Woman returned to Beijing after experiencing symptoms while in the United States

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Original title: The woman has returned to Beijing while showing symptoms while in the United States was filed for investigation on

. She March 13. This city reported a confirmed case imported from the United States. Li, female, 37 years old, has settled in Massachusetts, the United States for a long time. On March 14 and 15, the Municipal Centers for Disease Control and Air China announced at a press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Beijing that Li had developed fever, cough and other symptoms during his stay in the United States, and visited the local doctors several times He took antipyretics before boarding the plane in the United States. After boarding the plane, he failed to provide the flight attendants with personal health status and the condition of their counterparts such as husband and son, posing a risk of infection to the flight attendants.

After receiving relevant clues, the Beijing police quickly launched an investigation and evidence collection. After preliminary work, the Shunyi Public Security Bureau has filed an investigation into Li on suspicion of interfering with the prevention and control of infectious diseases. At present, Li Mou is being treated at a designated hospital, and her husband and son are under observation in isolation.

The current spread of overseas epidemics is accelerating. Preventing the import of overseas epidemics is the top priority of prevention and control. All personnel entering China should strictly abide by relevant laws and relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control. Beijing police will resolutely crack down on handling illegal activities such as falsely reporting information, concealing illness, etc., and refusing to implement epidemic prevention and control measures.

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