A report from the UK Department of Health leaked is staggering

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Original title: A report from the UK Ministry of Health leaked with surprising content.

According to the British “Guardian” reported on the 15th local time, the latest government report on the new crown virus showed that 7.9 million people in the UK may be hospitalized due to infection .

According to the Guardian, the “secret” briefing recently passed by the British Health Department’s “Public Health England” to senior British health system officials shows that the new crown virus epidemic in the UK may continue Next spring, 7.9 million people will be hospitalized due to infection.

The Guardian said that the report verified by the newspaper was also the first time British officials acknowledged that the epidemic would last 12 months in the country and acknowledged that the epidemic would put great additional pressure on the British medical system.

The report also predicts that 80% of Britons will be infected during this period, and 15% (7.9 million) will need to be hospitalized, and calls on UK health officials and hospital leaders to be prepared for this.

But some British experts believe that although it is possible that the epidemic will last for one year, the epidemic will sink in the summer and then make a comeback in November, just like the flu. The expert also believes that the virus will always exist in the UK, but over time it will become less and less lethal, because the human body will already have immunity.

In addition, the report revealed other worrisome situations, such as the British health system’s inability to test viruses for a large number of people with symptoms, because laboratories are already under tremendous demand.

Therefore, the report revealed that the UK will only test people who have seriously deteriorated and are already hospitalized. If there are confirmed cases in nursing homes or prisons, they will also be tested. But that’s it, because the pressure of testing has reached a level where even the British health system’s employees can’t get the test, even though they have the important responsibility of caring for the patients, and they will be infected or even infected with the virus. Patient risk.

A person in the UK’s healthcare system said that if 80% of the population does become infected in the UK, half a million people will die in the process. The Guardian said that if the death rate of the new crown virus is 1% as many experts have said, there will be more than 530,000 deaths. And if the mortality rate is 0.6%, as estimated by Chris Whitty, the UK’s chief medical adviser, nearly 320,000 people will still die.

Whitdy also believes that the peak of the epidemic in Britain will come in 10-14 weeks. The Guardian therefore calculated that the peak of the British epidemic would occur from the end of May to mid-June. The newspaper also said that the current practice in many countries is to delay the peak period of the epidemic as much as possible, and to lengthen the process of the arrival of the peak period, dilute its impact, so that the medical system can better respond to the epidemic.

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