“The so-called good news comes from the White House every day.” The American host is about to collapse …

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Original title: “The so-called good news comes from the White House every day.” The American host is about to collapse. . .

US MSNBC host Rachel called for journalists to stop reporting such news if the president lied about the outbreak.

Seeing that the number of confirmed cases in the United States ranks third in the world, and that government policies are slow, and his colleagues have died as a result. Rachel Maddow, the MSNBC host in the United States, was speechless during the show and seemed to be Crying …

According to the Guardian, Rachel talked about the recent new crown epidemic on the show last Friday.

She first mentioned that when the epidemic in Italy was getting worse, China sent a team of experts to Italy to share the experience of fighting the epidemic. She quoted Sun Shuopeng, vice president of the Chinese Red Cross, “Milan is the most serious city in Italy. But I found that the blockade or control order here was very loose. I saw the bus still running, I saw people still running, I saw some people at the hotel and I saw a lot of people without masks. I I do n’t know what everyone is thinking. ”

Sun Shuopeng believes that everyone should“ stop the time, stop the economy, and stop people ’s usual interpersonal relationships. It can be said that people live at home and go all out to protect life It ’s most worth the price. ”

Rachel said that in fact, Italy ’s“ national blockade ”is similar to the US ’s home isolation policy, but until now, only 3 states in the US have announced measures to isolate homes. Just announced in the last 24 hours.

When Italy was actively responding to the epidemic, as of 6 pm EST on March 22, the United States reported a total of 32,717 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia, 409 deaths, and 178 cured. In less than 18 hours on the 22nd, 6,670 new cases were diagnosed in the United States. Currently, the United States ranks third in the number of confirmed cases worldwide, behind China and Italy.

According to the Associated Press, today, the number of confirmed cases in the United States has increased dramatically, state hospitals are urgently increasing the number of beds, and some small hospitals are facing unprecedented pressure.

Medical equipment and protective equipment are severely lacking, and a health official said testing reagents are currently severely inadequate. Some officials believe that the epidemic is still ongoing and that the peak period may not have come yet.

But in the face of all this, what is the daily attitude of the federal government?

In seven words, “there is good news …”

Rachel reluctantly introduced. At the White House press conference, government officials passionately described how adequate the ventilator is in the United States today, the number of masks and personal protective equipment. Many, there are rumors that there will be additional production to supply these products.

She thinks, “I can only say that I wish they could. I think they can also produce a time machine that allows time to go back three months ago. After all, they said that (the new crown epidemic) was just a scam.”

“When When the first batch of hospitals reported that their hospitals were overcrowded, I wanted to count on the federal government to really be too late. Those states that were actively responding, as well as their sober leaders, could now fight alone and must fight alone.

” If your state has n’t taken the appropriate measures, I advise you not to count on the federal government, but on your own, yes, we need national instructions to coordinate work to provide equipment and other key supplies for medical personnel, But the government has not achieved all of this. At present, these materials are allocated in quotas and reused insecurely. ”

” So, you can grieve, but also remember this lesson. From now on, act on your own. ”

Speaking of which, Rachel paused for a moment and lowered his head.

According to the Guardian, recently, Rachel’s colleague Larry Edgeworth had just died of new crown pneumonia, and when she mentioned the news on the show, she was about to collapse.

On the same day, Rachel called for journalists to stop reporting such news if the president lied about the outbreak.

The media “Mediaite” reported that Rachel explained that this is not to vent his anger, but that the president’s failure is too obvious now. “We said it from the beginning. Do n’t look at what they say, it depends on them. What he did was very important. When he talked about new coronary pneumonia, he was always lying. Those briefings from the White House every day about what the government did for the people silently seemed to be very encouraging. But where A little of it is happening, that’s great, but unfortunately, it never happened. I think the sooner we all know this, the better. ”

” If the president’s words are true, then I would be happy to Live TV showed people everything he did, but these were all illusions. ”

Rachel’s news sparked heated discussions on overseas social media. On the 22nd local time, Trump once again expressed his feelings about the United States’ victory over the epidemic confident, “soon we will celebrate this great victory.”

local time on March 13, “New York Times” reporter Donald McNeil spoke about China’s plague on television Prevention and control, introduced the Chinese quarantine process in a clear and orderly manner within 6 minutes, from how to isolate to completely break the transmission chain, and how to protect hospital resources from collapsing Sent to various health departments, because the gap between what the United States does and what journalists describe is still large.

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