Trump has just announced a press conference, US media: big event is coming!

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Original title: Trump just announced that he will hold a press conference.

US media: Trump will declare a state of emergency.

US Bloomberg News on the 13th quoted two people familiar with the matter said that US President Trump plans to announce a national emergency state on the 13th local time to respond to the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Reports say Trump is facing increasing pressure. Governors and mayors across the state are taking action to reduce the spread of the epidemic, including closing schools and cancelling public events.

Prior to this, Trump tweeted that a press conference will be held at the White House at 3 pm local time on the theme of “New Crown Virus”.

The report states that the announcement of a national emergency will allow the US government to use additional resources to fight the epidemic.

According to CNN, as of the afternoon of March 12, Eastern Time, there have been at least 1,459 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the United States, including 39 deaths. Confirmed cases have appeared in 46 states and the District of Columbia.

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US media: learn Bosuonaluo test positive, White House officials called an emergency meeting

US Fox News 13 that can confirm that the President of Brazil Bosuo Na Luo Xinguan tested positive for the virus. It is reported that Bosonaro’s son told Fox that Bosonaro will get the results of the second test of the new crown pneumonia virus later on Friday.

US Fox News reported that shotsUS Fox News reported shots

Fox said, Bosuonaluo a few days ago still manor lake and sea Trump dinner. After news of his diagnosis came, several White House officials were called to attend an emergency meeting.

In addition, according to CCTV, the son of Brazilian President Jay Bosonaro and Senator Eduardo Bosonaro stated on his personal social media account: “A lot of lies and very little information follow President Bosona Luo delegation of the United States has not detected the results are always rumors spread by some people in the media, if after news indeed, they would say, ‘I said!’, and if not, is another false news. ”

earlier, more than According to media reports, Bosonaro’s new crown virus test was positive.

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