Allison behind Trump: Oracle and Google’s new hatred

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needs extraordinary courage and confidence to support Trump in Silicon Valley.

  Taking risks in Silicon Valley

California is the Democratic’s most loyal constituency, and in 2016 Hillary won Trump by 30%. Silicon Valley is even more a beacon of freedom. Hillary’s votes in the three counties (San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara) in Silicon Valley even exceeded three-quarters. Trump’s political rivalry-House Speaker Pelosi is from San Francisco, and Trump did not even reach double-digit votes in San Francisco, and will be rallyed every time he comes to California.

Although California’s votes are nothing to count on, US President Trump came to California two weeks ago to host two private fundraising events. For one of the private golf events, the entrance fee for the movie alone was as high as $ 100,000, and sitting down to talk to Trump would cost $ 250,000. It is conservatively estimated that these two fundraising activities can bring at least tens of millions of dollars to his campaign team and continue to expand the financial advantage of the Trump campaign team.

Oracle But the host who hosted Trump at his golf club sparked outrage in Silicon Valley, not only being attacked by the media and Internet users, but even protested by his own staff of nearly 10,000. The big risk condemnation of Silicon Valley is the local tyrant co-founder and executive chairman Larry Ellison (Larry Ellison). After the protests were invalidated, more than 300 Oracle employees went on strike in disguise, believing that Ellison’s support for Trump was against company values.

However, Ellison is in a much better position than Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel, who was scolded by Silicon Valley for fleeing support for Trump. Oracle has 130,000 employees, and more than 300 protests are nothing. Oracle faces the corporate market. Ordinary public protests will not affect their performance, and companies will not easily replace Oracle’s services. What’s more, Ellison was originally the most independent billionaire in Silicon Valley, and he didn’t care about politically correct voice at all.

Ellison was originally a Republican and a Republican’s gold medalist. He has more than $ 60 billion in personal assets and is on the same level as Bloomberg founder Bloomberg, both of whom are Jewish. Since 1993, his cumulative political contributions have exceeded $ 10 million. During the 2016 Republican presidential primaries, Ellison supported Florida Senator Mark Rubio and did not publicly endure Trump.

So why did Ellison stand up against Silicon Valley to support Trump this time? Ellison has always been known for his savage fierceness, and obviously will not do things that are not good for himself. You know, in 2015 he also played for former President Obama in his own estate. Ellison has not been close to Trump before, and has never invested in Trump before. After Trump was elected, he did not see him go to the president, but Cook and Zuckerberg have seen Trump many times.

His rivals are currently under heavy pressure from the Trump administration, and his century lawsuit has reached its final stage. At this time, a fund-raising meeting was held for Trump, and the president brought tens of millions of dollars in political donations, which may be billions of dollars in return. What’s more, according to the current election situation, Trump has a greater possibility of re-election, and will bring continuous returns in the next four years.

Google Apple Last November, the U.S. Supreme Court announced its acceptance of Oracle and ‘s patent lawsuit, which will begin at the end of this month. From 2010 to the present, this century lawsuit has lasted for ten years, and finally reached the moment when the dust finally settled. The $ 9.3 billion claim is also the highest patent lawsuit in history. In comparison, and Samsung’s six-year patent lawsuit (Samsung ultimately compensated $ 540 million) was nothing more than a fraction.

In 2009, Oracle acquired Sun for $ 7.4 billion, and also included the latter’s star software asset, Java. The following year, Oracle filed an infringement lawsuit with Google because the Android platform used Java code in violation. In a subsequent lawsuit, Oracle also filed a Google infringement claim of up to $ 9.3 billion. Google believes that Oracle ’s claims for sky-high prices are outrageous. They are using the Java programming language in accordance with US copyright law, which only involves 3% of the interface, and the API software interface should not be considered a patent, let alone the Android platform is free of.

Oracle proposed that Google used more than 10,000 lines of Sun’s Java software code in the Android operating system without obtaining consent. Although the Android platform is free, Google has made huge economic gains, including at least $ 42 billion in mobile advertising revenue.

Over the past decade, the Android operating system has become the undisputed world ’s largest mobile platform, running on 2.5 billion devices (this excludes the Chinese mainland market). Google’s market value once exceeded $ 1 trillion, while Oracle’s market value was less than $ 200 billion. Oracle even believes that because Android infringes the use of Java software, it has missed a huge opportunity to enter the smartphone market. The previous Saipan and BlackBerry systems also used Java software, but both were officially licensed.

  The federal government supports Oracle.

Over the past decade, the two sides have been battling this lawsuit. In 2010, Oracle sued Google for a $ 8 billion claim; in 2012, a federal court in the Northern District of California ruled that Google did not infringe Java copyrights and that API interfaces could not be considered patents. Oracle won an appeal in 2014, and the case was returned for retrial. Oracle filed a claim of $ 9.3 billion, but in 2016 the court again held that Google was a fair use of Java and did not involve patent infringement. In 2018, Oracle won the appeal for the second time, and the case returned to the original point again. Finally, the decision-making power came to the US Supreme Court.

