Jiuzhaigou six unusual (6): Cailin

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Jiuzhaigou six unusual (6): Cailin

Jiuzhaigou, the closest place to heaven, its dreamy face attracts thousands of tourists . If you want to see Jiuzhai hosting the Games, but was plagued by more than longitudinal attractions do not know what to change the looktroubled, then you go to see the world-famous “six unusual Jiuzhaigou” it!

Jiuzhaigou six unique color forest. The autumn forest, autumn is thick, colorful, is the most beautiful season in Jiuzhaigou. One of Jiuzhaigou’s six colorful forests covers more than half of the scenic area, more than 2,000 plants, fighting for beauty, forests and exotic flowers, beautiful colors, thick moss on the forest, scattered with the beast of birds and beasts. Every time you get into the intoxicating autumn season, it becomes a colorful ocean, a beautiful color kingdom.

cailin 1

From the bottom to the mountains, trees and Chiba, colorful, leading a tree, ditch full of echoes, the starting point of the whole mountain Lindu Yue moving red dots, emerald emerald green, patches of yellow, such as ribbons, like a tapestry.

The red has deep red, light red, pink, purple, can not find a single red, is a combination of red; the green has dark green, light green, bright green, dark green, is the green dyeing tank; that yellow has Golden, tender yellow, orange, goose yellow, is the yellow chromatogram. Each piece of forest, are like natural a huge oil painting, bizarre, make people dizzy.

cailin 2

Full of primitive forest features, it creates a sense of vastness and solitude. The 30,000-year-old virgin forest, with the changes of the season, presents a variety of beautiful scenery. Every forest is like a natural oil painting.Under the water, the movements are intertwined, and a fascinating Xinqiu scroll is a good one.

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