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Original title: Song Luzheng’s Paris Diary: The embassy issued a health bag, but it was detained by the police!

[Text / Observer Network columnist Song Luzheng]

On Tuesday, April 7, 2020, the turned

weather cloudy and cloudy in the morning, and the sun was shining brightly at noon.

Due to too many people violating the ban last weekend, the French government today introduced stricter measures: from Wednesday, from 10 am to 19 pm, it is prohibited to go out for physical exercise.

Since the French closure of the city, this is the third update measure: At first, you can go out for physical exercise, and later found that everyone takes too long to exercise, and the place is too far away from home. One hour. It turned out that it was not enough, so this measure was introduced again.

In my opinion, this is still a problem. It is daylight saving time. Spring is here. The day is early and the night is dark. People can still come out at 7 am and go out after 19 pm. I’m afraid it will have to be changed by then.

The epidemic is killing every minute, every second, and the French government’s governance capabilities are really worrying.

Today, I am most happy that China has no deaths for the first time. This is another landmark event in China’s fight against the epidemic. This good news is also rarely received by the global media. In any case, this is not only China’s achievement, but also a major achievement of humanity in fighting viruses, and it brings more hope to the world still fighting hard.

In addition, there is a happy thing, that is, the goods purchased online at the Chinese supermarket three days ago arrived. I put on a mask and gloves to do the handover. The driver did not get out of the car, put the goods on the ground, and then threw the receipt from the car. We bring our own signature pen upon request, sign the name on the receipt and throw it in the car. The pen was also thrown into the garbage bag. Keep a distance of more than one meter throughout the journey. Then spray the box with wine candy first, then take it out piece by piece, and spray alcohol piece by piece again. These processes are over before taking it into the house.

Can finally improve the food! I have started eating canned food these days, and the taste is really not very good.

The bad news today is still from Europe and the United States. With 75,000 deaths worldwide, Europe has as many as 54,000. The cumulative number of cases in the UK exceeded 50,000, and the number of deaths increased by nearly 800 per day, and the total number exceeded 6,000. The world-famous “Harry Potter” series author JK Rowling also announced infection with new coronary pneumonia.

The death toll in Spain began to rise after falling for four consecutive days, reaching 743 cases, with a total of more than 13,000 deaths. Italy has more than 17,000 deaths, and the infected population accounts for 0.25% of the country. If 60% of people are infected according to the concept of mass immunization proposed by the United Kingdom, at least 6 million people will die. This is a humanitarian disaster that no country can bear.

France has ushered in the darkest day since the outbreak: 1427 people died! This is the first time that more than one thousand people have died in one day, and it is the second country after the United States to have more than one thousand deaths in one day. The number of deaths in nursing homes exceeds 3,000. There were more than 10,000 deaths nationwide and more than 100,000 diagnosed. France became the fourth country after Italy, the United States, and Spain to have more than 10,000 deaths and more than 100,000 diagnoses.

As of 8:21 on April 8, the development of foreign epidemic situation (Picture / Baidu)As of 8:21 on April 8th, the development of foreign epidemic situation (Picture / Baidu)

including France, this cost could have been avoided in the West of. Not counting China and WHO, they also have many sober whistleblowers within themselves, but they have failed to prompt Western governments to take measures.

Today, France also has a lot of news that shakes the political arena: First, the “68 Movement” leader Bondi revealed to the media that he also proposed to Macron to cancel the first round of mayoral elections, but there was no response. Second, Republican Congressman Eric Tati condemned on TV: “Why didn’t the French wear masks? Because we didn’t have masks, the orders weren’t placed early enough. Obviously, the government hasn’t told the truth since January. The government It ’s a lie to say that we do n’t have masks, instead of spreading wrong messages, saying that wearing masks is unnecessary. ”

But the two messages disappeared quickly, as did the news of Ms. Buzan, the former health minister, without prompting one. spray. This phenomenon has aroused my interest in research.

When the epidemic in Wuhan was severe, the performance of officials and departments at all levels was placed under a magnifying glass and was examined by the whole country. Any problem with any detail would create choppy public opinion throughout the country. The advantage is that the problem can be solved quickly, everyone quickly enters the wartime state from the usual state, and the tight situation is also quite tense. But why in France, where the epidemic is serious, does the major information related to the epidemic cause any ripples?

