Trump repeats reminder to resume work: death rate is low, go back to work

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Original title: Trump-style video machines reminder to return to work: very low mortality rate, back to work

[text / observer network Wang Hui] “We have to go back to work, our people want to work, they want to return to work, they must return to work.” One press conference, N times to resume work, Trump turned on the repeater mode, urged the United States to resume production and resume work, the sooner the better.

In the matter of resuming production and returning to work, Trump is really anxious because it is not only related to the US economy, but also to his political achievements. Therefore, although the number of newly diagnosed new crown pneumonia patients in the United States is still rising, Trump has spoken publicly many times to find reasons for resumption of labor.

At the White House conference on the 26th, Trump began to urge everyone to return to work, and also fancyly gave reasons for returning to work: everyone wants to work, go back to work; everyone must work, go back to work; the mortality rate is very low Go back to work. . . . . .

Local 26 White House press conference video capture

Trump said: “We want to do a good job is a country, our people want to go back to work, I’ve heard everyone’s return to work calling us to see. what more can happen now, early next week, we can get more information, which we will convey, but I want this thing to you, and we have to re-production to return to work. ” ”

this is the United States ah They (the American people) don’t want to sit down, they want to move, “Trump added, and some people have misinterpreted his proposed resumption of work. “I mean, when you return to work, you try to keep the social distance as much as possible, wash your hands frequently, do n’t shake hands, and some we have said a lot, but no matter what they say they have to go back to work, this is our country. The fundamentals. ”

However, Trump did not specify the timing of resumption and resumption of work.

“We’ll discuss the date, we’ll talk to a lot of great experts,” he said, “I think it should be possible to return to work soon, we are making a lot of progress, but we have to return to work.

In addition, the death of new crown pneumonia The rate is also the key data that Trump paid attention to in the process of calling back to work. Trump said: “There is a lot of good news now. The death rate in my opinion has been greatly reduced, which will dispel a large part of the fear. “” The real mortality rate is much lower than I always thought, which is one of the reasons I think we will resume production and resume work. ”

Recently Trump has more public press conferences, interviews and other media want to show their idea of the United States to resume production as soon as possible return to work.

He said at a White House news conference 23 May, if the US economy does not work, dead There will be more deaths than new crown pneumonia, so business must be opened quickly. In an interview with Fox Television on the 24th, he said that he hopes to reopen society before Easter.

Although Trump has made such a clear statement Revealing his vision of returning to work, but the current epidemic is still severe, some mainstream media in the United States have bluntly stated that Trump is “murdering” the American people for the sake of the economy and his political interests.

Johns Hopkins University New Crown Virus The latest data from the data center website shows that as of 5:37 am on March 27th, Beijing time, there were 82,404 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the United States, including 1,178 deaths. Compared with 65,174 cases at 5:40 the day before, The United States added 17,230 new cases of new coronary pneumonia in about 24 hours. It is worth mentioning that the total data of 82,404 confirmed cases also marked Country than Italy (80,539 cases) and China (81,171 cases), to become the world’s largest number of newly diagnosed cases of pneumonia crown country.

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