Jiuzhaigou six unusual (1): Cuihai

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Jiuzhaigou six unusual (1): Cuihai

Jiuzhaigou, the closest place to heaven, its dreamy face attracts thousands of tourists . If you want to see Jiuzhai hosting the Games, but was plagued by more than longitudinal attractions do not know what to change the looktroubled, then you go to see the world-famous “six unusual Jiuzhaigou” it!

Jiuzhaigou six unique green sea .   Water is the soul of Jiuzhaigou, and the Haizi (lake) of Jiuzhaigou is more distinctive. The lake is crystal clear and blue, clear and clear, and it has different shades and rhymes as the light changes and the season changes. Beautiful, exquisite and translucent; majestic, blue waves are not inclined; calm, fascinating, whenever calm, blue sky, white clouds, distant mountains, near trees, reflected in the lake. The strange scenery of “fishing in the clouds, birds and the bottom of the sea” is endless, underwater and underwater, it is difficult to argue with the truth, dreams and dreams, such as magic.


The main waters of Jiuzhaigou include Spark Sea, Wuhuahai, Rhino Sea, Wolonghai, Season Sea, Panda Sea, Tiger Sea and Shuzheng Group Seascape. More than a hundred lakes, surrounded by ancient trees, are surrounded by strange flowers, just like beautiful lace. The lakes are connected by the waterfalls of the rapids, like pieces of jade that are connected by silver chains and white pelicans. Each has its own characteristics and is endless. 

Cuihai 2

The presentation of the pot is the “cooperative result” of sunlight, algae and lake sediments. In a lake, the colors of geese, green, reddish brown, blush, and green are composed of irregular geometric patterns, which are mutually immersed and variegated, like a five-color brocade. The angle of view moves, the color also changes, one step at a time, and the endless changes.

Cuihai 3

Some lakes, when the wind is flooding, the microwaves are fine, the sun is shining, and the flowers are shining. Far-sightedness is like a burning ocean; in some lakes, the bottom of the lake is quietly filled with calcified reefs, and the scorpion is like a dragon. In the entire ditch, Qihu is scattered and can’t be seen.

Cuihai 4

For Jiuzhaigou, all the colors are reasonable here. Even the clear water will show the tranquility of a green lake. Tens of millions of years of precipitation, silent guardianship, is the deepest love of nature for Jiuzhaigou.

Cuihai 5

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