This phenomenon is the first time I have observed this in France for two decades. Is the people’s sense of responsibility not strong? Or lack of citizenship? Perhaps there is no interest from overseas media? Or should the Chinese media interview Mr. Eric Tati, take a deep dive, and take a peek?

The West has always criticized the Chinese government for being unsupervised and abusing its power. However, in this epidemic, I feel that the Chinese government is under 360-degree surveillance without any dead ends in the world, but the Western government is not under supervision. Even if someone criticizes and doubts, society does not care at all, and the government ignores it.

For example, masks, Chinese officials say the wrong number, wearing down, the world is heavily criticized. However, this is completely different from the fact that the West lied to people without masks because they did not wear masks! Why do China and the West have these two feelings?

Yesterday, Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi announced that he will soon introduce a “mandatory mask” rule locally. On the same day, the Mayor of Cannes, David Lisnard, also announced that all residents of the city will soon wear masks. Borro announced that it had ordered 800,000 masks for residents. In an interview with the media today, the mayor of Paris also promised to provide 2 million masks to the citizens of Paris in the next few days. She also claimed: “I always thought it was absolutely necessary to wear a mask to protect yourself.” These are all rushing to face. But the Minister of Health is still announcing today that people are not recommended to wear masks. Does the emperor really want to go naked?

Speaking of masks, today there was also a major event that shocked the Chinese society in Paris, the Chinese Embassy in France and even the country. The Chinese government is concerned about the safety of overseas students and sends a large number of health packages to be distributed through the embassy. As a result, when the Scholars and Students Association uniformly arranged to issue masks to international students in the Education Department of the Embassy, ​​they were detained by the police with people. Finally, the embassy repeatedly negotiated before releasing.

Health Pack (Information Map / Chinese Embassy in France)Health Pack (Information Map / Chinese Embassy in France)

According to the Decree No. 247 “Requisition for Fighting New Crown Virus Infection” issued by the French government and the modification order, enterprises can purchase no more than 5 million masks for personal use or donation. The academic federation is an association and is for personal use. Although the law does not clearly stipulate it, it should be a permit if it is not prohibited by the law.

A student from the Chinese Federation of Students told me that when the teacher from the Education Department of the Embassy sent the mask, the police had asked the reason, but as soon as the teacher from the Education Department of the Embassy left, the police stepped forward to seize the object. Its behavior is really puzzling. If the behavior is really illegal, the police cannot put people or things after the embassy negotiations; if it is not illegal, it is wrong to detain people.

The current distribution of health packages is temporarily cancelled, and all parties are also waiting for follow-up development.

France has imported cases on January 24 and local cases on February 24. It has been two and a half months. Some serious and deep reflections have begun to appear. Among them, the two reports submitted by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Analysis, Forecasting and Strategy Center to the Minister’s Office and the Presidential Palace are outstanding: they treat China objectively and analyze their own problems rationally.

This report emphasizes:

“To compete with China’s narrative, we must not only rely on eloquence, but to produce results. We must know that reshuffling is already underway. If China has no way of thinking that it can get similar The kind of leadership that the United States assumed in the past few years has occupied an indispensable, or even very central position. ”

” In the field of competition, China feels that it has enough confidence to debate the mode of epidemic prevention. This is a new phenomenon. ”

This is the conclusion I have seen so far, and the highest evaluation of China’s performance by the West, and it is indeed consistent with the facts. Although China first defeated the virus and then quickly launched global assistance, it can only be said that China played a central role in the global fight against the epidemic, but it still did not reach the leadership status that the United States assumed.

Practically speaking, first, China’s national strength is not enough, second, there are not many allies with real weight, and third, China has no ideological preparation, but it is just creating heroes from time to time. Indeed, does anyone think of the performance of the entire West? Everyone generally thinks that as soon as China is over, the epidemic will be over. Unexpectedly, China is just a prelude, and the big curtain is staged in the West.

The report also euphemistically criticized the performance of the French and Western media. This time is different from the past. It is impossible to deny China by the pen alone. If the West wants to compete with China, it must win the virus.

