Italy: I received a letter of apology from the European Union for being late and look back at every step I took

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Original title: Italy: Received a letter of apology from the European Union for being late, looking back at every step that went wrong

“Are we really completely unprepared? Is there really no better way than medieval isolation?”

Italian Prime Minister ConteItalian Prime Minister Conte

On April 5th, in the dark cloud where the number of new coronavirus diagnoses exceeded 1.1 million, Italy ushered in two gratifying news. One is that the number of diagnoses slowed down for three consecutive days. 6000 people dropped to 4,000, which brought confidence to the whole of Europe; another is that the EU sent a letter of apology.

“European countries did not realize that Europe could win this epidemic war only by uniting together. Countries could have avoided this situation,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen wrote. , Europe and Italy stand together. ”

This letter is sincere enough to promise that the EU will unfreeze up to 100 billion euros, starting in Italy, to help people in the member states most affected by the epidemic keep their jobs. But the letter still came too late. The rapid deterioration of the one-month epidemic has made every EU member tear his face and cool his heart.

On March 4, Italy’s 200,000 masks were detained in Turkey; on the 6th, France cut off orders for millions of masks in the UK; on the 9th, Germany seized a load of 240,000 protective masks destined for Switzerland Trucks; on the 12th, Germany seized a batch of Swiss ordering gloves from China, and Italy seized Swiss disinfection water; on the 13th, Italy’s 830,000 masks disappeared in Germany; on the 16th, a Turkish company was suspected of defrauding Belgium 5 million masks; on the 22nd, Poland suspected of seizing 23,000 masks from Italy; on the 23rd, the Czech seized 100,000 masks donated by China to Italy … At the

coffee break of the G7 summit, French President Macron, British Prime Minister Johnson, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, three people get together and talk about the TrumpG7 summit tea break moment, French President Macron, British Prime Minister Johnson, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, three people get together and talk about Trump

who remembers three At the G7 summit a few months ago, the leaders of various countries were in harmony? Especially after the speech by US President Trump, the “unanimous external” atmosphere of EU member states reached its peak. The good news media even secretly photographed the video of French President Macron, British Prime Minister Johnson, and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau during the tea break, and the three people gathered to talk about Trump. “After you saw him (Trump) speaking, Has his staff’s jaw dropped? “He said with a smile and bent his back. This short video was crazy on the Internet, and Trump even withdrew from the summit in advance. Who would have thought that in just three months, a box of masks would crush this “friendship”.

  Embracing in isolation

one month ago, March 5, was the first day Italy announced the suspension of classes nationwide. This news relieved all Chinese international students-in my WeChat group at the University of Rome, everyone swiped the screen early to discuss whether to “keep the class safe.” Fortunately, these semesters I only have 2 classes, a small class of 50 people, I decided to only slip into the classroom at the last minute, and sit at the door vent; for a large class of 300 people, I decided to take only the last row , Rush out ahead of class to avoid crowding.

Two weeks before the nationwide suspension of classes, the first local patient was diagnosed in northern Italy. His active itinerary infected hundreds of people in several cities (two marathons, countless friend dinners and company meetings). Despite this, the Italian government has only blocked a few small towns in the north, and these small towns are less than an hour’s drive from the real population metropolis Milan.

The province of Lombardia, where Milan is located, quickly fell, and it took only 3 days. My University of Rome also reported a confirmed diagnosis. It is said that the father of the Italian girl was infected first and then infected her. The news spread quickly in the school, and she became the target of the whole class attack. Prior to this, it was the faces of the Chinese who were discriminated, and the outbreak in Lombardy changed the ending completely-the Chinese are not terrible, and the talents from Lombardy are terrible.

In all fairness, the Chinese are the least caring group here. When there are only 2 confirmed cases in Italy, many Chinese compatriots have not spontaneously gone out, bought masks and ingredients, and prepared for the subsequent deterioration of the situation. This is why the diagnosis is confirmed in Italy. When the number reached 3,000, none of them were caused by Chinese.

But the caution of the Chinese did not pay attention to the Italians. On the first day of suspension, a magical scene appeared: students who did n’t have to attend classes gathered in the bar to chat and meet friends. The bar’s business ushered in an ironic peak, intimate veneer ceremonies, hugs … There should be a lot of ceremonies, letting Chinese students passing by take a breath. Is this Italian isolation?

It seems to be imitating China’s isolation measures, but apart from “disbanding schools”, some official policies have not kept up. Students do not know the importance of home isolation, but go out together and have the right to take a holiday.

When the number of diagnoses in Italy reached three digits, some Chinese students began to return to China. At that time, the air ticket was still at the normal price of 5,000 yuan. Who can think that after 20 days, the number of diagnoses and deaths in Italy will exceed China and become the world’s first , And the price of a return air ticket has doubled 5 times may not be able to grab.

Walking past the full bars near my home, looking at the young faces, drinking and chatting carefreely on the street, I ca n’t help but hold my breath and speed up to bypass them, only praying not for these few seconds Infected by passing by.

  Looking back at every step that wrong.

went Since the beginning of March, the European epidemic prevention route has branched out: the “semi-Chinese model” led by Italy, and the “group immunization, procrastination” model led by Germany and the United Kingdom.

In the case of the epidemic, Italians felt that they were injustice, and it was clearly the first of all countries to take action-on January 22, Wuhan just broke out, and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte immediately ordered and cancelled it. All direct flights to China, and announced that Italy will enter a six-month emergency, followed by the closure of the northern Italy epidemic area in February.

There are not a few citizens who feel that the Prime Minister is making big fuss. The mayor of Milan “defies” the Prime Minister ’s instructions on Twitter, assuring the public that “we Milan will not be closed!”, There are thousands of messages below, “we need such a mayor” “well done!”

