Jiuzhaigou six unusual (3): Blue Ice

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Jiuzhaigou six unusual (3): Blue Ice

Jiuzhaigou, the closest place to heaven, its dreamy face attracts thousands of tourists . If you want to see Jiuzhai hosting the Games, but was plagued by more than longitudinal attractions do not know what to change the looktroubled, then you go to see the world-famous “six unusual Jiuzhaigou” it!

 Jiuzhaigou six absolutely blue ice. The fascinating blue ice waterfall, with huge icicles and ice hockey, ice hangs and hail, with its steep rock wall, is a world-famous ice crystal world, with a warm and snowy world and a clear blue water body. Holy winter rhyme. The blue ice waterfall in Jiuzhaigou, with its steep rock wall hangs a huge natural ice sculpture, blue as clear, deep and deep, ice clear and jade, strange and colorful. Icicles, ice hockey, ice hung and hail, together with the dazzling ice crystal world, create a blue and clear water body.

Blue Ice

Jiuzhaigou in winter is like an artist, freezing the rushing waterfalls, carving them into various forms, and interpreting the holy winter rhyme, swearing and affecting people.

Blue Ice 2

Every piece of ice has its life, and the faint blue in the sun reveals the magic of Jiuzhaigou. In the clearing of the room, the shuttle time and space are generally, in the winter time, the stain is more exciting.

The hardness of the snow and the tightness between them are increasing. The large and small snows are squeezed together and closely embedded. The pores between them shrink and disappear until the brightness and transparency of the snow layer gradually weaken. Some air It is also enclosed inside, thus forming glacier ice.

There are tiny bubbles in the glacier ice. The red-orange light with a long wavelength is penetrated by the strong diffraction ability, and the blue light has a short wavelength and is scattered to make the glacier ice blue . This is the same reason that the sky and the sea are blue. Jiuzhai in the winter is quiet, and the wonderful blue ice constitutes a blue-and-white snow fairyland, which is a different kind of ice and snow world. In the long years, the glaciers became denser and harder, which is the scattering of time from the beauty.

blue ice 3

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