New outpatients in Wuhan for four consecutive days This is a red flag!

Home Health New outpatients in Wuhan for four consecutive days This is a red flag!

Original title: Wuhan has four new outpatient cases for four consecutive days, this is a red flag!

(People’s Daily Health Client Reporter Lin Jing) News from the official website of the Wuhan Municipal Commission of Health on the 17th, from 04:00 to March 24, 2020, one new confirmed case in Wuhan was from the clinic. According to news from Wuhan New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, on March 13th, 14th, and 15th, Wuhan has newly confirmed cases from outpatient clinics for three consecutive days! Experts say that in Wuhan’s closed city, the community is closed, and the situation is slowing down, and there are new cases in the clinic, which is a red flag!

“If the new cases in the past few days are suspected cases from the quarantine point or imported cases from abroad, it means that our epidemic situation has been controlled very effectively. After these remaining cases are cleared, the community can slowly unblock them. The doctor of the medical team at Wuchang Fangcai Hospital said, “But if there are new patients in the community, there are still some loopholes in prevention and control!”

Health Times reporters checked the newly confirmed diagnosis in Wuhan from 0 to 24 on March 15, 2020. Four cases were found, including one from an inpatient, one from an isolation point, and two from an outpatient clinic. One outpatient patient lived in Polycai Shengjingyuan, Tieji Road, Heping Street, Hongshan District. The family members of the patient had trajectories of outings and community activities. There were confirmed cases in the building they lived in, and the possibility of indirect infection in the community was not ruled out. One patient lived in Bairuijing, Wuchang District. In the second phase, I had experience in community activities, going out to work, and going to the hospital for medical treatment, which does not rule out the possibility of infection by the community or family members.

“The new case from the community is a more difficult problem. The virus does not come out of nowhere. Community residents are basically closed at home for more than 14 days. It is critical to figure out how to be infected,” said the doctor. “If it is Community supervision is not strict, and it is not the most terrible. At present, we are most worried about the existence of unexamined disease sources, and this will be the loophole in the resurgence of new coronary pneumonia. ”

It was mentioned on the official website of Wuhan Municipal Health and Health Committee that the newly diagnosed case in Wuhan from 04:00 to 24 March 2020 mentioned that the patient lived in the purple capital of the Yangtze River in Wuchang District, and the source of the infection was initially inferred. (Diagnosed in February).

“If his father is a confirmed case, he should have been quarantined for 14 days as a close contact, so even if his father was diagnosed at the end of February, his quarantine period has exceeded 14 days. Why? It did not occur during the isolation period, and the recent sudden onset is also a question worth thinking about and alerting. ”

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