The United States does not want to fight the epidemic, China is an aestheticist: the United States wastes the time China has won

Home Health The United States does not want to fight the epidemic, China is an aestheticist: the United States wastes the time China has won

Original title: For the United States and the fight against SARS poor “rejection pot” China, US scholar: China won the US wasted time

[Global Times Roundup] as of 8 am EDT, confirmed 470 cases and 19 deaths, at least six states Entering a state of emergency, the epidemic spread to 32 states and Washington, D.C.—The speed and scope of the spread of the new crown virus in the United States has made the Trump administration’s attitude and actions to respond to the epidemic increasingly questionable. How to do? The “shortcut” that Secretary of State Pompeo and other politicians and media such as Fox News have come up with is “throwing the pot” towards China. They claimed that the U.S. failure to respond to the outbreak in a timely manner was due to “incredibly frustrating” information from China, and they insisted on using the term “Wuhan virus” and “Chinese virus”. In fact, the World Health Organization has repeatedly praised China for sharing data transparently. “This is the largest public health experiment in human history, and China has won precious time for the rest of the world to fight the epidemic.” Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University, told the New York Times on the 7th. Chinese men’s basketball coach Marbury North control the expression of the desire currently in the United States, said: “China says it will do, to show love for the people, want the United States to do the same.”

“Anti-China achieve sound harsh to the point where”

local On the 7th, the United States Rep. Mark Walker of North Carolina became the latest politician to “echo” Pompeo’s ridiculous remarks. In an interview with Fox News, he said: “As the Secretary of State said, China has a historical tradition in concealing information and deliberately releasing false information.” In an interview with US media such as CNBC last weekend, Pompeo plunged the United States The ability to respond to the epidemic in a timely manner is attributable to being affected by “defective Chinese data”. In CNBC’s Twitter messages, many netizens pointed directly to Pompeo as a “liar.” “You can download the data from the China CDC website, and you can even check the real-time situation of the epidemic with the Alipay app.” A message said satirically.

In that interview, Pompeo also publicly called the new crown virus “Wuhan virus” for the second day in a row. “China’s virus is China.” Tucker Carlson, the host of Fox News in the United States, further rendered this argument on the 7th, saying that China treats the world like this, and we should not pretend otherwise. “This is not xenophobia, this is true.” In his view, if the United States wants to be free from coronaviruses and other threats, it must reduce its dependence on China. Carlson gave an alarming example, saying that more than 95% of antibiotics in the United States are produced in China. Imagine that your child died from a wound infection and “China has the ability to make this happen.”

Carlson’s absurdity fought with his colleague Jesse Waters, who blatantly asked the Chinese to “formally apologize” for the new crown pneumonia epidemic last week. “Russian News” said that the world would not agree to the anti-China request for an apology for the epidemic. In fact, the international community is gaining positive experience from China’s anti-epidemic achievements. Some western countries have politicized the epidemic, hindering the international community’s cooperation in fighting the epidemic. WHO has repeatedly warned that the dangers of vilifying another country and people are greater than the virus itself.

Hong Kong’s “South China Morning Post” commented that the United States and China seem to be entering a new round of fighting. Ignoring Beijing and WHO’s appeals, US officials such as Pompeo insisted on the use of geographical labels, at a time when the Trump administration has been increasingly criticized domestically for the outbreak. The United States “National Interest” magazine said that after US Senator Corton claimed that “the new crown virus is a biological weapon from a Chinese laboratory,” the anti-China voice in the United States reached a point of harshness. Former World Bank President Zoellick said that, like many countries, the United States tends to create and profit from non-existing enemies. The U.S. political class finally reached a bipartisan policy-condemning China.

You don’t have enough water for China to boast. U.S. Vice President Pence said on the 7th that President Trump’s unprecedented actions to restrict air traffic between China and the United States after the outbreak in China have earned valuable time for the United States’ epidemic prevention work. “Every health expert I talked to said that this greatly increases our ability to reduce the impact of this virus on our country.”

But reports from the US Times website may embarrass Burns. The article states that since January, American epidemiologists, former public health officials and experts have warned publicly or privately that the US government’s insistence on the travel ban as the main method of epidemic prevention is a major mistake. Some former officials have bluntly called this the Trump administration’s “original sin” response—the use of a containment strategy is doomed. WHO is now serving the United States Agency for International Development before Jeremy said, “Time” magazine: “If you win time, they should go ahead but they deal with nothing to do..”

The United States wasted Chinese win Time has

accused China of not being transparent, so how is the US government doing? The New York Times reported on the 7th that since the beginning of the Trump administration has been arguing, how much truth should be told to the public. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention official Mason Neil told the public late last month that the epidemic would cause serious disruptions to daily life. Trump immediately called Health Minister Hazard, yelling at Mason Neal for his warning. “The Wall Street Journal” said that sometimes Trump’s statement is susceptible to peace of mind, and some of his statements are inconsistent, and some disagree with other officials.

“The severe isolation measures implemented by China have given us time. Do we use this time to make useful preparations?” Said Morrison, deputy director of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and the answer is no. The Washington Post details various mistakes: The original virus detection kit had problems. It took experts nearly three weeks to find a solution, but the scope of the test was still too limited; different agencies caught in internal strife when the outbreak came; The threat of the outbreak has been downplayed, and public health officials and experts have had to work to find an “uncomfortable balance” between acting honestly and transparently and adapting to a fickle president.

“Voice of America” ​​states that the threat of the new crown virus has become a political issue in the United States. Democrats question Trump’s decision and ability. Trump accused Democrats of spreading fear for political gain. This atmosphere has even made the American public’s awareness of the dangers of the new crown virus divided by party. A recent survey by Reuters and Ithop showed that 4 out of 10 Democrats consider the crown virus to be an urgent threat, and only 2 of 10 Republicans hold this view. Some Republicans believe the new crown virus is far from themselves, but more Democrats say they are taking measures such as washing their hands frequently or reducing travel plans.

In fact, the danger is usually closer and unexpected than you think. Participants in a meeting of the American Conservative Union (ACU) were diagnosed with the new crown virus on the 7th. Trump, Burns and a number of senior US officials attended the meeting. White House press secretary Grisham said there is no indication that the president or vice president has met or had contact with the diagnosed person. However, the Washington Post reported on the 8th that ACU chairman Schraper told the newspaper that he had interactions with the diagnosed person. Although it is impossible to know the exact chronological order, Schlap shook hands with Trump on the stage on the last day of the meeting.

Trump: Continue to hold a grand rally.

According to data compiled by several US media, as of the morning of the 8th Eastern Time, 470 cases of new coronary pneumonia have been reported and 19 deaths have been reported nationwide. On the 7th, 95 new cases were diagnosed in the United States on a single day. On the same day, China’s 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 44 new cases. Following Washington, Florida and California, New York State also announced a state of emergency on the 7th.

The “New York Times” reported on the 8th that Trump told reporters during his weekend at the Sea Lake Manor in Florida that he was not worried about the new crown virus getting closer to the White House. He said he had no plans to reduce the size of the campaign rally even though many large events across the country were being cancelled. “We are going to host a grand rally.” The

British medical journal The Lancet warns that the real danger now is that some countries have taken too few, too late, countermeasures to contain the epidemic. Reality shows that the Chinese government has successfully saved thousands of lives through huge public health investment. China’s success may be largely due to its strong administrative system, which has a strong ability to mobilize in the face of challenges, and the Chinese people are willing to abide by a strict public health order. Although other countries do not have the strength of China, politicians from various countries can still learn from China’s experience.

[Global Times correspondent Zhang Mengxu and Chen Xin] Wu Jinming