Microsoft Adobe In this very professional case, US judges take into account the opinions of professionals and regulators, who are also known as “friends of the court.” And around this century of lawsuits, Oracle and Google also have their own strong backup teams. In this lawsuit, Google received written support from , Mozilla, and more than 100 Internet companies and non-profit organizations, while Oracle’s comrades-in-arms include software giants such as Apple and , and the American Copyright and Recording Industry Association. Both sides have their own reasons that seem perfectly legitimate.

Apple iOS does not use the Java language, let alone Android is the biggest competitor of iOS. Microsoft initially announced support for Oracle’s “API Interface Copyright”, but after the new CEO Nadella took office, Microsoft reached a cooperation agreement with Google, and then changed its position to support the rational use of APIs. After Oracle changed the Java licensing model in 2018 and phased out free support for Java SE, Microsoft announced last year that SQL Server 2019 supports Java for free, and some programs are also digging into Oracle’s corner.

But Oracle has a stronger back-up—the US federal government. On the same day Ellison was hosting Donald Trump, the U.S. Department of Justice publicly urged the Supreme Court to uphold the appeals court’s original verdict. Undersecretary of the United States Department of Justice Noel Francisco has explicitly requested to participate in the Supreme Court hearing, and they support Oracle’s legitimate claim. “The defendant copied the code of a competitor’s software platform and created another non-compatible competitive software platform. Promote this infringing product. “Interestingly, the Conservative American Union also stepped in the lawsuit and announced its support for Oracle.

The Federal Justice Department’s position has not changed. The year that Obama played at Ellison Stadium in 2015, the Federal Department of Justice also announced support for Oracle’s claim. Although theoretically, the separation of powers system in the United States guarantees that federal judges will not be under pressure from the executive branch, but in actual penalties, the Supreme Court will seriously consider reference opinions from the government. Two of the nine Supreme Court justices are currently nominated by Trump.

US federal government is on Google, Amazon and other Internet giants antitrust investigation of

the US federal government is on Google, Amazon and other Internet giants anti-monopoly investigation

  antitrust litigation pressure

if Oracle wins lawsuit, which will affect the Android experience it? No, Oracle only wants compensation from Google. But whether the API interface of the application is considered as a copyright, it will affect our Internet software industry. The API interface is almost ubiquitous, and it is our infrastructure for using different software for smartphones. If the API becomes patent-protected, then competition for development rights and interests of application software will be unavoidable.

Facebook What makes Oracle even more pleased is that the US federal government is launching antitrust investigations against Internet giants such as Google and Amazon. They are all competitors of Oracle, but Oracle is not under investigation. Last September, federal and local investigators contacted Oracle and asked them to provide information to help investigate Google’s violation of antitrust laws. The U.S. Department of Justice is responsible for Google’s antitrust case, while Amazon and ‘s antitrust case is the responsibility of the Federal Trade Commission.

Wal-Mart Simon Property Cloud service giant Amazon is also Oracle’s main competitor. In September last year, a new non-profit organization, the Free and Fair Markets Initiative, publicly pressured Amazon, accusing the latter of suppressing competition and innovation, obtaining government subsidies, pressure on warehouse workers, and violating user privacy. Behind this is a non-profit organization is Amazon’s opponents: cloud computing company Oracle, supermarket chains and shopping mall developers (Simon Property).

In this respect, the enemy of the enemy is a friend. Trump and Bezos’ Washington Post have a terrible relationship, and have repeatedly publicly demanded that Amazon be suppressed. At the end of last year, the US Department of Defense awarded Microsoft, a $ 10 billion cloud service project, JEDI, instead of Amazon, which had been the most popular voice. Although Oracle did not get the JEDI project, the US government will still have more bids for cloud services in the future. Now it is obviously a matter of time to draw closer relations with the president who hopes to be re-elected.

The two sessions of the US government and business have always been close, and the technology giant has frequented the White House. Former President Barack Obama is a frequent visitor to Silicon Valley, and is especially close with the two Internet giants, Google and Facebook. In the 2016 election, Silicon Valley technology giants almost fell to Hillary, but the results disappointed them. In the years that followed, Google, Amazon, and Facebook became the giants that suffered the most regulatory pressure.

length and In the past three years, in addition to Apple, Oracle has also maintained a good relationship with the Trump administration. Oracle CEO Safra Catz joined Trump’s transition team at the end of 2016, and publicly stated that he “supports President Trump”, which once triggered the resignation of several executives. She also was the Trump finance ministries candidates national security adviser. In April 2018, Katz also came to the White House with Teal to attend a Trump banquet.

Against this background of contacts and interests, Ellison received President Trump at his estate and helped him raise huge sums for re-election, which seemed more logical.

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