U.S. media reveals New York hospital status: corridors full of hospital beds, plastic wards to isolate wards, and morgues are “crowded with corpses”

Home Health U.S. media reveals New York hospital status: corridors full of hospital beds, plastic wards to isolate wards, and morgues are “crowded with corpses”

Original Title: US Media Exposes New York Hospital Status: Corridors Are Full of Hospital Beds, Plastic Cloth Isolates Wards, Morgues Are Overcrowded … Overcrowded Full of

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] “Intensive Care Unit (ICU) , Emergency Room Corridors Are Beds “The morgue is overcrowded”, on March 30, CNN described the current status of Brookdale University Hospital in New York.

“This is a medical battle zone,” said Arab Mollette, an emergency room doctor at Brookdale University Hospital, telling CNN, “I see pain, despair, and inequality in health care every day.”

And CNN said, This is a reality for many hospitals in New York, which has become the center of an outbreak in the United States.

It is reported that Brookdale University Hospital has started to treat patients with new coronary pneumonia since early March. At present, there are more than 100 patients who are positive for the virus in the hospital.

Molette said the hospital has opened floors that haven’t been used for years to accommodate more beds. She also said that the hospital has also changed the pediatrics and emergency departments into quarantine areas. In order to separate the space of the isolation area from the rest of the hospital, medical staff used hanging plastic sheets and sticky tape.

“I can say that every corner, every room, every space of the corridor is full of patients.” Morlett said.

“We need protective clothing, we need gloves, we need masks, we need more ventilators,” Molette said, “we need more medical space. We also need psychological support. When you know what you will face It is not easy to come here. ”

However, US President Trump on the 26th expressed doubts on the large demand for ventilators in some states.” I don’t think you need 30,000 or 40,000 ventilators. When you Go to a big hospital and sometimes there will be 2 ventilators there. But now suddenly, the Governor of New York and others are saying they need 30,000 ventilators. ”

But Amy, chief medical resident at Brooksdale University Hospital Amy Plasencia said the hospital “seriously lacks ventilator.”

In addition to the crowded ward, CNN said that the hospital’s morgue was “overcrowded.”

A person in the hospital said that the morgue can usually hold about 20 corpses, but it has now “exceeded this number”. The hospital now uses a refrigerated truck to handle the extra corpses.

According to the global real-time epidemic data released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 10:00 am on March 31, Beijing time, there have been 3,040 deaths from new crown pneumonia in the United States, of which 914 were in New York and about 1400 in the United States 30% of cases.

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