Newly confirmed cases of U.S. come to Beijing have been rejected for nucleic acid test 3 times in the U.S.

Home Health Newly confirmed cases of U.S. come to Beijing have been rejected for nucleic acid test 3 times in the U.S.

Original title: Newly confirmed cases from the United States came to Beijing 3 times were rejected for nucleic acid testing in the U.S.

Beijing News Express This (March 14) afternoon, the 50th news of the prevention and control of pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection in Beijing Press conference. Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, introduced a case of confirmed cases imported overseas.

Ping Xinghuo introduced that on March 13, 2020, Beijing reported a confirmed case of Li, imported from the United States, with a domestic residence in Chongqing and long-term settlement in Massachusetts, the United States. The relevant information is notified as follows: Li, female, reports that she attended a company meeting in the United States from February 26 to 27, and one of her colleagues was later diagnosed with a confirmed case. On the evening of March 1, Li had a shiver and did not see a doctor. He subsequently developed fever, up to 39 ° C, with respiratory symptoms such as cough and runny nose, as well as nausea, diarrhea, muscle aches, and general weakness.

Pang Xinghuo introduced that he first visited the local hospital on March 3 and was treated with oseltamivir. He was seen in the same hospital on March 5 and March 10, and his chest radiographs were normal. On March 11, he went to the same hospital again. The chest radiograph showed a pneumonia image. The local hospital did not receive admission after evaluating his symptoms. All three applications for nucleic acid testing in the United States were rejected.

For further diagnosis and treatment, Li, his husband and his son, a family of three, took Air China flight CA988 from Los Angeles Airport at 01:00 on March 12, local time, and arrived at Beijing Capital Airport at 05:00 on March 13, Beijing time. The health declaration card filled in the entry showed that Li had symptoms of fever, fatigue, and dry cough, Li’s husband had symptoms of fatigue, and his son was asymptomatic. After verifying to the flight attendant Sun, Limou reported that he had hypoglycemia after being seated on the plane for one hour. The flight attendant arranged it in the last row of isolation areas with a curtain to block the passengers in front. When arriving in Beijing, the customs inspected 3 people and transferred them from the 120 ambulance to the designated hospital. On March 13, Li was diagnosed with a confirmed case, and Li’s husband and son were diagnosed with a suspected case.

Pang Xinghuo said that the current case is isolated and treated in designated hospitals, and his condition is stable. A total of 59 close contacts were identified, of which 14 were in Beijing, and corresponding measures have been taken, and other personnel’s information has been transferred to the relevant provinces.

Ping Xinghuo reminded that if residents outside China have symptoms such as fever, please consult the local doctor in time, or take home observation to avoid traveling. What’s more, international long-distance travel cannot be adopted, which is extremely unfavorable to others and poses a great risk of disease spread. In view of the fact that New Crown Pneumonia has spread to more than 100 countries and regions and has the characteristics of a global pandemic, here we also remind our residents that it is not appropriate to travel or travel to countries or regions with epidemic conditions abroad in the near future.

Beijing News reporter Wu Wei

responsible editor: Zheng Yapeng