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Slow down and go to life – Sichuan Lugu lake

Lugu lake is known as Luzi Haizi, also known as Zuosuohai, commonly known as Lianghai. It is located between Yanyuan County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, and Ninglang Autonomous County, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province.

The residents of the lake are mainly Mosuo people, and some Naxi people. The Mosuo people still retain the matriarchal clan marriage system.

The most prosperous Daluoshui Village, there is the Mosuo Folk Museum, where you can quickly make up the Mosuo culture and folklore.

The unique “Axia” marriage, natural and primitive folk customs, and beautiful natural scenery have brought this mysterious and beautiful color to this ancient land. It is called “the magical oriental daughter country”.

Lugu lake – Qingshan clear water, a windy month; beauty like jade, Jiangshan picturesque. The intoxicating lakes and mountains, the ancient primitive and mysterious ethnic customs, the original religious culture, such as the intoxicating songs and dances, make people feel like they are in heaven.

The time is still here: look at the best water quality, sit on the pig trough and experience the song; watch an audio-visual feast of the Mosuo mother family; once a marriage bridge; take a picture under the lover tree…

I want to go to Tibet for a pilgrimage and go to Penghu if I want to be cured. Nothing can’t be solved by it.

The expression of Penghu is extremely simple. Except for blue or blue, the lake is like a mirror, and the whole sky is in the lake. On the road around the lake, I will stop at the scenery I want to stay with my loved ones, and I can’t wait to go to the clear lake. The blue lake surrounds you.

Lugu lake must go to attractions

Rieg Island

Rieg Island, located in the foothills of the Goddess Mountain in the northeast

It is one of the seven rare islands in Penghu

It is within the bay of the northern edge of Lugu lake Lake.

a beautiful seawall island

The island is surrounded by water on three sides and is an inner harbor.

Surrounded by green hills, the goddess Gem

Because the lake is the tears of the goddess

Also said that it is the mirror of the goddess

Therefore, the scenery is ever-changing, and the mystery is endless.

Goddess Hill

The goddess Gem is also called the Lion Rock.

3754.7 meters above sea level, the highest peak around the lake

Goddess Bay

Goddess Bay is located opposite the Gem Goddess Hill on the shores of Lake Biwa

Here Zhao has a large population

So it was called Zhaojiawan by the locals.

This is one of the most beautiful lakes in Penghu.

Azure lake light, winding rocks

The distinctive features of the Goddess Bay

Luoyi Wharf

You can come here not far from the sea of ​​grass, where you can see the crystal clear waters.

There are also water-based poplars unique to Lake Biwa, and there are many inns and restaurants nearby, but the taste is average.

Going down the right path, there is a pavilion with a wider view!

Bogou Island (Wangfu Island)

Wangfu Island is in the lake. If you have time, you can take a boat to see.

There is another place that is not an attraction, but you can see the entire lake and the Lion Rock . Probably the location is a village not far from the grass in Yunnan, very beautiful.

Lugu lake must play experience

Cycling around the lake / by car

The lake is the best way to get close to Penghu, and it is also a ritual to play in Penghu . A friend with good physical strength and time can choose to ride a bicycle around the lake. There are countless beautiful scenery along the way, not only attractions, but also scenery.

The route around the lake is the same as the route around the lake. After entering the scenic spot, starting from the big falling water, you can go clockwise or counter-clockwise to start riding around the lake.

Cars around the lake, it is recommended to counterclockwise, that is, first uphill and then downhill, so that the horizon is wide, from the highest point to the lake to enjoy the lake. Bicycles around the lake, recommended clockwise, downhill, can save energy.

Bicycle rental:

(1) In time, if the lake is divided into 2 days, don’t take the ID card and pay the rent and deposit. Otherwise, there will be no ID card for the first night.

(2) Caohai, Luohua, Daluoshui, Rieger Peninsula, and Lugu lake Town have car rental points, which are divided into two types, one is the inn of these places, and the other is a special car rental shop.

Pig trough boat

In the scenic area of ​​Penghu, there are many docks because there are many islands and peninsulas. Each dock has a pig trough boat to sit, there is a difference between hand and electric, usually the boatman at the helm.

Among them, the most classic and the most beautiful scenery is the boat on the dock of Dalushui and Sanjia Village, and it is drawn to Libi Island. In the slightly remote village of Nise, Xiaoshui, rowing a boat, you will find wild duck eggs in the grass.

In the broad sense, Caohai refers to the wetland where the lake is shallow and the reeds are in the water. The narrow sense is the grassy sea of ​​the bridge.

Boarding pier:

The number of pig troughs in Daluoshui and Sanjiacun terminals is large, large in scale and price-standard. Other villages along the lake can rent boats, and all the islands can be rowed on the island.

Walk up the bridge and witness the romantic love

Now dating is no longer just a movie, candlelight dinner, the best way to refuse to stay the same is to go to a fresh place.

Lugu lake is famous for its walking bridge. It is called “the first bridge in the world” and connects countless loves on both sides. If a couple comes, let’s walk through the bridge together, or show love, pick up or pick up your girlfriend.