But it keeps rising The confirmed data will not deceive people-the tourist resort’s homestay has been cancelled by foreign tourists, and Venice and Florence have almost become empty cities, forcing the museum to use strange moves such as “free admission” to retain customers. Those foreign tourists who are still traveling in northern Italy have brought the virus and museum souvenirs back to the world.

On March 10th, the Italian government tightened martial law again, but step by step it seemed extremely confusing to us: the news of the blockade of 11 regions even leaked ahead of schedule, fleeing hundreds of thousands of people from serious epidemic areas such as Milan and rushing to the closure of the city Crowd the last train before and fled back to the south. Crowded train stations rarely wear masks and no one takes temperature.

Compared with the Chinese version of the tough banner of “Go home with sickness and descendants,” and then read the open letter of the president of Puglia, Italy, Michele Emiliano, it is completely the tone of the weak: “I beg you, do n’t come back from the north. Don’t bring the epidemic in the north to Puglia, which belongs to you … “But no one could hear it. A few days later, the number of confirmed cases in the south continued to increase, and there was no accident. They were all people who came back from the north.

What many Chinese people do not understand is that if Italy is hindered by the European tradition of “human rights and freedom,” and the government does not dare to issue tough isolation instructions, which has led to the spread of the epidemic. So, what is the price to pay for this human right?

From the mildest “recommend that citizens not go out at home” to “close all business premises except supermarkets and pharmacies”, Italy spent a whole week. Even the initial fine was a nominal 206 Euros, a zero-to-integer figure, as if the tax bill was calculated according to some invisible standard-if you open more or less, you are afraid that people will have opinions. The role played is naturally minimal-in just one district of Milan, 8,000 tickets were issued within a week, which is only the tip of the iceberg that was caught. Although not to mention the British isolation policy of the same period-in London, where the epidemic is most severe, citizens can even go out for a dog walk and run once a day.

Luca Franzese cryingLuca Franzese crying The

peak period came faster than expected. On March 7th, a video came from Naples. A haggard middle-aged Luca Franzese cried and held up her cell phone. Behind her sister, who had passed away for 6 hours, watched her appear to have the characteristic of a new crown infection, and she died in bed until her breathing stopped. In tears in front of the camera, he talked about how to give his sister artificial respiration at the last minute-even if it meant that he was 100% infected-but still did not pull her life back from the death. The camera pushed onto my sister’s face, and her already blue face reminded us that we were so close to death. What makes me sad is that this script has already been staged in China, and it is now replaced by an Italian version of the line. But who knows how many countries will repeat it?

For several days, the city became quiet, and the “balcony concert” at 6 pm every day was replaced by the monotonous whistle of the ambulance. First, there were not enough beds, a large number of medical staff were infected, and the number of deaths continued to increase. Then masks and ventilators soon began to shortage. In the end, doctors had to make difficult choices between the surge of patients. Severe patients under the age of. This is a “choice” that has not appeared in China.

The former lively St. Peter's Square Theformer lively St. Peter’s Square

On March 27, it was still raining in the Vatican City. The 83-year-old Pope Francesco (Pope Francesco) walked to the stage alone and started against the empty St. Peter’s Square His prayer pushed Italian sorrow to the top,

“Adversity debunked our vulnerability and showed

people the false and superficial sense of security our daily itineraries, plans and habits.

in In this real world, we are moving at full speed,

think we are powerful and omnipotent.

We We make money greedily,

let common things devour us, and

let the hasty rush to trouble us.

We are not awake in the face of war and injustice around the world.

You ask us not to be afraid.

But our faith is weak, and we are afraid of timidity.

And you, Lord, do n’t let us go with the storm. ”

  Will the world be okay?

In the month of continuous bad news, good news intersperses from time to time. With the rescue team and supplies, the Milan exhibition hall was converted into a square cabin hospital, and nurses who had graduated in July this year completed their work in advance , To reduce the pressure on medical care … but the rising number of diagnoses compared to these is still a lot of money. To the end of March, the northern provincial capital Bergamo (Bergamo) 24 hours a day running of the crematorium could not keep up with the number of new sent the remains, “now is a war, we just hurry to receive the victims.”

Italy The tragedy has also caused other European countries to abandon “group immunization”, adjust their response strategies, and use the strictest isolation laws. But obviously the same script will be repeated one by one. The United States on the Atlantic Ocean also succeeded Italy and became the focus of the entire world.

“China has warned Italy, Italy has warned us. We haven’t listened. Now the United States has a responsibility to listen to New York.” On March 27, The Atlantics of the United States warned Americans with such a subtitle.

But the Italians in isolation began to reflect on themselves. Francesco Costa, editor-in-chief of the il Post, questioned his compatriots in isolation: “Yes, we can give ourselves reasons to say that Italy is completely unprepared. In the case, the first one was attacked by a virus. But are we really not prepared at all? Is there really no better method than medieval isolation? Are we doing everything right from the test method, the number of testers, to the tracking method? The most important thing is that we ca n’t push this epidemic response to the government, and we ca n’t think it ’s just something experts should worry about — only if everyone takes it seriously, Italy will start to get better. ”

On April 1, the most stressed medical region of Lombardy contacted 103 internationally rescued patients, 30 of whom were sent to Germany-EU relations were restored for the first time in this battle. temperature”.

The last time President Attilio Fontana of the Lombardy Region connected to the radio, told everyone, “When the flu comes back in October, the coronavirus may also relapse, and we need to prepare in advance.”

This may be the first Secondly, Italy ’s optimism was erased and replaced by a more “realistic” character, becoming a new background for this generation.

Editor in charge: Zhang Yu