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A must go in life – Daocheng Yading

In a hidden place deep in the snow-capped mountains of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, there is a mountain surrounded by double-layered snow-capped mountains, with snow-capped mountains, glaciers, canyons, forests, meadows, lakes, gold mines and pure air. This kingdom is the Shambhala Kingdom. The last piece of pure land on the planet called the water blue, today’s Daocheng Aden.

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Daocheng Yading is located in Yading Village, Shangri-La Town, Daocheng County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is a paradise for photographers and one of the most worthwhile attractions in the Sichuan-Tibet line.

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In Daocheng, Daocheng, the sky is vast and the world is vast and unrestrained. The stone is overwhelming, and the 1145 mountain lakes are scattered among the rocks. The blue is like jade and the scenery is extremely spectacular. Therefore, Daocheng Yading is known as the last Shambhala. .

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If you want to go to Daocheng Aden, these questions must be understood!
What is the relationship between Daocheng and Aden?
Daocheng is a county town, and Aden is the scenic spot you often say. Aden is actually a village. It is called Yading Village, in the scenic area.
Daocheng Yading is a habitual connection between people. There are three places to distinguish between:
Daocheng County: You need to pass by to the scenic spot (cars and planes have to pass by)
Riwa Township (Shangri-La Township): At the foot of the Aden Scenic Area, many hotel inns are also the most concentrated places for tourists. The best hotels are in this area.
Aden Village: In the scenic area, you need to buy tickets, the sightseeing car will also stop here and go, and the locals sometimes go in by car.

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What are the attractions of Daocheng Yading?

Daocheng Yading Jing is divided into two parts: Daocheng and Yading. The most famous ones are Xiannai, Yangmaiyong, Xia Nuo Duoji, Shenshan, Pearl Sea, Milk Sea, Wuqinghai, Liulihai and many other glacial lakes.

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When is the best time to go to Daocheng Yading?

  If it is the best season, of course, it must be autumn (September-October), and October is the best. At that time, whether it is the red grass around Daocheng or the Qingyang forest or the grass of Aden scenic spot. Both the Dian and Luorong cattle farms are colorful, just after the rainy season has passed, the weather is relatively stable, most of the time is clear skies, Sanshen Mountain in the scenic area (Xian Nai, Yang Maiyong, Shanuo Duoji) It is also generous to show up, it is simply not good for taking pictures.

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If the price is high, it will start to increase from mid-September or even September. When the National Day breaks out, the accommodation fee can be said to be high enough, so September is a good choice, but there is a better one. The choice was just after the National Day, and in the middle of October, it was slightly a few days ago. At that time, although the red grass had disappeared, it could still be seen. In addition, the trees in the green poplar forest and the Aden in Daocheng were still golden golden. The leaves have not fallen too much, the most important thing is that the price will drop down during that period of time, although the price reduction time in recent years is not very stable, but still have a good chance to fall to the off-season price, at least it will be much cheaper.

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Note on the self-driving tour of Daocheng Yading:

  1. Daocheng Yading belongs to the plateau monsoon climate. Most of the weather is fine, and occasionally there will be rain and snow at night.
    Daocheng Yading belongs to the plateau. It is best not to choose self-driving tour if the altitude is more powerful. Novices should drive alone.
    2, remember to carry drugs to prevent altitude sickness, as well as sunscreen, warm clothing, etc. during the journey; to ensure adequate sleep and rest time during the journey, to avoid too fast time, strenuous exercise, altitude sickness.
    3, there are high anti- or heart disease and other weak physical passengers are not recommended to travel. This section of the road is a beautiful view. Take foods that add strength, such as chocolate or self-heating rice.

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