Jiuzhaigou six unusual (2): Stack Waterfall

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Jiuzhaigou six unusual (2): Stack Waterfall

Jiuzhaigou, the closest place to heaven, its dreamy face attracts thousands of tourists . If you want to see Jiuzhai hosting the Games, but was plagued by more than longitudinal attractions do not know what to change the looktroubled, then you go to see the world-famous “six unusual Jiuzhaigou” it!

 Jiuzhaigou six waterfalls. The waterfall is the leader in the form of water flow. One of nature is absolutely, Jiuzhaigou is the world of water and the kingdom of waterfalls. Some vault roaring waterfall from the rock, after several ups and form a fold the waterfall, like a group of Silver Dragon actually jump, roll sound if snow, Jijian from the numerous small droplets, mist turned into confusion. When the sun shines, there are often wonderful rainbows that make people pleasing and lingering. Almost all the waterfalls here are running out of the jungle, just like a green looms weaving a variety of white silks. The ditch waterfalls flow quietly from the cliffs or beaches that are full of trees . The waterfalls are often divided into countless small streams of water, or light and slow, or rapids, and they are inconspicuous.

stack warerfall 1

Nuorilang Waterfall – 2,365 meters above sea level, 270 meters wide and 24.5 meters high, is one of the largest calcification waterfalls in China and the widest waterfall in China. The “Nuo Ri Lang” Tibetan language means the male god, but also has the meaning of tall shore. The flowing water flows from the sea of Nuorilang , from the top of the waterfall to the embankment, such as the Milky Way, the water is huge, the sound is shaking the valley. The seasons change and stay up all night. The nuances, the water flow is like a curtain, falling down, like a broken wire, dripping into the pool, it is endless. During the winter season, the waterfall changed from a flowing state to a solid state, and the Nuorilang Waterfall became a picture of a variety of icefalls. It rushes down on the high cuiyan, like a huge curtain of volley flying, magnificent. In the cold winter season, the waterfall becomes a huge hail. Countless icicles hang from the steep cliffs and become a rare ice crystal world. The ice sculptures with different shapes welcome the faint blue charm… 

stack warterfall 2

 Shuzheng Waterfall – Shuzheng Waterfall is 2295 meters above sea level, 25 meters high, and the top of the waterfall is 72 meters wide. It is an unnamed seawater that rushes along the lake embankment. It is divided into thousands of water beams by the trees in the water and collected at the top of the tree . Some people have described the tree falls: light green foliage of ancient bend the trunk half submerged in the waterfall, despite shining white washed thewaterfall, like a head wrap hair, bare fairy Yu-yi, bathe in the holy water enjoy play play . 

stack warterfall 3

Pearl Beach Waterfall – 2445 meters above sea level, the waterfall is about 200 meters wide, the maximum drop is 40 meters, the momentum is extraordinary, majestic. It is the place where the Tang dynasty and the disciples are involved in the water in the title of the TV series “Journey to the West”. The waterfall is covered with pines, cedars and other trees. From the road, you must cross a dense green corridor to get to the waterfall. The Pearl Beach Falls is curved in a plane and is recessed upstream.  

stack warterfall 4

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