He oversaw the White House ’s implementation of the $ 2 trillion bill and was fired by Trump

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Original title: He is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the White House, $ 2 trillion bill, is sacked Trump

[text / dry observer network Xu Ang] In response to new outbreaks of pneumonia crown, American epic “$ 2 trillion economic stimulus bill” went on to a successful end , Become a bill. How about the 2.2 trillion dollars stipulated in the bill? Will the White House mess? This was overseen by an independent inspector general appointed by Congress. But yesterday, Trump fired him.

Fein c-span video screenshotFein c-span video screenshot The

vacated position will be the responsibility of the Inspector General who also oversees the US Environmental Protection Agency. There is a view that if the supervisor has multiple roles, he will weaken his supervisory ability.

At the same time, the White House’s money-burning game continues. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin yesterday asked Congress for an additional $ 250 billion in loans to revitalize small American businesses in the epidemic. It is worth mentioning that the previous “2 trillion dollar bill” has prepared a “non-repayable” 349 billion dollar loan for small businesses.

POLITICO News reported shotsPOLITICO News Network reported that shots

POLITICO News Network April 8 news that Trump office said on Tuesday that since 2016 has served as Acting US Department of Defense Inspector General Glenn Finn will return to deputy chief The post of inspector general no longer serves as the acting inspector general of the United States Department of Defense.

Last month, after the US Congress passed the US $ 2.2 trillion economic stimulus bill, a new Coronary Pneumonia Relief Bill inspection team composed of 10 inspectors was established to audit and investigate the implementation of the bill. On March 30, the White House forwarded a congressional statement on its official website that Pentagon Inspector General Glenn Fein will be the leader of the New Coronary Pneumonia Relief Act Inspectorate Group.

Pictured from the White House Picturedfrom the White House

But just over a week later, Glenn Fein was fired from the White House. This also means that at the same time he will no longer lead the New Coronary Pneumonia Relief Act Oversight Group and will not be able to continue to supervise the White House ’s implementation of the “2 trillion dollar bill”.

The United States also has a monitoring system to supervise the executive capacity of administrative agencies. According to the website of the Office of the Inspector General of the United States Division, the Inspector General is appointed by the President based on the recommendations and consent of the Senate, and is responsible to and reports to the President and Congress. The Inspector General is mainly responsible for two aspects:

First, review the public expenditure of the public finance to prevent embezzlement, blackmail and waste;

Second, investigate and collect evidence for various unreasonable and illegal financial expenditures found and put forward Suggest improvements accordingly.

However, the frequency of leaving the Inspector General in the White House has recently increased. Atkinson, the U.S. intelligence agency ’s inspector general, was the first official to inform Congress about Trump ’s “throughout door”, but he was exposed on April 4 that he would leave office within 30 days.

Glenn Fein ’s sudden departure triggered Democrats ’dissatisfaction. Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer denounced the Trump administration for “corruption”, “The president is taking advantage of this outbreak to eradicate honest and independent civil servants because they will tell the truth and because Trump is strong and powerful. The monitoring is frightened. ”Carolyn Maloney, chairman of the Democratic House of Representatives’ Regulatory and Reform Committee, believes that “whether it ’s a Democrat taxpayer or a Republican taxpayer, Trump ’s behavior is one of them. Direct insults. Taxpayers want to make sure that their money will not be wasted and will not be spent on political struggles. ”

The position of the leader of the New Crown Pneumonia Relief Act Inspectorate Group will be temporarily provided by the US Environmental Protection Agency Inspector General Sean Odonell replace. The New York Times quoted a source as saying that Odonell, who has two roles, may not be able to take care of the supervision of both ends.

In addition to overseeing how the White House spends the $ 2.2 trillion, Odonell ’s job is also arduous: the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under this administration continuously lowers its emissions standards. O’Donnell just wrote a report on March 31, saying that residents near factories that emit ethylene oxide are now facing the risk of exposure to carcinogenic chemicals, accusing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency of not fulfilling its obligation to notify the public.

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