As for the European Union, this report also has many criticisms: This time Europe is too rigid, especially the European Commission. They believe that the European Union and its new institutions originally meant to work in geopolitical thinking, but this time it showed that they mainly acted from the perspective of regulations. Therefore, in the epidemic, in the face of the response of various countries, they have no way to promote cooperation between countries.

The report pointed out that Europe is in the test period of life and death. EU institutions now know that they are gradually adjusting to fighting the epidemic. However, the EU can no longer do things less efficiently than before, but must adapt to the crisis and adapt to the situation, as a collective charge.

Although it is said implicitly, the EU’s red tape and inefficiency are directly exposed, and it is completely unable to adapt to the rapid virus challenge.

Personally, the French reflection is too late, and second is not enough. Especially when compared with China. On February 23, China’s epidemic was still in a state of stalemate, and the Chinese government began to reflect on it. President Xi Jinping pointed out at the conference on the same day: “In this response to the epidemic, China’s obvious shortcomings in the prevention and control of major epidemic systems and public health emergency management systems have been exposed. The words are direct and clear. It also puts forward “emphasis on such important issues as” strengthening the public health legal protection, reforming and improving the disease prevention and control system, reforming and perfecting the major epidemic prevention and control and rescue system, perfecting the major disease medical insurance and rescue system, and improving the unified emergency material security system “. Make up for shortcomings, plug loopholes, strengths and weaknesses. ”

Then the work of “compensating for shortcomings, plugging loopholes, and strengths and weaknesses” was carried out immediately. On February 24, the 16th meeting of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress voted to pass the “Decision on the Comprehensive Prohibition of Illegal Wildlife Trading, the Elimination of the Abuse of Wild Animals, and the Effective Protection of People’s Health and Safety.” The decision shall be implemented as of the date of announcement. It takes time to formulate and amend a law. This only shows that the Chinese government has already begun to take action to make up for shortcomings before the Chinese government announced it.

The fasting wild animal propaganda map (Picture / People's Daily Weibo) Thefasting wild animal propaganda map (Picture / People’s Daily Weibo) is the

world’s rise and fall, and everyone is responsible. From my research field, I have some ideas.

This time the epidemic broke out in Hubei, and the central government also held accountable the main leading cadres, reflecting the public opinion. As for the cause of the problem, there will be many aspects. For example, when the secretary of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee worked in the financial field for a long time, it is clear that Hubei is in charge of exerting his expertise. How to quickly respond to a major public health incident that has the fastest spread, the widest infection range, and the most difficult prevention and control since the founding of the People’s Republic of China is obviously beyond its experience.

If you consider it from the perspective of political science, I think there is a reason that should be relevant. China is a system of “political unification (centralization) and economic decentralization”, and the central and local authorities are divided. It should be said that this division is reasonable and effective for a very large-scale country. It can not only maintain a national chess game, but also adapt to local conditions, which is conducive to the development of the country at all levels. But in the face of sudden public events like the epidemic, will it affect the decisions of local governments? For example, from the perspective of local economic development, local governments naturally hope to take countermeasures that do not unduly affect economic development as much as possible. Measures like the closure of the city can only be proposed and strongly implemented by the central government. Obviously, after the epidemic, such thinking is still necessary.

After the epidemic in Wuhan, many people criticized the Chinese system for causing local officials to take the attitude above themselves. This interpretation may be in line with the facts from a political point of view, but it is not so economically and from the perspective of epidemic management. The main reason for the epidemic control is the economic cost. Local officials are not the only ones on this point, which is inconsistent with the position of the central government. But when the central government raises the epidemic to a political level, local officials must immediately follow suit.

In addition, from the perspective of the bureaucracy, is it necessary to upgrade the rank of health officials? After the outbreak in Wuhan, Wang Hesheng, deputy director of the National Health and Welfare Commission, served as the Standing Committee of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and served as the secretary and director of Hubei Weijian and Weiwei. If the leaders of health and health officials at all levels also serve as standing committee members of local party committees, this will greatly improve the speed of the epidemic response from the organizational structure.

