British senior expert: the feudal city can’t solve the problem, it should reconsider the group immunity

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Original title: Again? A senior British expert advised the government that the closure of the city could not solve the problem and should reconsider the “group immunization”

[Global Network Reporter Zhu Mengying] Two weeks after the British announced the closure of the city, the British Scientific Pandemic Influenza Modeling Working Group Chairman Gray Umm Medley again mentioned “group immunization” on April 4. According to the British “Sunday Times” report, Medley believes that the United Kingdom has been “in trouble” because of the closure of the city, and the government needs to reconsider “group immunization.”

The British “Subway News” quoted the “Sunday Times” report that the senior scientific adviser of the government said that the United Kingdom should consider allowing people to be infected with the new crown virus in a “safe way.”

In Medley’s view, the United Kingdom has been “trapped” because of the blockade measures, which may cause more damage than the outbreak itself. “We have announced a three-week blockade measure, so on April 13, we have to make a major decision. Do we continue to harm children’s interests to protect vulnerable groups?”

The Sunday Times said, Medley believes that the measures taken by the government should balance its impact on young and old people.

“Measures to control (disease) can cause harm. It is mainly economic. I don’t mean the economy as a whole. I mean people who depend on continuous (labor) income and their children.” Med Li added that the blockade measures may also cause harm to mental health, domestic violence, child abuse, etc.

Medley believes that, based on the established scientific model, it is impossible to control the epidemic while lifting the blockade. “If we continue to take blockade measures, it will give us more time (to deal with the outbreak), we can invest more energy, but it can not solve any problems.” The

British government first proposed the strategy of group immunization Chief Scientific Advisor Patrick Valence. In an interview with British media on March 13, Valence said that about 60% of the British people will need to be infected with the new coronavirus in order to make the community immune to future outbreaks. There are currently about 66 million people in the UK. According to Patrick ’s prediction, 40 million people need to be infected with the new coronavirus.

Valence’s remarks shocked Britain and the world, and the British government had been criticized for not taking enough measures to deal with the epidemic. Many British netizens criticized Valence and the British government for their “cold blood” and inaction. On March 23, Prime Minister Johnson announced that the United Kingdom began to implement stricter control measures. Beginning that night, everyone must stay at home except for purchasing daily necessities, going out for exercise, seeking medical treatment, or commuting with core workers. The police will have the right to disperse the crowd or fine them.

According to real-time statistical data from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 3:53 pm on April 5, Beijing time, the United Kingdom has accumulatively diagnosed 42479 cases of new coronary pneumonia. Johnson himself is also infected with new coronary pneumonia and is currently in isolation.

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