Trump changed his tongue and crossed out “China virus”

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Original title: Trump changed his tongue and crossed out the “China virus”.

After a series of criticisms, US President Trump decided to change course: no longer associate New Crown virus with China.

On March 24th local time, Trump said in an interview with Fox News that he decided not to link the new crown virus to China and to stop using the term “Chinese virus”.

“I decided we shouldn’t make any more of a big deal out of it.” Trump said, “I think I’ve already advertised it with great fanfare, and people will understand the (I think I’ve made a big

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, however, insisted that Trump virus from China (Everyone knows it came out of China . In fact, there is no scientific conclusion on this point.

At the same time, Trump denied that the new crown virus came from the US military, saying that the virus has nothing to do with it.

At a press conference on the 24th, Trump manually deleted the content of “Chinese Virus” and added a paragraph on “maintaining Asian Americans.”

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The discovery came from the Washington Post photojournalist Jabin Botsford, who posted photos on Twitter. Earlier, he also discovered that Trump changed the new crown virus into a “Chinese virus.”

Some analysts pointed out that Trump did not want to offend Asian voters because of election considerations, so he “retreated” on this issue. He tweeted on the 24th: “It is very important that we firmly defend the rights of the Americans and Asians all over the world. They are great, the virus has nothing to do with them. American Asians are helping to fight the epidemic. I will overcome the new crown pneumonia together! ”

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According to the real-time statistics released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of March 7, Beijing time, around 7 am, the United States A total of 53,268 confirmed cases of neocoronary pneumonia and 696 deaths were reported. At 7 am the day before, there were 10054 new confirmed cases and 163 new deaths.

A World Health Organization spokesman said on the 24th that the number of newly diagnosed new crown pneumonia patients in the United States has increased significantly, and it may become a new “epicenter” of the global new crown epidemic.

At the same time, Trump has been widely criticized for his poor response to the epidemic and his use of the so-called “Chinese virus.”

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“I ca n’t jump in front of the microphone to push him down.” On March 22, Anthony Anthony, an infectious disease expert and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of the National Institutes of Health · Anthony Fauci accepted an interview with Science magazine and used this phrase to describe his “helplessness” when he could not agree with some of Trump’s statements about the epidemic.

When asked “You haven’t used ‘China virus'”, Fauci replied, “Never (don’t).” The reporter added: “You will never say that, do you?” Fauci replied: “Yes” .

At a Foreign Ministry press conference on the 17th, a reporter asked: Trump called the new crown virus the “Chinese virus.” What is China’s comment?

Geng ShuangGeng Shuang

Geng Shuang responded: “Recently, some U.S. politicians have linked the New Crown virus to China, which is stigmatizing China. We are strongly indignant and firmly opposed to this. The

World Health Organization and the international community have clearly opposed the virus Connect with specific countries and regions and oppose stigma. We urge the US to immediately correct its mistakes and immediately stop the unjustified accusations against China. The

current outbreak of new crown pneumonia has spread and spread in many places around the world. The urgent task is for the international community to actively carry out resistance Phytophthora cooperation the United States should first do their own thing, as well as international cooperation in the fight against SARS, the maintenance of global public health security play a constructive role. “.

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