Datang Furong Garden Tour Introduction

Datang Furong Garden Tour Introduction

Datang Furong Garden



Located in the southeast side of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the Tang Dynasty Furong Garden was built on the site of the original Tang Dynasty Royal Furong Garden. Nowadays, it has the largest imitation of Tang Dynasty buildings in China. Come here to enjoy the magnificent imitation of Tang architecture, enjoy the beautiful scenery under the light, and watch the song and dance “Dream Back to the Tang Dynasty” with the Tang Dynasty style.

The park is divided into multiple areas

The Datang Furong Garden is centered on Furong Lake. It is surrounded by many attractions such as Ziyun Building, Luyu Tea House and Fengming Jiutian Theater. The entire park is divided into twelve cultural thematic areas, from the emperors, poetry, folk, food, song and dance characteristics and other aspects, reproduce the splendid civilization of the Tang Dynasty.

The night scene in the garden is also very colorful. When the night falls, when the Hua Deng first enters, the Tang Culture Gallery, Fanglin Court, Ziyun Building and other places that are in the glory of the lights are dazzling. Under the backdrop of the moonlight and the lights, the Tang Dynasty Furong Garden is more elegant.

There are all kinds of wonderful performances.

The park will also perform various wonderful programs, including Qitianzhao, “Football and Dance” court performances, and “Yanying Nishang” costume performances. The world’s largest water curtain movie, which is staged every night at Ziyunlou North Square, will bring you a new three-dimensional shock. The large-scale dance drama “Dream Back to the Tang Dynasty” staged at the Fengming Jiutian Theater is a music and dance performance that combines Tang style and song and dance. For more shows, please refer to the official website.

Ximen is more convenient to enter the park

Visiting Furong Garden, it is recommended to enter the park from Ximen (Zhengmen, also known as Yuyuanmen). After entering the park, follow the lakeside path and circle the Furong Lake to visit various attractions. In the evening, return to the “Fengming Jiutian Theater” near the South Gate to enjoy “Dream Back to the Tang Dynasty” and watch the water curtain movie at the Ziyunlou Square in the north of the theater at night.

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