Jiuzhaigou six unusual (5): Tibetan love

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Jiuzhaigou six unusual (5): Tibetan love

Jiuzhaigou, the closest place to heaven, its dreamy face attracts thousands of tourists . If you want to see Jiuzhai hosting the Games, but was plagued by more than longitudinal attractions do not know what to change the looktroubled, then you go to see the world-famous “six unusual Jiuzhaigou” it!

Jiuzhaigou is a large corridor of national integration in history. It has long been a Tibetan settlement, and the Tibetan culture with mysterious dignity and distinctive regional characteristics is combined with the strange scenery of mountains and rivers. Mysterious primitive religions, complex architectural styles, costume styles, passionate festivals, etc. The Tibetan culture passed down from generation to generation shows the inclusiveness of its vast freedom.The industrious, courageous, intelligent and simple Tibetan people have prospered in this rich and magical land, creating a splendid and awkward Tibetan culture, adding a splendid color to the Chinese national cultural treasure house. 

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In addition, the Tibetan people in Jiuzhaigou attach great importance to their traditional festivals and folk culture. For example, the Tibetan New Year, the Moss, the New Year, the Holy Water, the Mountain God, the Japanese Culture Festival , the Wise Culture Festival, etc. At the same time, the Tibetan people can sing and dance. The most popular dance is the jump pot and the singing folk songs. will have large area outside the folk arts for viewing and participation.

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