Until dark moments! British Prime Minister and Health Minister have been diagnosed

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Original Title: Until Dark Time! The British Prime Minister and the Minister of Health have been diagnosed one after another, and the British media are worried about infecting more officials

. The newspaper reported on the 27th that British Prime Minister Johnson announced on Twitter the same day that his new crown virus test result was positive. An hour later, Hancock, the UK’s health minister, also announced on Twitter that the diagnosis of new coronary pneumonia was confirmed. The two explosive news made the British government’s ability to respond to the epidemic very questionable. On the same day, 181 new cases of neonatal pneumonia died in the UK, a record high, with a cumulative diagnosis of 14579 cases and 759 deaths.

After the positive news of Johnson New Crown virus test was released, the outside world expressed condolences. The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tan Desai, tweeted that he wished Johnson to recover soon, saying that his leadership was essential to save lives and overcome the new crown pneumonia epidemic. European Council President Michel, Australian Prime Minister Morrison and a number of British lawmakers have also paid attention. The Daily Mail said that although Johnson had held numerous meetings with government officials face-to-face before the diagnosis was made, 10 Downing Street insisted that ministers and government officials do not need to wear masks if there are no symptoms.

In the video on the 27th, 55-year-old Johnson looked no different from normal, and did not cough in a few minutes of speech. He said he had mild symptoms on Thursday afternoon, showing elevated body temperature and a persistent cough. He followed tests recommended by government health officials to confirm infection with the new crown virus. Johnson emphasized that, although he is currently isolated at 11 Downing Street, with “magic” modern office technology, he will effectively lead Britain’s efforts to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic. In addition, Johnson also thanked the medical workers and the community for their efforts and called on the British to unite and stay at home to overcome the epidemic. It is currently unclear whether Johnson’s pregnant girlfriend, Simons, is infected.

Following Johnson, British Health Secretary Hancock also tweeted that he had tested positive for the new crown virus. He said he had mild symptoms and was self-isolating and working from home. However, because Johnson appears on television live with Chancellor of the Exchequer Rick Sunak, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Advisor every day, there is a high probability that the British leadership will be infected. Two days ago, Charles, 71, the heir to the British throne, also confirmed infection with the new crown virus.

It is reported that if Johnson’s health cannot continue to serve, he will designate Foreign Minister Dominique Rab to replace him. During the seven-day quarantine period, Johnson’s meals and documents will remain outside the Prime Minister’s apartment, and doors between 10 and 11 Downing Street will not allow other staff to pass through.

The British “Mirror” analysis said that the positive test of Johnson and Hancock’s new crown virus has raised concerns among other important government officials in the UK and key staff at 10 Downing Street. Some analysts said that the British Parliament may become another severely affected area of ​​the new crown virus infection. At present, the Welsh regional medical system, which accounts for nearly half of confirmed cases in the UK, is close to collapse. Some experts estimate that the number of infected people in Scotland may have reached 65,000.

The news of Johnson’s outbreak did not seem to arouse the sympathy of the British people as many people had considerable opinions on Johnson’s ineffective Conservative government response to the outbreak. A netizen commented under the Johnson video, “This shows that if you can take early action against the outbreak, the situation may not be as bad as it is now.” David Maddock, a reporter from the Daily Mirror, tweeted on the 26 “In the UK, unless you are seriously ill enough to be hospitalized, you cannot be tested for New Coronavirus. If you die unfortunately (but not hospitalized), it will not be recorded in official data. The government’s cover-up behavior, Only give false confidence to the outside world, and continue to increase the number of deaths! ”

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