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Original title: Union Bang Mingcha Bureau ㉘ | New York Gov. fire fight against SARS, which signals the president or political change

, “I announced more than two months after the election, his campaign was shrouded in shadows, always feel that there will be other parameters Choosing people … Many people think that the nomination should be his, and of course I thought he would come out for election. ”

In the 2004 autobiography” My Life “, former US President Bill Clinton recalled that almost A powerful opponent to end its path to the White House. At that time, Clinton, who had been cultivating in Arkansas for many years, tried to participate in the Democratic presidential primaries and challenged the incumbent Republican President Bush. But apart from his young age advantage, Clinton is far less than his 14-year-old rival, Mario Cuomo, in terms of liberal ideas, media exposure and influence within the party. In fact, it wasn’t just Clinton who finally counterattacked the South in March, when all other Democratic candidates were likely to lag behind Mario by nearly 20 percentage points in the polls.

On December 20, 1991, the deadline for the registration of New Hampshire primaries, Mario, who had been the governor of New York for 9 years, gave up the plane at the last minute waiting for his departure to NSW at the airport. Albany (the capital of New York State) is struggling with Republican state lawmakers in the hope of eventually reaching a compromise on the state budget. It was such a “New York first” decision that made the Clintons in the White House, but also to a large extent the Como family who remained in New York.

Twenty-eight years later, Andrew Cuomo, who has been in the position of Dad in the past and has brushed the first governor’s “father-son profile” in American history, is powerful in preventing and controlling the new crown pneumonia epidemic-especially with the current president The sharp contrast formed by Trump was gradually pushed to the brink of presidential politics by some public opinion: not only the voices asking Biden to give up the female deputy plan but to choose a partner from Como, and some even shouted directly for a representative of Como The Democrats are fighting.

In an interview on the Fox TV show on March 30, Trump directly said, “I don’t mind running with Andrew. We have known each other for a long time. I won’t mind, but I have to be honest, I think he is better than The dozing Joe (Biden) is much stronger. ”

from the Como family in American politics

According to newer poll data , Andrew Como ’s governor satisfaction has surged to more than 71% in just two weeks, dissatisfied The percentage fell to 23%, which not only led Como’s best performance since he took office in 2011, but also ended his embarrassment in the past year when his satisfaction and dissatisfaction entered the interlaced period. The high level of overwhelming polls has a taste of “making gods”.

Although there are also criticisms that Como’s response to the outbreak in New York State is slower than that of Democrat-led California and even Republican Ohio, which is governor, and that it has repeatedly “flunked” the federal government or rushed to New York Other states, but now he is the first responsible person to directly face the state of New York with 84,000 confirmed cases (data on April 2), which accounts for 40% of all confirmed cases in the United States. If placed in the country alone, The ranking is also enough to rank third in the world.

Compared to the “Individual Show” in the White House, Como’s first-line “firefighters” response will certainly be more “suction”. Even the Obama-era White House photographer Peter Sosa quite meaningfully posted a photo of Obama and Como that year on social media, with the text “Former President and Acting President.”

Como accidentally “Acting President” at the age of 25 first participated in political campaigns with the governor of New York: In 1982, the old Como, who has been the deputy governor for many years, successfully ran for the governor of New York. His father worked as an assistant.

Four years later, Como started his first public utility, HELP USA, and because of his efforts on this issue, Clinton invited Como to join his government after his election in 1992. Team and subsequently appointed Assistant Minister of Housing and Urban Development in charge of community planning and development.

Two years later, Old Cuomo, who rejected the president’s nomination for his invitation to the Supreme Court, failed in seeking a fourth term as governor. The end of the “progressive main faction” constituted an important part of the total fall of the Democratic Party at that time. Other scenes of this “lost” include Gingrich led the Republican Party to recapture the House of Representatives after 40 years, and the future will be in the White House. Bush Jr. was elected governor in Texas.