Second, can the current Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases be revised as necessary? The Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases was enacted in 1989. After SARS, it was revised in 2004 according to the new situation, and later revised in June 2013. Judging from the epidemic, should we add provisions on how to deal with unknown viruses that have the potential to infect? The new coronavirus is not one of the infectious diseases listed in the “Infectious Disease Control Law”. Even if the Wuhan government takes action, it does not know which level of disease should be controlled. Before the outbreak in Wuhan, there was a plague in Inner Mongolia. The local government immediately took action in accordance with the Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases and quickly extinguished it.

Also, should the publishing body be expanded? The current law stipulates: “The people’s governments of provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government may decide to administer and publish other local infectious diseases that are common and frequent in their administrative area in accordance with the situation and publish them, and report them to the health administration department of the State Council for the record. “Wuhan is a sub-provincial city. According to the law, there is no right to release it. Hubei Province has the right to release it. But the epidemic was only in Wuhan at that time, not the whole province, and the release did not seem appropriate. Therefore, combined with this epidemic, can it be expanded to a sub-provincial city and more prefectures?

In addition, the implementation of the law is more important. Since the implementation of the Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, the punishment function has not been effectively reflected. For example, the law clearly stipulates: “Failure to perform the duty of reporting, reporting or publishing infectious disease epidemic situation, or concealing, falsely reporting, or postponing the infectious disease epidemic situation; failing to take timely preventive and control measures when the infectious disease transmission occurs or may occur; not according to law Performing their duties of supervision and inspection, or failing to investigate and punish violations in a timely manner when they are found “. But in reality, this function has not been effectively reflected.

Finally, there are many areas for the media to reflect on. This time, there are two places where we are satisfied with the media: First, we will make in-depth exploration of the problems arising from the epidemic. At least this time, the performance of the Chinese media beat the Western media. The second is that after the outbreak in the West, the Chinese media did not pay back their teeth, satire and sarcasm, schadenfreude and even fall into disregard for the West.

There are also two places that are dissatisfied with the Chinese domestic media.

First, compared with Western counterparts, the overall situation and general awareness are not strong enough. Western media have always claimed to be good at criticizing, but this time it is very different, trying to justify a poorly performing system. Even in the face of the fact that there is a huge difference in performance between the East and the West, they still insist that their system is good. Like the former French health minister Buzan broke the news that the epidemic warned the president and the prime minister of an explosive incident, all the media were treated coldly, without following the trend, and disappeared in just one night.

Second, compared with Western media, the international perspective is not strong enough. Western media can quickly interpret the epidemic from the perspective of East-West game and geopolitics. Although denying and criticizing China is contrary to the objectivity of news, it is very correct from the perspective of safeguarding its national interests .

Western media are very good at digging materials from China and magnifying cases to achieve the effect of denying China’s affirmation. For example, the West ’s attention to so-called citizen journalists and the supersaturated reports of the Chinese Communist Party member Li Wenliang are the same. In comparison, the Chinese media are still striving to improve their ability to tell Chinese stories well, and the ability to tell bad Western stories is still lacking.

Everyone knows that this time the performance of the West can’t be compared with China, but can the Chinese media issue such a question to the West? Why can’t there be more than one month to avoid the immune outbreak? Why don’t you even have a mask? Why can’t medical staff be infected? Why are the vaccines unqualified? Why is there not enough detection capability? Why give up testing? Why engage in irresponsible “group immunization”? Why ignore the repeated reminders of the World Health Organization? Why not rob and rob other countries’ masks in spite of diplomatic and market principles?

If these problems occur in China, would the West be as indifferent as China? Don’t think that China’s performance is better than the West, and China will definitely prevail in the battle of public opinion. When the epidemic subsides, with the ability of the Western media, some of them will challenge China with tricks. Chinese media should be prepared to face the challenge.

The last thing to say is that in this epidemic, China has shown a strong ability to solve problems, and the West has shown a strong ability not to be afraid of problems. It should be said that for a country to have long-term stability, both of these capabilities are needed. In particular, China has entered an uninhabited zone today, and there is no role model ahead. In case of problems, China needs the opportunity to remedy the situation, and needs time to reflect and explore solutions. If China can find a way to integrate these two capabilities, it will be a huge contribution to human political civilization.

Editor in charge: Zhang Yu