Attractions location and play season:

The Caohai area in the southeastern waters of Lugu lake belongs to the grassy seascape area of ​​Yanyuan County in Sichuan. No need to buy tickets, open all day. In spring and summer, it is a special green eye for the emerald green. It turns golden when it is golden, and it is very embarrassing.

Going to the island on the lake, watching the scenery

There are many small islands on Penghu, the most widely known as “Penglai Three Islands”, namely, Rock Island, Libi Island, and Rieger Island.

Rock Island, 2,500 meters away from the shore of the lake, the island is surrounded by trees, birds, clusters, migratory birds and other habitats.

Rieg Island, Rock Island and Bird Island are close. If you go to Rieger Island, you will depart from the Rieger Pier. If you go to Libyu Island, it will take about 15 minutes from Dashuishui Village/Sanjia Village.

Go to Rock Island and take a boat ride from the Grand Waterfront Pier for about 30 minutes. Rieg Island and Rock Island can be played together, 1 km apart. There is no need to pay for the island, just pay the cost of the pig trough.

Island trip time schedule:

We have investigated a lot of relatives and friends who have come back from Lugu lake. On average, each island basically takes 2 hours to go back and forth. It is recommended that you choose 1-2 islands to play. The Three Islands of Penglai are the three islands with the most complete scenery, natural scenery and humanistic significance.

Goddess Bay watching the sunset

Goddess Bay is also called Dazu Bay. It is located at the foot of the goddess and embraces Anna Island. There is a small Naxi village. The people in the village can go up to the temple of the goddess Gem and the goddess cave from the ancient mountain road behind the village.

Tourists can only take the cableway up the mountain. Goddess Bay is one of the most famous bays in Penghu. Watching the sunset here, backed by the goddess mountain, facing the majority of the lagoon, you can enjoy the true beauty of the “mountain river sunset”.

Watching the sunset time and angle:

The person faces the surface of the lake, facing a slightly higher terrain. The more open the view, the better the view. There is nothing to block the line of sight. The goddess of the goddess bay is the best place. At sunset time, later in the summer is after 7:30, the other seasons will be a little earlier.

Looking at the stars under the romantic galaxy

Yunnan is a plateau area, and Lugu lake is a rare low-altitude area. As a quiet paradise, it is an excellent place to photograph the stars. However, it is necessary to avoid the lively places of Penghu and shoot when there is no artificial light or light pollution.

Yunnan, which is not a rainy season, is a super-ideal star-gazing place. There is no smog, the original living environment, the pure sky of the plateau. Not only Lugu lake, Yunnan’s Shangri-La, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Dali, Xishuangbanna can see the galaxy.

Stargazing time:

Generally, after all the nighttime lights are turned off, the best time is 3 or 4 in the morning. As long as there is perseverance and patience, the entire Galaxy is unbeatable. In the daytime, you can see the stars at night.

Stargazing location:

Goddess Bay, Nese Village, and Dashui.

Lugu lake Food Guide

— Fire ponds —

When everyone arrives at Lugu lake, you can try a hot pot cuisine, with a hot pot in the middle and a barbecue around. The hot pot has a chicken hot pot, a rib rib hot pot, etc. The barbecue can try the wild bacteria in Yunnan, and the bacteria baked in the fire pond are very delicious.

— Fresh rivers —

Lugu lake grilled fish, silver fish, squid soup, dried fish, dried screws, screws, drunken shrimp, are the first of the river fresh, the lake must be eaten a fresh river, the depth of the lake is 13 meters, the lake is super clear The pollution is all freshly caught fish and shrimp, made into soup and vegetables, all very nutritious and healthy.

— Dim Sum –

Bitter, chickpea jelly, butter tea, flower candy, and pear are all characteristic afternoon teas in Lugu lake. Pears are sweet and sour appetizers. There are 2 kinds, one is sweet, and the pear water is good for syrup. The other is salty.

— Drinks and meats —

It is best known for its low-grade liqueur and medium-high jingle wine. Both of them are made from fermented green barley, buckwheat and corn. Pig blood sausage and pork roe are the main meats that the Mosuo people will use to entertain guests. There is also a famous Mosuo wedding banquet, which must also be tasted.


(1) Most innkeepers will also run a meal, and they will also open a bar. If you go out early or late, you can ask if the innkeeper can cook.

(2) Nise Village and Xiaoluoshui Village. In these places, the museum is less original. If you are hungry, don’t worry, most of the locals are still very simple and kind, disturbing the main house and watching. You can give money (usually a few local vegetarian dishes, 20-30 yuan).

Lugu lake Traffic Information

  •                    Accommodation: It is recommended to book early, the general accommodation is concentrated in five branches and Rieger. The most affordable inn in Rieger, the most expensive is also in Lige; if you are attached to the lake view room, you will choose the big water, the price is medium, the cheapest than the most expensive; the night is not to pursue nightlife, like the quiet of the paradise, Just choose Nisse.

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