Trump ’s approval rating has risen by 5%. Who is voting?

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Original title: Trump ’s approval rate rose by 5%, who is voting?

[Text / Observer Network Bai Ziwen] The number of infected people has skyrocketed, the stock market has collapsed, and the number of unemployed has skyrocketed. The results of the federal government’s response to the new crown epidemic under the leadership of US President Trump are obvious to all. However, Trump ’s response to the epidemic has won the support of some Americans, especially Democrats and independent voters, who did not feel about him before.

Trump’s performance at the White House’s new crown epidemic briefing was actually approved by some Americans.

A poll released by Gallup last week showed Trump’s approval rating rose by 5%, reaching its highest point since he took office, 49%. The New York Times report on March 31 raised this question, “Who is voting behind the increase in Trump ’s approval?

New York Times

voter Justin Pan, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (Justin Penn) is one of those people who changed his mind about Trump. He stated that he is an independent voter and a non-Republican and non-Democratic party. Previously, Trump and Biden had always preferred Biden.

“I think he (Trump) handled it well,” said Pan, a 40-year-old bank security guard, who rummaged his performance at the White House outbreak on Facebook every day after work. “I think he’s trying to reassure the people,” he said. “Some people don’t think he’s taking the matter seriously, but I think he has done his best with the information he has.”

Although Pan He hasn’t voted for Trump before, but he now says he is likely to support Trump’s re-election.

The poll report released by Gallup on March 24 shows that compared with the lower polls in early March, from March 13 to 22, the public’s attitude towards Trump’s governance performance rebounded. According to CNN statistics, at least 1,237 new cases of corona pneumonia have been diagnosed in the United States on March 11, with 37 deaths. The confirmed cases are spread across 41 states and the capital Washington, DC. Washington DC and at least 24 states have declared a state of emergency. On the afternoon of the 13th, Trump announced that the United States had entered a “national emergency.”

Screenshot of Gallup poll report (same below) Screenshot ofGallup poll report (same below) The

report also pointed out that the 49% approval rate also returned Trump to his high support when he was impeached in January and February Rate level. Among them, 91-92% of Republicans support Trump. This is not surprising. It did not even reach the height of 94% in January. Interestingly, however, both Democrats and independent voters have scored higher on Trump ’s response to the epidemic, with support rates rising by 6% and 8%, respectively. The report states that “this is very abnormal for Trump.”

In addition to Justin Pan, the New York Times also interviewed more than 20 Democrats and independent voters. The interview results showed that some people did have a positive view of Trump’s anti-epidemic performance.

Neil Ferguson, 67, is a veteran in Olymp, Iowa. He supported the then Democratic candidate, Amy Klobuchar, in the Iowa Democrats’ primaries two months ago. But now, he is upset with Democrats criticizing Trump’s leadership, saying “hopefully the country can unite with the president in an emergency”.

“Anyway, we always have to face this crisis together,” Ferguson said. “But every step he takes is criticized, and many voters I know feel like,” Oh, it sounds like giving him another time. Chances are, he knows what to do. ‘”

Ferguson often watched the White House’s outbreak briefings. Although he sometimes frowned at Trump’s cluttered expression, he was “impressed” by Trump and Pence’s response to reporter questions.

“Trump is at the questioning stage, and the question is answered very well.” Ferguson said. Four years ago, he voted for third-party candidates other than Trump and Hillary, but this year he decided to vote for Trump.

In fact, since Trump has confirmed new cases in the United States, Trump has often publicly made some “avoid correct answers”. For example, when 15 cases were confirmed in the United States on February 26, Trang ignored the US Centers for Disease Control’s warning of possible outbreak Community transmission in the United States still claims that “the number of cases will drop from 15 to close to zero in a few days”, and the number of confirmed cases in the United States is now approaching 190,000.

Kathleen Mathien, 64, is a furniture designer and independent voter in Maricopa County, Arizona. She said that she had never voted for Trump before, and that her impression of Trump changed because of Trump’s performance at the White House conference. “He’s not a bully guy,” Matien said.

She added that she also saw some moments when Trump “showed empathy” at the conference. The New York Times said that many critics are precisely saying that empathy is the character that Trump lacks.

Mathien says he never pays attention to politics and ca n’t understand what these politicians really are from the “false news” released by political candidates. “Sometimes, if you do n’t understand what this is like, People, it ’s difficult to make a voting choice. “Although there are still some unresolved, she feels that Trump has a chance to win her vote.

Robert Taylor, 31, is a computer programmer in York County, Pennsylvania. He has always supported Sanders as a Democratic nominee. Now that Biden leads the Democratic primary, he is not sure if he wants to choose Biden between Biden and Trump.

“I’m not a person who hates Trump and thinks everything he’s doing is wrong.” Taylor said that if Trump “successfully leads the country out of the new crown outbreak,” he would vote for him. “Let’s see how he handles it.”

And for some loyal supporters, Trump’s performance is even more “plus.”

Janice Friedel is a professor in Des Moines, Iowa’s capital. “I used to think that President Trump did a good job, but this outbreak more clearly reflects his strong leadership and his ability to cross partisan boundaries and unite the people,” she said. “I am a Democrat, but will Vote for him. I don’t see any leadership on the Democratic side. ”

Of course, some of the interviewees expressed disappointment with Trump’s performance.

Francis Newberg of Delaware County, Pennsylvania is a retired telephone company employee. “In the beginning, his performance on TV was very presidential. It sounded like he was going to charge,” he said. “I said to my wife, ‘You should listen to this guy. He is serious.'”

However, Neuberger’s attitude has changed since he saw Trump start attacking Democratic governors and saying “everything is OK”.

“The first confirmed case in our county is in our community,” Newberg said. “Our community has 1,800 people. If an outbreak occurs, many people will die.” Newberg said, “everything is not good.”

Jason Berger of Florida is a pharmacy technician and independent voter. Last year, he had firmly supported Trump in a New York Times poll. After increasing and refusing to let the “Super Princess” cruise ship dock in California, Berg changed his attitude. “I think this is an extreme insult. Those are Americans, they are all sick.”

The New York Times According to the analysis, under major national crises, presidents are apt to harvest soaring approval ratings, and this is no exception in today’s politically polarized United States. After the U.S. military killed bin Laden in 2011, Obama’s opinion support rose by 7 percentage points. When Iran held American hostages in 1979, President Jimmy Carter’s approval rate almost doubled, but as the hostage crisis continued for more than a year, Carter’s approval rate fell rapidly, and his reelection failed.

During the interview, a Democratic voter Anna Greenberg (Anna Greenberg) said, “I do not want to now come to the conclusion, said the election will vote for whom. Trump’s problem is that he always capricious.”

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