In 1997, Clinton entered his second term and Como was also righted as Minister. Of course, Clinton would particularly like Como and reuse it again and again. There are some reasons for quitting Old Como and fully supporting himself in returning favor. If there are other reasons, it should be that Como was Kennedy at that time. The family’s riding the dragon-Como married Robert Kennedy’s second daughter in 1990.

In 2001, when the Bush administration came to power, the Clinton family ’s political legend passed from the presidency to the Senator of New York State. (Note: Hillary Clinton was elected as the Senator of New York State in 2000.) The state once planned to run for governor in 2002. However, due to inappropriate comments on Republican Governor Pataki and Republican Mayor Giuliani who defeated Old Como after the “911 Incident”, coupled with poor relations with African-American voters, Cuomo quickly abandoned the plan.

In 2006, Como, who had disappeared into the public eye for a long time and had undergone marriage dissolution, was elected as a New York State prosecutor as a Democrat. The secret word of this move is that although he was the “first son” of New York State, he will still step by step Get started.

In 2008, “Iron Fist” Governor Spitzer resigned sadly due to a private moral scandal. Deputy Governor Paterson, who is suffering from visual impairment, took over, and soon announced that he would not seek a full term. In 2008, Hillary Clinton was left with a vacant seat in Congress because of her appointment as Secretary of State. Grassroot-born Patterson did not choose Como as the leading candidate. The actual effect of this move was to keep Como in New York again. State. Two years later, New York welcomed another Governor of Como after a lapse of 16 years.

Will Como run for 2020?

To this day, Como, who has been in New York for 10 years, has not broken his record of being the long-term governor of New York, but has become the longest serving governor in the United States. At least in his first term, Como was able to maintain about 60% satisfaction, ranking first in the United States several times. During his tenure, Como has been outstanding on policy issues such as urban infrastructure, minimum wages, marriage, gun control, and he seems to maintain a relatively smooth relationship with Republicans in the state legislature, which at least means that it is possible There will be no regrets that old Como could not escape the presidential election because he was trapped by the state budget.

On January 1, 2015, Como was sworn in and entered a second term. Old Como died a few hours later. In the ensuing years, as the Democratic leader of the state legislature was kicked, several Como aides were also accused of having a power and money scandal in infrastructure projects, and in addition, Como was incompatible with New York City’s new mayor De Blasio It seems that the governor’s term soon entered a difficult time. Until March 2020, Como again attacked with high profile and won the hearts of the people.

According to common sense, considering all factors such as age, position, state, political stance and performance, and even family background, Como is the perfect candidate for the Democratic Party. Especially under the so-called “intergenerational acceleration” of Obama, born in 1961, succeeding Bush, born in 1946, as president, leading to the dim starlight of the Democratic Party-born politicians in the 1950s, the existence of Como is more like a rare hope Light.

Why didn’t he come out and choose? If from the history of the Como family’s participation in politics, the two generations of the Como family may have been waiting for the final curtain call of the Clinton family. In 1992, the old Como lost contact with the White House. Facing a party president representing the new generation, Old Como knew that his road to the White House was completely over. His only hope was his eldest son. Eight years experience in the federal government.

In 2000, the seat of the New York State Senator finally vacated, but Hillary wanted to run, and the Como family had nothing to say. In the two subsequent elections of 2008 and 2016, Hillary Clinton participated in them and was determined to win. Although Como was once considered by the liberal media to be a strong candidate for the Democratic Party in 2016, after the reelection of the governor in 2014 and the endorsement of Hillary Clinton, the Como family chose to wait again.

In 2020, the Clinton family was absent from the general election, but at this time Como’s idea seemed like his father 29 years ago: the popularity of the state was low, and more importantly, it was a challenge to the incumbent president. It is better not to fight a tough battle. So, shortly after former Vice President Biden announced his candidacy, Como publicly spared no effort to endorse it.

