Trump shelled 3M: N95 masks are not allowed to be shipped to Canada and South America!

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SAN Zheng Jun from the bottom of Silicon Valley

Twitter 3M seventy anger Hantelangpu Double Cheese Li and hung up. Yesterday he bombarded the American company on . “After witnessing 3M’s previous actions on masks, we repaired them today. The National Defense Production Law! Many government members are stunned to see what they have done, and they will pay a heavy price!”

Because of the outbreak Out of control, this year is the year of the general election again. Recently, Trump’s liver is very hot. Not only did they continuously blame mainstream media such as NBC and CNN, but even FOX humiliated them. They even condemned the Michigan governor who complained that he could not obtain anti-epidemic materials. Of course, Trump is not without shelling.

The United States is already the most severe country in the world with new coronary pneumonia. Statistics from Johns Hopkins University show that as of April 3, Eastern Time, the number of diagnoses in the new crown of the United States has reached 270,000, and the number of deaths exceeds 7,000. The US government even predicts that even if effective measures are taken, 100,000 to 240,000 Americans will still be killed in this epidemic.

Honeywell But what exactly did 3M do on the mask? It is no exaggeration to say that Minnesota-based 3M is now the backbone of the United States. They and are the main manufacturers of N95 masks in the United States, and N95 masks are the most effective and important protective equipment (PPE) for protecting medical personnel from rescue patients with new coronary pneumonia.

Today, 3M issued a statement explaining the reasons behind Trump’s threat of rage. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has invoked the “Defense Production Act” and ordered the N95 masks of 3M’s U.S. factory to be exclusively for the US market, and stopped exporting N95 masks to Canada and Latin America. Existing export orders have been temporarily canceled. It turned out that Trump only saw that 3M Company continued to export to Latin America in the case of a shortage of N95 masks in the United States, and then furiously bombarded Twitter.

However, 3M Company explained this, “Stop supplying N95 masks to medical personnel in Canada and Latin America will bring huge humanitarian impact. 3M is the main supplier in these two markets.” If the export of N95 masks is stopped, it will trigger retaliation from other countries, and the number of N95 masks actually available in the United States will decline. This is a situation that neither 3M nor the US government wants to see.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau responded first. “Limiting Canada’s access to (anti-epidemic) materials and personnel is wrong for both countries.” But he also said that Canada will continue to maintain open trade with the United States. Doug Ford, the governor of Ontario, the hardest hit area in Canada, told the US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer that the US order would endanger Canadian medical staff.

3M’s main production capacity is in the Chinese factory, but there are also factories in the United States. The masks in Canada and Latin America are supplied by American factories. After the outbreak, 3M has doubled the N95 capacity of the US plant to 35 million per month, but in the face of a severe outbreak, this is still far from meeting US demand. In February this year, U.S. Secretary of Health Hazard estimated that the demand for N95 masks in the United States was 300 million. According to the current epidemic situation, this number may be too underestimated. The White House has admitted that the current federal material reserve is nearly exhausted. What

3M said makes sense. They have just shipped 10 million 3M masks from the Chinese factory to the United States recently. However, the Chinese factory is under the jurisdiction of Chinese law. If the Chinese government prohibits the export of N95 masks to the United States, 3M can do nothing. Moreover, the United States cut off supply to the Canadian and Latin American markets. These countries can only buy in the international market, which will directly affect the purchase of materials by the US government.

Apple Furthermore, in the current era of economic globalization, the United States cannot achieve self-sufficiency in medical supplies. It also needs to import supplies from other countries. For example, throat swabs for virus testing in the United States were purchased from Italy. If other countries impose an embargo on the United States, the United States will eventually suffer as well. The 10 million 3M masks that donated to the US market were purchased from all over the world.

However, behind the US government’s total disregard for the spirit of the contract is an unprecedented “PPE famine”, especially the only N95 mask that can block the new crown virus. Due to the serious shortage of pre-reserves, all state hospitals are faced with the dilemma that N95 masks cannot meet the needs of medical staff. Even in the hospital in Santa Clara County, Silicon Valley, medical staff are crying to protest that they will wear an N95 mask for 3-4 days, and they cannot effectively protect them.

Why has it been recently revealed that some hospitals in the United States do not allow doctors to work with N95 masks or even doctors to bring their own N95 masks to work? Because these hospitals simply do not have the ability to guarantee the supply of N95 masks, as long as one doctor wears it, other doctors will also ask for it. But doctors are also flesh-and-blood, they are also infected with viruses, and they will also die unfortunately.

Due to outbreaks in various parts of the United States, each state is robbing N95 masks, especially New York State, which is the worst affected. Because the U.S. federal government is unwilling to unify purchases, let the states prepare their own supplies; New York Governor Cuomo publicly vomited, now New York State not only wants to grab shopping funds with other states, but also with the federal government; he publicly pleads with PPE manufacturers New York State is willing to pay a high price. Please contact us as soon as it becomes available.

ProPubulica data shows that in desperate New York State, in order to save people, it pays several times higher prices for medical supplies, and rushes to buy materials from the price-boosting market: they buy an N95 mask for an average of $ 7.5 (usually $ 0.5 ), A pair of gloves costs 20 cents (usually 5 cents), the infusion pump has to pay up to $ 2795, and the X-ray machine with the original price of $ 30,000-80,000 now pays $ 249,000.

Amazon In order to increase the supply of N95 masks as quickly as possible, last month US Vice President Pence personally went to the 3M factory supervisor. At the suggestion of 3M, the US government abolished the legal responsibility for transferring industrial N95 masks to medical use, and freed up tens of millions of industrial protective N95 masks for use by American medical personnel. In addition, Home Depot, and other retailers in the United States no longer sell N95 masks, only for medical personnel and government departments. And just today, the US FDA announced that it was considering removing the restrictions on China ’s KN95 mask standards, opening the door for approval for subsequent large-scale imports of KN95 masks. Previously, due to FDA certification restrictions, the United States was unable to import sufficient supplies of Chinese KN95 masks in the event of a shortage of masks.

Behind the American government’s gaffe is extreme N95 mask starvation.