The New Zealand Health Minister took his family to travel in violation of the closure order and has been demoted

Home Health The New Zealand Health Minister took his family to travel in violation of the closure order and has been demoted

Original title: New Zealand Minister of Health has taken his family out for violation of the closure order

[text / observer net Zhang Chenjing] During the “Fighting” period, New Zealand Health Minister Clark took the lead in violating the regulations and went out to ride a bicycle, walk, take his family to Play on the beach. On April 7, local time, Prime Minister Aden announced that Clark had been demoted due to violation of the “closing the city” regulations, his ranking in the government cabinet was reduced to the last place, and the concurrently serving as Deputy Minister of Finance was removed. . However, taking into account the needs of epidemic prevention work, Clark will continue to retain the post of Minister of Health.

On the same day, New Zealand announced the second extension of the national emergency.

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On the 25th of last month, New Zealand entered a state of emergency and issued a four-week “closure order”, requiring people to be isolated at home, except for the necessary circumstances such as the purchase of daily necessities, you must not drive Go out.

But the health minister took the lead in violating the regulations. Last week, Clark was photographed riding a mountain bike 2 kilometers away from home. The video was posted on the Internet and attracted criticism from all walks of life.

Clarke apologized for this. He also admitted that he had driven a 20 km drive to take his family to the beach for the first weekend in the “Fighting City” and a 2 km drive for a walk.

Clark said on the 6th that his behavior clearly violated the rules, “I let the team down. I have always been an idiot, and I understand why people get angry with me.”

On the 7th, Prime Minister Ardern announced at a press conference that Clark had resigned from her. “Under normal circumstances, I will dismiss this minister, because what he did is wrong”, but now the country is fighting the epidemic, so Clark will continue to serve as the Minister of Health.

Aden said, but he did have to pay the price, will be removed from Clark’s concurrent serving as the Deputy Minister of Finance, the rank of the government cabinet dropped to the last.

Ardern further explained that the country ’s first priority is to fight the epidemic, and cannot withstand “a large-scale disorder in the health sector.”

On April 7, New Zealand had 54 newly diagnosed cases, with a total of 1,160 cases diagnosed and a total of 1 death.

The New Zealand Ministry of Civil Defence announced on the same day that the national emergency was extended for another week.

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