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Original title: Strange! Chinese medical team is not welcomed by Nigeria?

[Global Times Special Correspondent Jiang Xuan in Nigeria] At noon on April 8, a group of 15 from the China Railway Construction Medical Team will bring a batch of medical supplies to the Nigerian capital of Abuja for a 30-day trip to provide medical services for overseas Chinese And donated these precious anti-epidemic materials to Nigerian friends. Since last Friday, some media reported this news. But in the past few days, the trend of the Nigerian media seems to have changed. A Global Times reporter noted that Nigerian television, the Internet, newspapers, and especially the self-media, are full of voices that “the Nigerian people oppose the government to invite Chinese medical teams.”

The editor-in-chief of the “Pilot News”, Dr. Maho, called the Global Times reporter early in the morning on the 7th and asked what was going on. It turned out that he received a sample of the newspaper submitted by the editor last night. The front page headline was “Nigerians say” no “to the Chinese medical team.” At the same time, he is convinced that more and more mainstream Nigerian media will vigorously render this topic.

How could a good thing suddenly become a bad public diplomacy incident? Is the China Railway Construction Medical Team unpopular? Is something wrong?

After investigation, it was found that the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) was the controversy, and the president of the association issued a statement on the 5th that they felt “extremely frustrated and disappointed that Nigeria does not need a Chinese medical team.” But an official of the Nigerian Ministry of Health, who asked not to be named, said that the Chinese medical team was “lie down” this time. In fact, in the course of fighting the epidemic, the Nigerian federal and state governments have allocated special funds one after another, but only to the health department and the disease control center, not to the medical association. They are looking for an opportunity to “breath their anger”, just when the Chinese medical team is here, this time they are determined to “brush the sense of existence”.

However, many local media people who are well versed in the dissemination of public opinion expressed concern that the cause of this public opinion is basically the public opinion battle carried out by the Western media against China. In particular, the Western media has launched a large amount of false information every day to convince the public that “Chinese reagent The box is inaccurate, “Chinese masks are not qualified”, and some people claim that the actual purpose of China’s donation of epidemic prevention materials is “in order to spread the new crown virus to all parts of the world.” Some people even want to return Ma Yun’s donation to all African countries.

A media person lamented that the attacks of the Western media were pervasive. They knew that the mainstream media had slowly lost their prestige, so they transferred the main battlefield to mainstream social media in Africa such as Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. The “Global Times” reporter received many negative news from social media from many enthusiastic friends. The most incredible thing is that many people eloquently say that “5G will help spread the new crown virus.” The chairman of the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee of Yakutia Yakubu issued a media statement on the 2nd, saying that many rumors were spread widely through various channels, especially from the media. This false information has had a huge negative impact on the overall situation of Nigeria ’s anti-epidemic and Nigeria-China relations, hurt the feelings of sincere aid donors, and unfairly treated Chinese citizens in Nigeria. On the 4th, President of the Academy of Sciences Onoha told the media that China is currently providing medical assistance to many countries. Of course, the Nigerian side welcomes medical personnel from China to Nigeria to provide assistance.

On April 6, the leader of Nigeria ’s “Presidential COVID-19 Special Working Group” and the Secretary-General of the Federal Government Mustafa also issued a statement specifically on the socially unsound arguments, praising the Chinese company ’s act and thanking China-Turkey for helping Nigeria The government imported 1.3 million masks and 150,000 pieces of various types of medical protective equipment from China, and sent medical personnel to provide Nigeria with anti-epidemic experience. He called on individual individuals to throw away unnecessary verbal disputes and opinions, and to jointly win the epidemic-blocking war. Mustafa said, “What I want to clarify is that all countries in the world are seeking help and are getting help in the fight against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic-even the United States is seeking help from other places.” It is understood that the China Railway Construction Medical Team came to Nigeria for two major tasks, one is to donate anti-epidemic materials to Nigeria, and the other is to provide medical security for the employees of the enterprise and provide consulting services for overseas Chinese. As China’s largest project contracting country in Africa, Nigeria, China Railway Construction Corporation, China Civil Engineering Group, China Railway 17 Bureau and other enterprises have played a major role in the friendly exchanges between China and Nigeria. As the largest engineering contractor in Nigeria, China-Turkey Nigeria has 1,600 Chinese employees and more than 10,000 local employees. In addition, at the request of the Nigerian side, China-Turkey Nigeria will also build two prescription cabin hospitals for free under the guidance of the medical team.

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