Facebook invests $ 100 million in journalism to support countries affected by epidemic

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Facebook Sina Science and Technology News on the evening of March 30th, Beijing time. According to foreign media reports, as the current epidemic of the new crown virus spreads rapidly, accurate news reporting is more important than ever. To this end, has promised to invest $ 100 million in the global news industry to help news publishers in need.

Facebook said that $ 25 million of this will be provided to local news through the Facebook Journalism Project, while the remaining $ 75 million will be provided to news organizations around the world in the form of “additional marketing expenditures.”

It is reported that the outbreak of the new crown virus epidemic will affect economic development, and news publishers are bound to be hit by the economic downturn. At present, many news publishers rely mainly on advertising revenue, but in the face of the current situation, companies have cut their budgets.

Recently, market research firm eMarketer has cut its growth forecast for global media advertising spending by 3%. According to Reuters, the new crown virus epidemic could cost the US advertising industry billions of dollars in revenue.

At the same time, as misinformation about the new crown virus spreads online, high-quality and accurate news reporting becomes more important than ever. Today, Facebook said in its press release: “If people want more evidence that local journalism is a vital public service, then there is (evidence).”

Facebook says it plans to do this The investment was concentrated in the news publishers, the most affected countries in the world, and those in need of funding.

Facebook announced in early 2019 that it will invest more than $ 300 million in news, partners and content over the next three years. The $ 100 million investment announced this time is not within the $ 300 million investment range. (Li Ming)