According to the logic of the Como family, today Como will naturally not directly participate in the election, but will continue to wait. If the Democrats fail again in the 2020 election and Como can be re-elected in 2022, he will surpass his father and become the “new legend” of George Clinton, the first governor of the State of New York, and then invest fully. The election in 2024 should be the perfect plot.

So, unlike the Kennedy, Bush, or Clinton families, the entire dream of the Como family is about Albany, and Andrew Como’s goal is to first surpass his father in the governorship, and then talk about the White House. In this case, the only Como’s expedition in 2020 may be Biden’s failure to run for various reasons, and this probability does not seem to be taken into serious consideration.

What does “Como phenomenon” mean?

Although it is basically hopeless to become a reality, the high volume of Como and the support of some Democrats, and even some Republicans with ulterior motives, are not always groundless. What does it mean? How about it? At least in the sense of the Democratic primary election and in the political sense of the general election may have some signal significance.

On the one hand,

Como’s popularity at least shows that he is seizing the party leadership position that should belong to the prospective nominee Biden at this moment.

The most intuitive reason is of course that due to the epidemic, Biden, an unofficial officer, can only stay at home and continue to run on the Internet with which he is not good. However, Como is in the front-line work, and the common opponent of the Democratic Party is However, Lampe can successfully attract the attention of the entire people and firmly hold the agenda of public opinion at the White House press conference every day. So it seems only Como could face Trump at this moment. This is an unexpected predicament faced by the Democratic primary election and even the general election layout, but it will also intensify a new round of skepticism within the party about Biden. After all, Biden, who achieved a strong counterattack, is a task-type candidate, a candidate identified by Democrats throughout the limited choices that is more likely to complete the task of defeating Trump. This means that when there is a new option that is more likely to complete the task, there must be some people in the party who want to expand their options or even re-select them.

Therefore, in the face of this situation, Biden must quickly come up with some new tricks to realize the possibility of confrontation with Trump on the public opinion agenda as soon as possible, otherwise it should be difficult to comply with the new requirements of the so-called “speaking president.” In addition, under the “stimulus” of Governor Cuomo, Biden should seriously consider choosing a governor who is directly responding to the epidemic while fulfilling the promise of female candidates. Of course, along this logic, the first person to be seen is estimated to be Gretchen Whitmer, the current 49-year-old governor of Michigan, who was elected in 2018.

On the other hand,

American election politics does require more governors.

Although 17 of the 44 presidents were born as governors, accounting for the largest proportion of 40%, from a short period of time, from the election of Carter in 1976 to the departure of Bush Jr. in 2009, five presidents and four governors, of which Only January 1989 to January 1993 was not the presidency of the governor. Since the Obama administration in 2009, the White House has no governor-born president for 12 consecutive years, and for the foreseeable future, the situation in which the non-government president-led dominates the White House will continue for at least the next 4 years.

Although the 16-year vacancy did not exceed the 32-year long record between Roosevelt Jr. and Carter, it was also equal to the second longest record between James Polk and Andrew Johnson. 11th and 17th presidents, respectively serving 1845-1849; 1865-1869). Although supplemented by former Governor Burns as vice president,

this balance basically does not make up for the president’s lack of one-sided and more pragmatic governor experience.

Obama, a legislator with a belief in idealistic change, and Trump, an intruder who vowed to upend traditional political rules. What does this president ’s background mean to his administration? Or why did the governor absent in the White House for a certain period of time? These are worth pondering.

Therefore, it is no wonder that “House of Cards”, which has been abandoned by many people, did not arrange for a New York governor named Will Conway to run for the Republican Party on behalf of the Republican Party in the fourth quarter to challenge the Underwoods. Aside from the conflict between the Elephant Party and New York State, has the governor election become a fiction? It is said that the epidemic is changing the face of international politics, and perhaps the governor’s return to presidential politics will also be one of the changes.

(The “Federal Observatory” is a column by Diao Daming, a researcher at the National Development and Strategic Research Institute of Renmin University of China and the Secretary-General of the American Studies Center of Renmin University of China.)

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